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Default The Viability of Hand Flamers in Assault Squads

As the name suggests, I'm curious about how well these will work out for me.

Using the BA dex, I'm thinking of running two 5 man assault squads, each with a Sanguinary priest in Razorbacks w/TLHB's. Power axes and Hand Flamers on the sergeants, Power Swords for the Priests to capitalize on their higher WS. One Flamer in each squad. Each of these squads costs 215 points as is.

The two squads together are intended to boot across the board and interfere with/potentially capture enemy held objectives. I usually use tactical squads, as they can jump out and rapid fire, but....well, I want people to burn. Ignoring cover (as objectives are often placed strategically so) is also a nice bonus. Depending on how my opponent is deployed, I may elect to flat them suckers out and get right across the board, but they will likely be moving 12" and firing those HB's.

I think it may be necessary to flat them out and get them 24" across the board turn 1.

Either way, I'm jumping out and dumping 2 (potentially 4 as these squads are meant to work together) flame templates on an objective in an attempt to clear it out of the troops holding it. Sure, I'm getting rammed with fire the next turn but that's what power armour and FnP is for. Hopefully I can cause enough damage with the flamers to break the squad I'm firing at to avoid them coming back at me too hard. Flamers and two dudes with power weapons (the axe for TEQ) should assist if I get charged, but if it's a dedicated CC squad...well, I'm likely screwed.

I plan to use this as a core troop element in all my lists 1000 points and up. There's also a 10 man tactical squad in an ADL for support, and depending on what I'm up against I'd also be running a Reclusiarch with a 5 man assault squad (all jump packs, power sword on the sergeant) behind them as a support group for CC. The third assault squad with my HQ might also stick back with my tactical squad if there's a lot of stuff deep striking/flying across the board from reserves. I also use a sniper scout squad in camo cloaks on the other side of the board to distract/hold an objective.

What will happen to my assault squads with their flamers; do you think they have a chance at achieving their goals without relying on a horseshoe up their arses for dice rolls?

Thanks for any and all advice, I've been rolling this around in my mind but only have real continuous experience against a couple armies.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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The hand flamer is underwhelming against all meq and pretty much everything tougher than a chaos cultist. It's not something you build a list around as it simply won't kill much of anything, their biggest upside is overwatch, mitigates the losses if you don't get the charge off. On the whole I prefer the infernus and plasma for the tactical manoeuvrability. However the tactic outlined should work fairly well, but that's not because of the hand flamer.

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The hand flamers are what make this tactic much more comfortable. If/when those squads get charged because of their lack of assault vehicle, having the extra template is crucial. I don't expect much damage output from them aside from making my opponent roll the dice. By comparison, if I were to commit either a plasma pistol or an infernus pistol to these squads they wouldn't be getting as many dice rolling for armour saves. Sure, I'd have the chance of ruining one guy but if I'm getting charged by my opponent's best or toughest CC unit I've got it all wrong anyways.

I am glad to hear a positive remark about this. All I really want to do is burn me some heretics...

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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If you are charged, the Hand Flamer does have the better chance of wounding, given how Overwatch works. So that is a plus. There is always the chance for your opponent to roll 1s for armor. But I do think the points are better spent elsewhere in most cases. The tactic as a whole should make most opponents sweat though. Never fun to be rushed.

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