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Originally Posted by DireAvenger View Post
how decisive exactly is wysiwyg? i mean, i like to use twin-linked missle launchers with my wraithlord, but you cant just buy a model like that and i dont wanna buy another wl just so i can put on another ml. how exact is wysiwyg?
I assume you mean at a tournament, since you can do whatever you like with your friends. Simply put wysiwyg means that your opponent can tell exactly what your unit has simply by looking at it. i.e. literally, what you see on the model is what it has.

However, no need to buy another WL to get that extra missile launcher
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My local tournament group has always been fairly forgiving, as long as you do your best to represent the equipment, the only thing they get sticky on is characters.

My Wraithlord had two Starcannons in the list, I simply attached a targeting array and informed the group and my opponents. They are all generally happy as long as some effort has gone into the model and its representation.

I always go over lists prior to a battle, so no calling foul.

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Ok so look at csm's the come with (Aka for free)
Power Armor
Bolt Pistol
Frag Grenades
Krak Grenades

Would i have to put all of them on Each Marine?

Considering that they all come with em cant i just mix them up a bit and say that they have everything? <--- would this be allowed in tornements?

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Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
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nice boy, daft though !
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This is the area were alot of my sales come from, i get alot of messages and orders a month before large WYSIWYG tournaments and from players who want to represent it accurately as possible.
Personally i have never played in this fasion, im firmly of the mind that the model on the table is just a representation of what written on your list, as long as its written down and you have paid the points it really does not matter if the model is equipped correctly.The wraith lord is a very good example of this, i have modeled mine with a wraith sword because it looks bad ass and a bright lance and flamers, does not mean that im gonna field him like that every battle,i will choose different weapons based on who my opponent is gonna be or what points i am playing etc.
But tournments i guess are different to prevent cheating,hence the term.

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That's the way it is here, too. As long as there is a similar model to the unit being represented, most opponents are cool with it. WYSIWYG is only in effect for tourneys around here, and even then some things like Harlequin Kisses often get a pass.
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I see this 4 year old thread slipped under the radar.

WYSIWYG for me is fulfilled enough as long as my opponent shows upgrades (special/heavy/special CCW weapons) and at least some of the standard equipment, so in the case of chaos marines a few daggers here and there, holster pistols and a light sprinkling of grenades is always useful, just to remind yourself and opponents who may not be familiar with chaos loadouts.

plus the extra details look better than nothing

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Use WYSWIG for specialists and characters.
Basic troops don't matter, as long as it's clear what they are.

Nobody will care if your Assault Marines are running around with two pistols or two chainswords, as long as they are clearly Assault Marines. They will care if it turns out that the dude with a flamer has a meltagun, and the sergeant with his dramatically-posed chainsword and pointing hand turns out to have a plasma pistol and power fist.

Invest in some magnets, and start drilling.
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