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Default Versus Chaos Plague Marines

This week we're going to continue our journey towards 5th with the implacable march of the Deathguard.

They're tougher than normal marines, armed with Blight Grenades and up to two special weapons in a 5-man squad. Their Feel No Pain ability makes them very hard to kill. Combined with the defensive nature of the Blight Grenade, they;re masters at holding objectives.

In 5th, they;ll retain their Scoring status since they are Troops, which means there will be even more focus on using them to take and hold objectives. However, in 5th Feel No Pain is getting a nerf, making it so that AP1 and AP2 weapons will ignore FNP in shooting. This makes them very vulnerable to Plasma and Melta weapons.

So, how do you plan to deal with them?

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Plasma cannon spam from oblits most likely, that or terminators in CC steamrolling over them clearing a path for troops to capture objectives

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Actually i'm banking on the positives Galahad outlines as a core strategy in holding objectives. Most AP2 weapons are high strength and wouldnegate FNP anyhow. As for plasma guns....i'm hoping the enemy rolls lots of ones.....

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Keeping with the Tau theme, use Crisis squads with plasma rifles. S6 AP2 rapid fire will deal with those annoying things.

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Well enven though they cancel out a few attacks, they're still slow .

As in charging termies w/ lightning claws and powerweapons should do the trick to me. . Deamon Prince and other Monstorus creatres would be nice, seeing that they possibly wound on 2s/3s and just drop, no save, no FNP, nothing!.

If that all fails, it's shooting time. Plasmas would probably be the obvious choice, especially with my fluffies(chaos termies )and their combi plasmas of death. My Eldar Banshee's might have problems abit with their lousy blight gernades and high toughness but at least they won't get any saves( and FNP!).

*cries* rending will do a good job when attacking the dirty bastards with my Death Company/ Lemartes. With the DC, they're the same strength as their toughness, and I get to reroll to hit( all in the first round though, seeing that I charge for the rending part >.>). Attack bikes shall do the trick itself with it's mighty multi meltas. I just won't expect much to die when their Rhino blows up that's all......
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Lysol. Lots of Lysol.

Any high strength, low ap weapon will do the trick, but demolisher cannons are the best. After that, any ordinance weapon with s5+. Another way is to dump the proverbial crap-ton of small arms shots into them.

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the problem with assaulting my beloved death guard is, unless you A) outnumber them, or B) are using approximately the same number of troops, but with more attacks to assault them, they won't die. A daemon prince will be able to kill no more than 5-6, and They come in (usually) squads of 7 or 14. A termie squad has the problem of losing the attack for charging. In addition, they have to decide to either use power fists to take advantage of any hits and hit last, or risk only wounding on 5+. The plague marines will be able to either weather the lc attack, or hit enough times to make a few hits stick, thus winning the combat. The best termie unit to assault them would be a squad armed with two industrial cans of Lysol (more commonly known as a heavy flamer) and armed with power fists and storm bolters. The reason for this is they need to eliminate as many as possible before assaulting, or they will be stuck in a tar pit that bite back.

Other elite assault units will fare better. A squad of nobz with big choppas, necron wraiths,blood claws, genestealers or warriors, or a large squad of ogryns would have the combination of strength, attacks, and the endurance to win in close combatagainst death guard.

Count the seven.

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well i've been playing with plauge marines lately rending really hurts but that won't be so good in 5th ed as other have said ap1 and ap2 weapons.

nid players can use zoanathropes with warp blast to help kill of some plage marines same with a tyrant.

if you play chaos use a chaos lord with MoK daemom weapon on a juggnaught....... this will be able to take down heaps of them.

yeah template weapons can do lots of damage, there a bit like termies there going to fail that save if you shot or hit them enough.

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Swamp them with Ork Boyz, led by a PK Nob. Failing that, a nob squad (Bikers..?) should cut a swathe through 'em.

Hmm... Cut a swathe...

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The trick with plague marines is to really focus the correct weaponry on them, while not wasting stuff that will do nothing. If you have a bunch of bolters, fire them at plague marines only as a last resort if there's nothing else to target. Plasma, power fists, high strength power weapons and rending are what you want.

If you do charge, make sure that you really gang up on them. Individual plague marines aren't all that dangerous but you really want the power fist champion dead.

Also watch out when firing mixed weaponry at them. If you fire a terminator squad with a cyclone, for example, you may find that the chaos player is able to put both krak wounds on one guy and the storm bolter wounds on everyone else. It can be even worse in cc, with the power wep wounds all going on one guy if you just have a vet sergeant type guy.

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