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Originally Posted by 5tonsledge View Post
money down says everyone who can ally with gaurd will

not going to lie im probably going to quit playing this edition ally rules and all these fucking flyers are pissing me off
Why don't you just ask your opponent "can we not use flyers and allies this game please, I'm having difficulty with them so if its ok to skip them"
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Allies guideline:

"Plug your armys weaknesses"

Some examples:
Tau has really bad troops, so invest in allies with good troops, like orks or marines.
Got good troops and sucky shooting? Have it the other way around. Tau are actually quite impressive allies, as you get 3 suit squads, 2 of which have str 7 missiles and broadside unit which are actually one of the better AA units in the game right now due to twin linking. Drones make current suits extremely survivable. You can survive bying one FW squad, which aren't super bad due to str 5 shots at 30'', just bad :p
Get IG for bodies, melta and AA (vendetta)
Necrons for extreme flier support
Marines for strong troops and maybe a terminator squad in LR if that is your cup of tea
Eldar for a farseer and a small GJB squad to net you anti psyker and a objective threat

The list of possibilitys go on....

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Originally Posted by 5tonsledge View Post
fuck i would lend them to someone or sell them but i play emperors children. the pink army makes people stand offish lolz
Pink can be covered up, or simple greened :-D

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That, or simply use the allies to build on what you were already doing with your main list. For example, adding an SM Tactical squad in a Rhino/Razorback along with a Vindicator, to support a mech IG force with Leman Russ Demolishers could work also, maybe not as uber efficiently as plugging gaps like CC with TH/SS termies, but still a perfectly viable build.

Logic would dictate that you use them to plug gaps, but that doesn't stop you from using the allies to reinforce the overall capabilities of the main force (even adding redundancy of purpose. IG heavy support is great and all, but some other codices offer similar units which perform a similar function, for cheaper).

Personally, i think that if the allied contingent is larger than the primary detachment, you're doing something seriously wrong (unless you're doing a huge IG platoon with spammed Heavy Support squadrons/Vendetta spam - lots of troops and vehicles justifies the hefty cost - maybe you should be doing the allies the other way around if this is what you want to play??), so i would say ~1/3 at MOST should be dedicated to allies, so that you don't lose the hitting power of the main detachment (which is vital, otherwise you cannot dominate any phases of the game like most pure armies can - IG pwn in shooting phase just by sheer numbers of shots), and also dont suffer from low model count.

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Leman Russes are now insanely powerful, even more than before. Reason? No "centre of blast". I was popping 1 Dark Elf vehicle a turn. With a pie plate it's almost impossible to miss.

Leman Russ Punishers are also now good. Throw on Pask and HB sponsons and you have 29 BS4 S6 shots. In 6th ed AP - doesn't carry any penalty, and you can easily glance light/medium vehicles to death in a single volley. With that many shots you will average around 5 hits on a flyer.

Lastly, if you want to hold an objective, buy a 30 man guard platoon, stick a commissar in it, and order it to dig in every turn. No amount of firepower can dislodge 31 wounds with a 2+ save. Except for flamers.

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