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Default Grenades

I had a quick question. I'm fairly new to the 5th edition of Warhammer 40K, and I actually haven't played a game in a long damn time. (I usually do painting and modeling, mostly.)

I was wondering, from the experienced players, when are you allowed to actually use grenades that squads have? Like, you know, the frag and krak grenades. I recall something about you had to be within 8" or something of a target unit to throw a grenade, during the shooting phase. (Probably from the oldish 2nd edition, which is the last one I remember playing) From what I read from the 5th Edition rulebook, you throw them right before charging in an assault, both sides or something. Could someone elaborate on this for me? I'm having trouble making some sense out of it.
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2nd edtion was the last time you could though grenades(I miss that rule). Pg 36 of the BRB covers greandes.

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Grenades aren't actual throwing weapons anymore. There's basicly three kinds of grenades, Defensive, Offensive and Anti-Tank.
Offensive grenades ( frag grenades etc. ) are used when you assault a unit in difficult terrain, the only thing this does is negate the penalties for assaulting a unit in difficult terrain. Normally if you do so, your initiative is reduced to 1.
Defensive grenades ( Blight grenades etc. ) are used when you are assaulted by an enemy unit. This denies the enemy the bonus for assaulting ( +1 attack, furious charge etc. )
Lastly, Anti-Tank grenades can be used when assaulting a vehicle. This allows units that normally don't have the strength to hurt a tank ( eg. IG ) to blow it up by sticking a grenade onto it. Instead of their normal attacks, a model equipped with anti-tank grenades makes 1 attack against the tank ( note: when assaulting a non-walker or immobilized walker, you attack the REAR armour ), depending on howfar it moved before you auto hit ( when it was stationary ), hit on 4+ ( it moved up to 6" ) or 6+ ( it moved 12" or more ). If you are assaulting a walker, things get a bit more complicated, read the BRB on these guys.
In the BRB it states the strength of various grenades and their armour penetration bonuses.

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Originally Posted by Winterous View Post
Einar is right.
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Inquisitor Einar has it all good, except that you never strike against a walkers rear armour in close combat, even if it's been immobilised. If you immobilise a walker, it just means that grenades used against them hit as a normal hit (comparing WS to WS) rather than hitting on a 6 (and the walker loses an attack).

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Sorry.. I always get confused with those things.. really should learn how they work and get it right before I field 9 penitent engines.

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Originally Posted by Winterous View Post
Einar is right.
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This is slightly off topic but I didn't want to start a new tread about it: Do melta bombs get a bonus 1 to damage table results? Now it does say melta in the name which makes you think it might, but it doesn't say anything like that on page 36. Lately my friends have been doing it and I'm not so sure that it works. It doesn't say anything about counting as AP1 since grenades don't have an AP value (this is the only reason that an AP value would matter for them anyway).

I guess we could just make it a houserule or something, but I don't think they should get a +1 on the damage table.
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They do not as AP has no place in close combat (unless you're Uriel).

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I am new to the 5th edition, and I still don't understand grenades (although the description from Inquisitor Einar makes a little more sense that the rule book).

I understand that grenades do not have a range, they are simply thrown prior to an assault.

I understand the effects of both offensive and defensive grenades.

I do not understand the To Hit.
1. Does the character throwing the grenade us WS or BS?
2. Do frag and smoke, etc. grenades have a blast radius?
3. Do grenades use scatter dice?

I don't understand the logic of situations which grenades can be thrown?
1. If a defensive grenade can be thrown in a clear area, why can't an offensive grenade be used when defending against an assault? (It seems absurd that frag grenades can only be thrown in bushes but not in a desert.)
2. If there is time to throw a grenade in defense, isn't there enough time to throw an offensive grenade in its place?
2. Can an a krak grenade be thrown at an infantry unit?

Lastly, from reading these forums it appears that grenades are considered to have an Initiative of 10. Is that true?
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Grenades aren't actually an attack, or anything. Treat them literally as a USR or other Special Rule. Assault Grenades are basically a USR/Equipment that allows you to strike at Initiative through cover, it is automatic, and no notice need be taken aside from, "They have frags, they hit at normal initiative."

Defensive Grenades are much the same, except they cause the assaulting unit to lose it's +1A for assaulting, that's it. No hitting, no nothing, it just counts as that.

Krak Grenades and Melta Bombs can only be used on vehicles, and follow different rules.

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I think I get it, it's a little more abstract than I am used to with Warhammer. It's very different than the old rules.

It just bugs me because a frag grenades seem like they could provide at least some form of a distraction to be used defensively. Ugh, I guess I just don't like the new rules for grenades
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