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Default Imperial Guard vs Necrons

I've started an Imperial Guard army, with... almost one platoon done

But it will be great one day! Anyhow, I'm starting with 40 Guardsmen, Company Command Squad and two Platoon Commands (I have the Codex and know it fairly well rules-wise). My most common opponents are Orks, Eldar, Tau, soon-to-be Blood Angels, but more common than all of them are falcoso's foot/hybrid Necrons, soon to be the proud owners of a Doom Scythe.

Now, I've got a sweet spot for Leman Russ tanks, don't really mind what variant but the Vanquisher and Exterminator are probably the least likely to find a place in my lists and the Battle Tank and Demolisher are favoured, I like Hellhounds and the Devil Dog, Vendettae/Valkyries (but only the one, I'm not blessed with hoards of cash), and of course the wonderful Manticores, but I'm not really one for Chimerae.

Now, my question is, which are the best 'counter-Necron' units I could take without biasing my list too much to be ineffective against Eldar, Orks and BA? Obviously Manticores look promising, denying FnP on BA and killing hordes of Orks, but taking three deprives me of Leman Russ goodness. I don't want to go the other way and take too many Leman Russ and not have enough points for cool stuff in the list.

Is a Hydra worth converting (from a Quad-Gun and Manticore) to deal with what'll probably be only a single Flyer per army? It's cheap at 75pts, but since I'm starting small it's more the Heavy Support slot cost that bites, not the points.

Starting at 1000pts, ideally, but suggestions for escalating up to 1500 and 2k points are welcomed


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...This is to deal with me isn't it... I hate you, but I have got to admit I do love Leman russes

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Spanner in the works...
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@Falcoso - You'll be fine. Gauss laughs in the face of Leman Russ'.

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Originally Posted by Mossy Toes View Post
Spanner's got some great advice as well... Listen to that wise man.

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I lke Leman Russes as well, but against Necrons especially they aren't necessarily the best choice, simply because Gauss weaponry is a Glancing machine.
That said, 'Crons need to get close to be in their element so long ranged firepower is a must, and you can't beat the LRBT for that role, plus you also have the Manticore which is great against most targets.

On Hydras, if you're going to field 1 then you might as well take a second...same FOC Slot for a start, plus I always found 2 to be far more efficient shot-wise. Maybe you won't need the second one against that single 'Cron Flyer, but you will against DE with their multiple targets.

No Chimeras, fair enough, but for Gunline IG that Aegis Line with Quad Gun for its Cover giving and anti-Flyer role will be a godsend...I'm taking one now that Commissars aren't as effective at ensuring my Blobs stand up to sustained firepower.

Hellhounds are another good choice, although without that wall of Chimeras moving up the Board to keep it company don't expect it to last long.

I'd take a Vendetta over a Valkyrie any day of the week...great at anti-Flyer/MC/TDA/AV.
That said, as much as you hear how great it is, the Whiners almost never mention that it usually gets shot to shit and removed by Turn 3, which is especially true if used as a transport early on in a game....I would use it as a Gunship period in this edition, but if you are planning on embarking any unit in it, make it one that's cheap and isn't vital to your cause until late game, a SWS with 3 Flamers or Demo Charges (or a mix) for Objective taking etc.

Hopefully food for thought at least, and no doubt much more to talk about...Necrons are the uber army this edition I believe, well until new Codecii arrive.
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Take a Aegis or Bastion with a turret to deal with the single flyer. However, a Vendetta is a solid way of bringing in some lascannon goodness to your list. I wouldn't bother with a Hydra unless you are dealing with 3+ flyers since it has to snap fire at ground units.

Take flamers to deal with those nasty scarab swarms, and I also found that massed fire works better than strong guns for taking out Necron troops since they can stand back up. Picking off a couple models a turn may work against other armies, but against Necrons you need to deal as many wounds as possible. My solution is Heavy Bolters.
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I'd recommend both flyers. Vendettas are great for their Nightscythes, doomscythes, and pretty much any other vehicle as well as monstrous creatures. The valkyrie is great for its anti-infantry role with 2 MRP.

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I'd seriously consider taking a Leman Russ Exterminator with HB sponsons. Between its rate of fire and power, it can put hurt on nearly anything. When you combine the two, it's not bad against fliers either.

Speaking of fliers, they are a very good option in this edition. The Valkyire is just as useless as it always was, but with hull points and the new damage table, the three twin-linked lascannons are an amazing asset to have. Just don't stick a unit on it, because either it'll have to grav chute them down, and you'll risk losing part of the squad, or you'll have to hover, and get shot to pieces.

I'd say that for anything over 1500, the 150 points you need for two Hydras is certainly worth it when you think about how much pain they deal out to flyers, and even the potential they have to hit other targets too, between the two twin-linked autocannons and the heavy bolter.

Originally Posted by Chompy Bits View Post
Yup, that sounds about right. The only faction who are a bigger bunch of backstabbers than the Imperium are the Eldar (and this is debatable as the Eldar only stab OTHER factions in the back).
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Originally Posted by Nave Senrag View Post
I'd say that for anything over 1500, the 150 points you need for two Hydras is certainly worth it when you think about how much pain they deal out to flyers, and even the potential they have to hit other targets too, between the two twin-linked autocannons and the heavy bolter.
He said his opponents only have 1 flyers max in their lists and the Hydra's autocannons have to snap fire at ground units, so it's nearly useless as a gun emplacement once the flyer is finished off.
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From what I know of Guard, if it's a choice between risking the flyer and risking the troops.. dont the troops get risked every time?

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Maybe you should think about using a medusa or 2 they are great at smashing large groups of infantry and if you take bastion breacher shells you will desimate tanks aswell.
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