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Default Guard rule claification

Having finaly got a good sized guard army now i'm looking to expand my armys to 1500pts and i seem to keep noticing thins that eiather don't make sence or i just think to much about so i wanted to run some of them by you guys.

1 - In an officer orders a unit to go to gournd (using the "incoming" order), that unit gians a +2 bonus to their cover correct. If i chose to not move that unti for the rest of the game would that unit still have the +2 bonus until they are moved (forcefuly or not) or would they have to be issued with the order agian? My logic tells me that they keep the +2 cover in which case i might finaly have use for a special wepaon team with no weapons

2 - Is there anyway of getting Rough riders to outflank? I have onyl seen ti done once (since few people use them) and i think he might have bended the rules somewhat. I can't see anway to outflank them within the codex, which is a shame as i would lvoe to do that. If it is possible can someone show me how (page numbers would be apriciated)

3 - A chimera has 5 fire points and it says that these firing modals are oprating the lasguns on the side fluff wise. This cna be confusing of where to measure the shoits from as the text would suggest than you cna use the lasguns but there are 6 of them. Should you use the hatch and ignore the lasguns all together?

4 - More a matter of opion this one really. What would make a good overseer for a Psyker unit?

5 - This oen is proabbly obvious but if i take Nork Deddog does his stubborn special rule carry forward to any unit that he is with (main the command squad but also other IC's) Also and this might be cheese but can he benafit from Rightous fury special rule as it doesn't say that it doesn't and he's smarter than the avarage Ogryn (ya i know it's cheese but it might be a gold bit of cheese so i want to conferm with you lot first before i try to use it....that and i need ammo for anyone who trys to discredit it if it will work)

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1. I believe you would have to reissue the order I'm afraid, like regular 'going to ground'.

2. I know of one way to outflank, take Creed in your CCS, then he can give the rough riders Scouts.

3. For simplicity I think you ignore the lasguns, they are just there for fluff. Measure from the hatch.

4. I've heard just using a Primaris model works.

5. I was confused by this after I read it, but if you refer to the Commissar entry it specifically says that they bestow Stubborn to a unit, so I guess Nork wouldn't. Also the priests entry for Righteous Fury says it doesn't affect ogryns. I guess that would mean Nork.

Hope this all helps.

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1. Nope. The Order itself states how long it lasts.

2. Nope, not even with Creed. He can give Scouts to one Infantry or Vehicle unit. Rough Riders are neither of those, they're Cavalry.

3. The hatch. Ignore the lasguns as they no longer exist in the rules. I took all mine off even.

4. I use an old RT-era Commissar.

5. Nope again for Stubborn, and no Righteous Fury either.

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Originally Posted by don_mondo View Post
3. The hatch. Ignore the lasguns as they no longer exist in the rules. I took all mine off even.
But do they all count ask lasguns, or can you fire five guns from within the squad?

Originally Posted by Chompy Bits View Post
Yup, that sounds about right. The only faction who are a bigger bunch of backstabbers than the Imperium are the Eldar (and this is debatable as the Eldar only stab OTHER factions in the back).
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You fire whatever weapons the unit inside is armed with. If you have a Platoon Command Squad in the back with four plasma guns, then you fire four plasma guns and whatever the LT has. Want to mount a Heavy Weapon squad in someone else's ride and let them use it as a bunker, then the three Heavy Weapon can all fire out the back hatch (assuming no movement, shaken, stunned). Forget the old hull-mounted lasguns exist, cause as far as the rules are concerned, they don't. You fire up to five weapons that the embarked unit is armed with from the large back hatch, subject to the vehicle movement or being shaken/stunned. That's all there is to it.

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