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Default Help fighting Imperial Guard

Hey everyone, I'm playing my first game since 4th Ed with my new Nurgle themed army at 1850 points. My buddy plays guard and is a competent and competitive player. I'm not looking to win but on the other hand its no fun for anyone getting blown off the table. The models I have are limited so I'll post the information on both lists and was wondering if you guys could provide a little tactical advice and identify any major threats or problems I will face. I know the Flyers are going to be a major headache but oh here goes;

Nugrle List


Nurgle Biker Warlord with fist/claw, blight grenades and 4++

6 nurgle bikers with Claw Champion and two meltas.


6 Plague Marines w/2 Plasma in Rhino w/dirge caster

6 Plague Marines w/2 Plasma in Rhino w/dirge caster

Fast Attack

Heldrake with Flamer

Heavy Support

Vindy w/dozer

Vindy w/dozer


Great Unclean One w/Greater Gift x2 and Psyker 3

10 Plague Bearers

Nurgle Daemon Prince w/wing armor and 2 greater gifts.

Not the most ideal list but I went more for theme and fun then competitive, and these are the only models I have currently

Imperial Guard List; not sure what a lot of this stuff is but it seems pretty well suited to blow me off the table.

Company Command

Colonel Straken, Astropath, 2 bodyguards Master of Ordinance, Officer of the Fleet. Not a clue what any of this means LOL

Aegis and Quad Gun


4 Vets squads with 9 troopers, sergeant and 3 plasma


Marbo? no idea


Sentinal w/LasCannon

Squadron of 3 Vendetta's w/TL:LC


Griffon w/Mortar and Heavy Flamer

2 Hydra Flak w/HF

Leman Russ w/Battle Cannon, LC and Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Well like I said not looking to win just looking to have a competitive fight and have some fun. He has several games under his belt and is a good guy. We both exchanged lists so there were no surprises and this is going to be more or less a learning experience for me. Thanks for the help guys

"Primus Enire Ultima Exire"
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Well thinking ill do some explaining on the gaurd side, the company command squad has a Straken (fairly close combat oriented gaurd character boosting combat of gaurd units in 12" bubble), bodygaurd (basically extra wounds for the squad which have some looknout sir ability), Astropath(+1 to his reseves), Master of ordinance(calls down orbital bonbardments in the form of a large blast), officer of the fleet (-1 to your reserves). Marbo is a sneeky git he basically deepstikes anywhere on the board as if infiltrating there but has no negatives, has poison 2+ weapons so keep his away from those princes and great unclean one. Rest should be easy enough to identify.

As to tactics, he has a lot of long range fire power, need to watch that, being the griffon, hydras and leman russ along with the lascanon sentiel. all that i can think to do would be to deploy to denybhis shooting either by some kind of refused refused flank (deploy on one side of the board but this would be reactive to his deployment) then have the relentless horde advance, flank the vindicators with rhinos and move up the board to get in range. Deoo strike the daemons to hassle him hope fully turn 2 to deny some of his shooting.

And thats all i got

Da Golden Waaagh!

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Dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka BATORK!!!
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Hey thanks Battman, that really helps on cutting down on the surprises esp with that +2 poison and the reserves shenanigans. I feel like his army is better suited at killing mine then I am at killing his, oh well we aren't playing till tomorrow night so it will give me some time to brainstorm. Thanks again!! +rep

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Battman really covered it well. Just a few points to piggyback of his:
Strakken has a close combat attack that ignores armor and gives him an extra D6 pen. he will hit hard! However his squad is kind of wierd, strakken wants to be mobile and close to the vets. The Master of Ordinance needs to be stationary to fire his bombardment, which from what I hear really isnt that accurate. He wont get full use of this squad. He will likely be using cover behind the gunline as I see no transports for the vets so expect a lot of plasma shots when you get in close. Also your nurgle prince will be taking tons of cover saves from the vandettas and armor saves from the hydras.

Keep in cover or out of line of sight from the guns. Flank the defense line with your units to deny him cover and blow apart his vets first. Getting a shot off with your drake will be everything!
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As long as those vets come without chimeras, the guard is in big trouble. All you have to do is to take some weapons that ignore cover (Noise Marines or flamers for instance) and after a few shots he will basically be without troops (T3 and 5+ really suck and I'm saying that as a guard player). I would not worry about Straken, because even though, he is the most powerful melee character in Guard Codex, there is simply no way that guard can beat any other race besides the tau in close combat. Unless you spam fliers, his hydras are pretty much useless in 6th edition, due to their skyfire rule.
So basically in my opinion, what is probably the most troublesome are those Vendettas and Leman Russ. The leman russ can be probably handled by either your vindicators, if you mange to get them close enough (which won't be easy with all that plasma around) or some cunning outflanking squad.
I'm not sure for the Vendettas, as I haven't yet had to deal with flier spam.

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Battman did a good job of summing things up, but as I play Guard and Chaos, here are some additional thoughts:

I would only worry about Straken if he had bought Guard blobs. But since he hasn't, I have no idea why he is taking him when all he has are Veterans, so don't worry about it.

He does however have astropath and officer of the fleet, which will give you -1 to your reserve rolls and +1 to his, which means that that vendetta squadron will likely come on sooner than you'd like. You could deal with them to some degree with Heldrake and Nurgle Prince vector striking. But that is limited.

The one major weakness he does have however is no Chimeras for his Veterans. He will be plopping them in cover I assume, but even then they are his only troop choices in which to contest objectives. Difficult since that means going out of cover with a crap 5+ armour save and a serious lack of mobility.
So I would be inclined to focus most of your army on getting rid of his 4 flimsy troop choices: Remember they will run away fairly easily with their poor leadership, so you only need to take out 50% and they will likely be falling back. Even if they are in cover, you could use the Heldrake baleflamer or vector strike (or both...ignores cover saves) to help eradicate them.
Then you just need to keep your plague bearers back on home objective and plague marines on mid-table objectives out of LOS as much as possible. Bikes with Lord, go for the artillery or LRBT and then hope 1 survives for Linebreaker.
Vindicators to be used aggressively. Unclean One, distraction unit.
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Default Help fighting Imperial Guard

I would assume the CCS and one vet unit is behind the aegis line while the other vets are in the vendettas.

Am I missing something that everyone says the vets are on foot? Is it obvious that you shouldn't embark vets in a squadron of vendettas? The only downside I can think of is making it harder to safely grav-chute all 3 squads at once. I could see grav-chuting 2 squads immediately and keeping the third embarked in the rear vendetta for dropping onto an objective late in the game.

With the hydras I can see the IG player keeping the skies clear for the vendettas, giving even more survivability to his troops should he wish to disembark them all late in the game.

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Hey thanks for all the replies everyone, very helpful information. Quick question can the Vendettas split up or are all three of them considered a single unit? My buddy seems to be running them as a squadron but as three separate units. I figured they may have some special rule to separate or we read misunderstood the rules.

Can the Vets start in the Vendettas? Thanks again for all the help.

P.S. One more question, what table should I roll on for warlord trait? I was thinking about using the ones in the Chaos book, but any thoughts on the BRB ones? thanks

"Primus Enire Ultima Exire"

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Vandettas can be taken as seperate units of up to 3. And the vets can ride in then and start in reserve. But if they ride in them and drop out to shoot you they become vunurable and isolated, not the best tactic but could work in a pinch. 3 single units would be able to shoot at more things and most likely a few will come in but will be easier to pick off.
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Evaluating the IG list (as an IG player myself), I would probably advocate using first turn (if you get it) to seriously close with the enemy, using vindicators to shut down both the Russ and maybe smash a few other units. Griffons are a bit lolwtf against CSM (particularly so many nurgle units). The IG player lacks good Antitank bar the vendettas (which might come on turn 2 at earliest), so use the relative safety of first turn to shut down his ground firing tanks (yes hydras are annoying, but they DONT have interceptor, so use the Helldrake to grief them when it comes on the board).

I'd recommend a serious all out offensive on his guns. Shut down his ground army and then the vendettas will not contribute so much to the game. 9 TL lascannons is annoying, but if he has made the stupid mistake of putting them all in the same squadron, then simply laugh as he overkills whatever he shoots at (wasting those precious lascannons).

Nobody previously has mentioned WHY marbo is played. Marbo (Obvious rearrangement of RAMBO) is famed for his S8 AP 2 Pie o'death from stupidly close to his intended target (which is inevitable). Fortunately, I cant really see a unit that would be too hard hit by it (don't PM have FNP? Bikers have Jink, and well AP has no real use against daemons anyway), and marbo is swatted away after this gimmick drop easily (bolters do it, plasma just makes it instant).

Otherwise, avoid straken himself, but smash the rest of the army (and tbh, he is basically a SM with a modified relic blade - treat him as you would SM captains). And when the vendettas come to shank you up, try and dig into some hard cover (or use tanks as cover). but GET ON OBJECTIVES AND CAMP. Your opponent does not have the capacity to smash you off them easily (which is strange, this is normally one of IG's strengths)

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I'm facing NECRONS
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