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@Ravner298 Actually it was a mix of bad luck rolling bunch of 1s and playing a single rule wrong (the relic which makes terrain dangerous). So this is how it happened. I DW Assault with Belial and 9knights+ Knight master, I rolled 3 ones so 3 knights died. Do my shoting with Belial, then charge and get into combat,he saved all HoW hits that landed. He rolled for his demonic weapon and got +6 extra attacks (my Knight Master denied the challange) so total of 12 and wiped 4 knights with 1 wound on Belial. I pop my smite mode and hit him causing 2 wounds. So 7 knights died, next on his turn he deep striked his Terminators and together with the Prince wiped the rest of my knights and Belial

Side note though Belila is imho best melee hq for DA. Once I manage to wipe out 2 squads of cultists, 3 Obliterators, 5 terminators, 1 Hellbrute with just Belial and 5 Knights
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Hmmm I think you may want to look more closely at rules like shooting into combat, charging after deep striking, ending combat and not being able to charge with a consolidation, and the flying monsterous creature rules.

You may find you've been playing not as intended, to your disadvantage.


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You can't assault after deep striking. HoW are auto hits, I believe. And you should almost always accept the challenge on your knight master. It will mitigate his charge bonus (and in this circumstance his 6 bonus attacks) buying time for a more favorable round. Losing 3 knights to a dangerous terrain is painful. If you were in terrain after the drop (which you took dangerous terrain tests so you should of been) the prince assaulting you would be going last at i1, because he has no assault grenades. Baiting him into terrain is a sure fire way to kill him before he attacks.

Beyond that, he's only t5. If there's one thing dark angels do well, it's the ability to put down a withering amount of bolter fire.
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If you did 2 wounds to him in smite is he alive? str 10 vs toughness 5?

i run a nurgle daemon prince with my daemons army with a balesword and another defencive reward. I fully expect him to be grounded and taken out turn 1 or 2, as if he isnt he will rape you entire army as he jumps from combat to combat (record being 2 hammer heads and three riptides in 3 turns!)

Just ground him and shoot everything at him. DPs are one of the weaker FMC around. and since he is CSm you should be hitting him with ease. Try black knights for the plasma talons and then str 5 rending in cc if ur knights (for some reason) arent enough.

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I've used daemon princes a bit. Usually I'll manage to assault/wipe a squad, then get put down by a lascannon the next turn. Have been grounded a few times by small arms fire, that sucked. Leaves him open to a charge or gunfire.

Have only faced a prince once. He landed to assault a predator, then got rapid fired by plasma and bolters to death in very short order.


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The fragility of Daemon Princes is their achilles heel. Any S10 can double tap them out (unless they pay an obscene amount of points for a coin flip at getting the Biomancy Iron Arm power), and really, how hard is it to inflict 4 wounds to power-armored T5?

Ground them (preferably with AA weapons so you have a good chance to hit, then scraps like rhino storm bolters if need be, then by any units you've cast Prescience on or that have twin-linked weapons) by whatever means necessary, and then dakka or Vindi pie-plate them to death. Maybe yeah, they'll kill an enemy unit. If that's the sacrifice you need to make to kill their unit, so be it.

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