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Default Sentinals: How have you used them?

As the title suggests, How have you used them?

How did your tactics work out in the end?

What are your favorite configurations? Why?

What configurations do you dislike? Why?

Feel free to add other questions about sentinels. May this topic be our "go to" for those who love to play with and discuss sentinels.
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Hi Jello.
When I play my traitor IG I am used to field Sentinels. I've been often criticized for this (cause, you know, they're not so competitive...)
I've used them many ways:
1) at first, armored sents with lascannons, to support russes fire. Costly, frail, threatening. They die too fast, for what they can do. The BS 3 is a pain.
2) then i discovered the tactical prowess of Scout Sents! After some tryies I now field them in 2 main configurations:
-3 Outflanking with autocannons, to some nasty rear-side hail of shots to veichles (for a meager 120 pts)
-Not so often, 3 Naked with multilaser to deal with high T infantry, scouts units and the like, always outflanking. Against tyranids for 105pts you can have some fun. Not as good as the above config, imo.
-rarely with heavy flamers, outflanking as usual, for some objective dislodging. The real downside of this set-up, altough capable of dealing real pain, is the short range. It's not always possible to shoot twice, unless you are playing vs some careless Ork or Nid player.
This said, I use them mostly as a suicide unit. Thay show up on one side, shoot once or maybe twice and then die screaming. Doing so, however, they usually attract some good amount of firepower, even (after having caused some real damage) taking some anti-tank shots, diverged from my true armoured threats.
A fun unit indeed. Pair up with a Marbo and 5 Stormtrooper with 2 plasmaguns for some real havoc behind enemy lines. Alone, they can nonetheless pack a punch, if properly aimed.
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As paperweights. Pretty much any use of them, taking Vendetta's, Valkyries, LR Exterminators or Chimera's will do more effectively. They don't have the utlity, and they aren't a hard-counter for anything (while a Vendetta with a pair of Heavy Bolters is a soft counter for everything and a hard counter for armour).

Drop Sentinel MM's are another thing entirely though. 80pt Suicide Squads to destroy any vehicle in the game? Yes please.

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I usee 4 armoured sentinels with autocannons to screen my tanks, they work pretty well
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I once tied Typhus (from the old codex) in close combat with armored sentinel. He had no krak grenades and so was out of the game, because the sentinel just would not let him go ;)

On a more serious note, outflanking scout sentinels are cheap and can be useful. I sometimes also use armored sentinels with plasma canon as a cheap variant of Leman Russ Executioner. They're probably not very competitive, but who cares: they're fun to play

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I think I'm going to run 2 when I get my list together. Though I'm still unsure of what config I will run.

I have narrowed it down to 4.

Armored with autocannons
Armored with plasma cannons
scout with autocannons
scout with multilasers

I will be taking GK allies. My list should differ from game to game, but I think my first game I'm going to take a paladin deathstar with draigo. My group is not super competitive. I dont think anyone takes flyers yet. All I know is I playtested a draigo wing list against a nid player and I didnt lose a KP and I tabled him.

I feel like Im going to take a 30 man blob, with a commissar lord as an HQ attached to it, to hold my base objective. Probably lascannons in the blob. I will probably take a mortar team because I love the models. I will also probably take 2 regular infantry squads w/ flamers in chimeras. Extra capture power and I love the flamer model. I don't think I will take anything with an AV over 12. I may take melta vets in a chimera.

I'm pretty sure i'm going to have a fair bit of extra points in addition to the sentinels. But off of what I said, what do you think I should do out outfit them?

Side note: game 1 will likely be against thousand sons.
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i like auto cannons on scout sents - outflank and tear up some weak tank or something. destroyed a ton of guard tanks and SM whirlwinds thataway

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Do you find that they usually die the following turn? It makes me a little scared that a volly of bolter fire will likely down my walkers.
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Scout Sentinels will always die. You just have to make sure they take out something valuable, because honestly, valuable is something Sentinel's aren't. So if they'll come in and take a Predator Annihilator in the side or even rear armor, awesome. With that in mind, I like Scout Sentinels with autocannons.

With that said, a Vendetta does the job better. Buy one of those instead. But I'm fully expecting them to get either a nerf or a substantial points boost for our next codex.

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So basically, 2 plasma Cannon armored Sentinels are a poor choice?
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