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Here's my two cents... Eventually youll get a dollar ^^

Carnifex - It really depends how many carnifex you have, but so far I've just converted these to Tervigon and that's that. They are potentially very good anti-infantry, but they are very expensive for what they can do. They tend to excel at a range much more than they do in combat but thanks to the bolly Monstrous Creature rules, they still do very well in combat against ordinary troops and vehicles in combat even armed with ranged weapons. Avoid power weapons at all times, especially power fists. Even worse, don't try and go toe-to toe with a Seer Council, because it will be a short and violent fight, and you won't be the victor.

Finally, if you put him into combat, send him in ALONE. I say this because it is all too tempting to support that unit of Hormagaunts by charging the carnifex in too, but a cunning opponant will simpy kill off the gants and force No Retreat! wounds on the Fex. It seems obvious but I have made that mistake and the Fex paid for it with his life...

Pyrovore- This unit seems odd and counter intuitive to me. Why does it have a power weapon if it only has one attack? Even worse its weapon is very short range, meaning if it doesn't assault, it will be assaulted next turn regardless. So they're units you bring for their ranged weapon, that somehow end up in a scrap anyway... WAARRRRD!!!

But no, seriously, if they had two attacks each this combo would make a tad more sense, but they don't, and it doesn't, and there are many more Elite choices that do their job and for cheaper. Does that help?

Lictors - Well this unit took a hit with their losing their insta-charge.. Or did they? Don't forget that they still get to shoot when they show up and they can get a very easy shot at the rear armour of those Rhinos. That seems like a worthy sacrifice for a Lictor for me.

Also there are many units which you will wish that you could reach in the backfield but can't. Reapers, Whirlwinds, Basiliks, Manticore, Broadsides and as much as you *could* deep strike a pod behind the enemy and attack these, or use a Trygon, but cheaper and more reliable would be dropping a Lictor into their nice little hidey-hole. Just perfect for their fluff, they leap out of cover, rip a specific target to shreds, then probably die to Bolter fire. Take them with a target in mind, and they won't fail you.

Mawloc - Short answer? There is always going to be a place for a s6 AP2 large blast.

This one never really became as popular with the advent of Storm Shields and all those 3+ invulnerable saves (WAAAARD!!!) but, like the Lictor, they give you options. For example, wouldn't it be interesting to drive the enemy away from the board edge with the threat of Outflank, only to be exploded by a Mawloc? Hit those Marines hard!

Ultimately, the Tyranids are all about attacking from every way you can at once. It's not enough to threaten the enemy with super-fast Hormagaunts, you need to attack from the flanks with the Genestealers, attack from below with the Trygons and Mawlocs, above with the Drop Pods and attack from everywhere with your Ymgarls and Lictors. If there is one thing they can do better than anyone else, it's overwhelming the enemy with too many targets each one capable of doing too much damage.

Hope that helped

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I played against 2 trygon(or mawloc I can't remember) and a carnifex with a tau player and none of them did anything (he likes playing attrition) the lictor seems like a unit which is used for messing around carnifexs just have a lot of fear being around them so they get targeted too badly and mawlocs are very irritating but you just adapt and keep a lot of firepower around.

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As a Tau player myself, I think I would be harder pressed to kill off a 6 wound Trygon, who gives me only one turn to react before he starts nomming on my elite troops, than I would a Carnifex. Fex has less wounds and gives me more time to shoot at him.

However if you were to field that Carnifex with a Venom Cannon,, then suddenly it's a much scarier problem because you're going to Instant Death my XV8's off the table. Have you tried that one?

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I'm loving all this feedback by the way guys, this is wicked. Really expanding my thinking.

Erm... how? Rippers can't even hurt a Wraithlord, am I right? Even if they've got Poison, Wraithlords have two Flamers + another gun, and Str 10 striking at the same time/before you do. Again, Rippers can't hurt a Land Speeder even if they did hit it. Daemon Prince, maybe (with lucky rolls) but it IDs you, strikes before you, and at such a high WS that you hit back on 5s.
Yeah what Maiden said, toxin sacks for the Wraithlord (He didnt flame them because I'd never killed a wraithlord before, never mind with RIPPERS), Adrenal glands for the land speeder (I couldnt get a destroyed result, but I got so many weapon destroyed/imobilised results that he ran out of things to break) and the Daemon prince, yeah... maybe it was luck, but then in a game based on dice rolls, I'm ok with that : )

...actually, now I think about it, I think the Daemon Prince was in combat with a Pyrovore left over from the turn before, so he tried to kill that... missed with 2 attacks and rolled snake eyes to wound! Even if he had killed it... 1 pyrovore was still all he was killing, my rippers were happy to finish him off. he may have been down to 2 wounds from a previous fight too... but a kill is a kill.

Carnifex - Personally I think I'd rather use 1 TL devourer and a stranglethorn. Force a pinning test at -1 LD per casualty, sign me up.
Sorry Lord Azune, although I DO like where your coming from, its not -1 per kill... it just caps at -1. clever idea though, I'll think of that combination even if its not off the same model.

A few of you mentioned about using lictors vs tanks... you know it never even crossed my mind, but it certainly will in future. Also I may just use it with the sole purpose of killing or just drawing fire from my friends broadside (I hate that broadside).

Feeling a lot better about how I use some of these, nice to hear that people have used some of them well in the past.

a cunning opponant will simpy kill off the gants and force No Retreat! wounds on the Fex. It seems obvious but I have made that mistake and the Fex paid for it with his life...
I never, ever, EVER make this mistake Tatsumaki... its almost impossible. Ever since I discovered the 'Fearless Loophole' by nievely popping out some Termagants to help out my Tervigon, committing suicide as a result... this has been a subject of much interrest to me. With some friends I play a 'resolving individual unit combat results' house rule, to avoid the insanity I associate with the Fearless Loophole. I played the rule with some other people but they keep saying it was easier with the standard rules (which it wasnt any easier, but they obviously think I'm trying to get an advantage and are too polite to accuse me of it), so I said fine, so long as I know that putting them in the same fight will unfairly kill my monsterous creatures... I'll avoid that situation at all costs.

...Thanks for the warning though, shame I had to lose the hard way ; )

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Haha that's no problem, although I do admit I madethe mistake twice - Once with Tyranids, and once with Chaos Daemons. Who knew Daemonettes can't really slow down Berzerkers? That was a lame way to lost a Keeper of Secrets!

The point is I've learned now xD

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I think we all have learned the "dont send in moronic useless units into combats youre winning" rule somehow.

I fucked up a beautiful flank+rearcharge against a unit of Ogres in WHFB many years ago by "helping out" with a unit of zombies in the front.....
Its just like the other classical rule "dont shoot the guards with your berzerkers before you charge them". 25% will die due to wonky dice rolling and they will flee thus leaving you stranded.

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Azwaz, unless its been FAQ'd (because I dont have access to the FAQ at work, just the codex), the codex says "If an enemy unit suffers one or more casualties because of a devourer and is required to make a Morale Check at the end of the phase, it suffers a -1 penalty to its Leadership." Admittedly after rereading that, the stranglethorn doesn't get the -1 due to not being at the end of the phase. Still seemed like a good idea.

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