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Default the new meta

so 6th edition is here, and as people get to grips with the new tricks it offers the meta is blown wide open

what meta shifts have you seen already?

what do you predict the meta to be like when it starts to settle down?

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I foresee fewer mobile bunkers with hull points being an issue now. Spending 35 points on a rhino just to take advantage of its AV isn't going to help you when it gets shot a few times and rolls over.

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The main change I see is that vehicles uses/strengths have, well changed -
- Hull points makes them more effective from Turn 1, but they won't last for as many Turns.
- more shooty and mobile but less durable/survivable.
- Embarked troops can't contest, so need to no Vets grabbing Objectives last turn.
- can't disembark and assault.

Basically I think that Transports especially will either be spammed to the max, or you'll see none, and Chimeras will be static firebases behind Cover for most of a game.

Also been able to pick out/assassinate Characters etc is a biggie.

Also the changes to Power Weapons...they're all diferent now, Axes, Swords, Mauls, etc.
The AP1/2 Weapons buff changes is fairly huge as well.
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I expect that for the Imperium players we'll see less assault based squads in anything other than a Land Raider due to the loss of hopping out of a vehicle that hasn't moved and assaulting the same turn is no longer an option.

This of course means that uber killy assault units will likely need to be taken in pairs to prevent total wipes early on, and that they'll be easier to avoid thanks to being slower overall.

Of course Terminators will still be pretty hard to kill, but still won't like massed shooting anymore than anyone else does. Add in a high points cost to run mid to large sized units and they'll either eat massively into an army's points or be run in small units to manage costs.

Overall I think the meta is shifting from the balanced mech list to the balanced hybrid list for a lot of armies, though Orks will still stay mostly unchanged, and Dark Eldar will have to move to a more balanced list between shooting and assault (though currently they seem to favor the idea of an all shooting army, frankly I think that underestimates the use of assault-based units to flush out units holding objectives that couldn't be taken out through shooting).

Overall, I think we're moving towards a fairly balanced mix of units where armies can no longer rely on just spamming one unit to play effectively or using just one kind of unit. Sure it hurts some of the basic builds we knew from 5th as good, but the concepts of covering your weak points and using redundant units to ensure you won't lose specific units as well as playing the mission are all solid concepts that will continue to work in 6th.
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Melta I think may see a drop in trade for plasma. Especially for MEQ armies. With rapid fire changed, plasma can wipe tanks out from longer (safer) distances without suffering a potential 6" explosion.

Tanks, specifically rhinos used as mobile walls and to help units block characters and IC's from LOS so they can't look out sir wounds away. 35 points to help protect a squad of 150+ sounds like a good deal to me.

Dark Eldar now have the best anti tank units in the game IMHO. Wyches with haywire grenades. Multi assault out of a raider with haywire grenades against, who cares, glance those puppies to death. No explosions, no extra wounds and off you go.

Meta shift I see in people actually reading and knowing the rules and how to position their units. before it didn't matter, you just removed the guy you wanted. Now it really matters how you move units. Plus the rules aren't as forgiving to mistakes. In 5th ed people could troll around rules, get called out an it wasn't a big deal (sometimes). Now a foolish mistake can really mess you up. Like not reading how you can't assault out of transports. Now that will change as 6th ed becomes more saturated and people learn from mistakes. But even still, gotta be on top of what the rules say and do.

Lots more termies. Yes, I believe this is going to happen. I even broke down and bought some because of how wickedly awesome they are now. Especially BA termies. Hahahaha. *ahem. But seriously though, power weapons can't instagib them. They can instagib pretty much whatever with TH/SS. And they don't cost any more than last edition.

I really really think a nice thing about the meta is that it will actually begin to shift and change more than ever. With new combos, unusual mixes, and players realizing they have so much freedom to do things. Local meta will be changing and growing all the time. Tournament meta will probably be a set of things that are the most effective and efficient like 5th ed was. But on a more down to earth scale, playing with friends and random people. The meta will shift and grow as the game does. And that excites me. Not SPACE WOLVES are this, this and this forever!! (I play space wolves, this was an annoying problem) But with allies its so much more fun. Space Wolves and Orks (lawl), Blood Angels and Grey Knights (crap), eldar and dark eldar, so many more options to play the game is wonderful.
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@HOBO - Don't forget the Bubblewrap, that will be even better moveable cover (and gets tanks out of the mess that is vehicle assaults), and can be a threat in its own right with the new and improved rapid fire/overwatch rules.

Hopefully, mixed tactics are the way forward, rather than the previous approach of "spam tier 3 units and WIN!", as we have to now deal with at least three different categories: Air, Ground Infantry and Vehicles, and an imbalance in capability will see us beaten. As an IG player, i will be more willing to bubblewrap my tanks to protect them from shooting and assaults, and relying on more footslogging infantry to do stuff.

Last turn objective drops will still happen though - hover flyers do this best (particularly the vendetta, which has a decent anti-tank role, so will remain zooming for as long as possible hopefully), and its best to do it with pathetic units (i won a game just for letting a vendetta drop a single almost barebones infantry squad onto an objective t5 - 55pts well spent there ).

Also due to the FC nerf, i doubt the straken PW blob build is dead, because part of its USP was the fact that you get to attack with spammed PWs simultaneously with SM

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It's going to be about balance, army builds, and covering up army deficiencies with good strategy.

There's more pressure to take plasma because of AP2, and more pressure to take flamers because of overwatch. That means more of a "penalty" for maxing out melta.

Random warlord and psychic powers means you'll have to be prepared for anything, even within your local meta.

The potential of flyers means taking your own and/or anti-air to deal with them, leaving less room for other units.

Vehicles being unable to claim or contest objectives in any way means infantry are more important, yet are more vulnerable because of deadlier shooting.

Board positioning is even more important now because of the shooting rules and how wounds are allocated. Special weapons guys and characters are no longer safe just because they're in a unit.

I think the new meta is very promising. It will put a big premium on thoughtful builds and battlefield strategy instead of just a contest of who brought more tanks and meltaguns.
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Originally Posted by Starsplice View Post
Dark Eldar now have the best anti tank units in the game IMHO. Wyches with haywire grenades. Multi assault out of a raider with haywire grenades against, who cares, glance those puppies to death. No explosions, no extra wounds and off you go.
Necron Warriors are just as efficient as taking out vehicles IMO, not to mention Harbingers of the Storm with their Assault 4 Haywire weapon.

I find myself a fan of the random Warlord traits. Makes the game a bit more unpredictable.

You have to plan for fliers in every list now, and since troops are even more important now, you need to protect them and have enough of them.

Armor save of 2+ is a big one that people need to plan for, especially in CC oriented armies who relied on power weapons.
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I wish there never was a meta, and wished it would never rear its ugly head, meta *spits* what a pathetic, archaic, backwards thing it is.
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@VanquisherMBT care to elaborate?
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