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Default Was I cheesed hardcore?

Was I cheesed hardcore, or is it just the first time I've seen the rules played like this?

Yesterday, at my LGS, I was playing a 1500pt match. It was my Deathraven, versus Space Wolfs.

A large building (NOT A RUIN) blocked LoS right in the center of the board. I sat on one side of it and shot at him with my Termies, and he kept driving forward with his Rhinos.

Around turn 3 or something, he starts his movement phase, 3 of his rhinos are sitting on the other side of the building (NOT A RUIN) that I mentioned before hand. He declares that his rhino is going to drive through the building.

Let me emphasize that last part. Drive THROUGH a building. There are no entrances on this building. I do not understand how a tank just suddenly decides to appear inside a building. In this new age of true LoS, it seems absurd that he can just have his vehicle go straight through a solid wall. He also claimed it could go up levels too.

I cannot count the number of times that I would have driven through buildings with a Land Raider had I ever thought this possible.

I couldn't find in the rule book where it says that vehicles can do this. Maybe I missed it.

So, did I get cheesed? Or is this just something I have never had to deal with before?
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Well, for a start, unless you play with the same people and the same pieces of terrain all the time, you should always discuss what pieces are what at the start of the game.

But that aside, no, the fucker cannot drive through a intact building any more than you can drive through a tank

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Entering and exiting a building works like embarking or disembarking from a vehicle. I'd have to say that unless the building was designed to accommodate vehicles then trying to enter with one would be resolved as a ramming test.

An important part of this is you should have agreed before hand as to the capacity of the building and to its starting armor value.

EDIT: Nice Galahad - Beat me to the punch

Originally Posted by jesse View Post
[Necrons]shoot, shoot, teleport, shoot. win
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Thank you for the quick responses guys, I found this to be a little absurd.

I surely will discuss this sort of thing before a game from now on. It never even crossed my mind that this sort of thing could occur, and therefor need discussing with my opponent.

It just sucks, because this happened at a tournament. Had this not occured...I would have taken 1st place most likely. Gah, oh well. I am certainly going to inform both the person I played against, and, the person who ran the tournament who ruled in his favor, that this is not possible, and direct them to this post.

From what I've noticed, Both of you always give well reasoned answers, and are knowledgable about your rules. Thank you.
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There are a couple of bits which might help you next time on page 79.

The first paragraph points out that entrances to buildings have to be agreed before deployment. So if he hasn't cleared a rhino shaped door then he can't have it.

The next para states that "only one infantry unit" can use a building. That could be read to disallow vehicles.
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Sounds like you got screwed well and truly, especially since he claimed his tank could go up levels in a building. It's one thing driving through it, but I can't even begin to imagine the justification for a Rhino using the stairs...
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The player that I was playing is the kind of player that measures charge range and shooting range before commiting to either when he thinks your not looking.

The kind of player who throws his dice after a loss.

The kind of player that blames his losses on his army.

The kind of player you hate getting paired against.
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Ouch. Sorry about the loss man, and to lose to something like this . . . Just ouch.

Concerning only infantry in a building, I could see a armored garage or storage area designed to accommodate vehicles on the board, but for tournament especially, I'd make absolutely sure that everyone involved knew that it was an exception to the rule rather than the normal.

What I really want is to see the set of stairs that he figured an APC could go up Especially considering that you aren't supposed to take your models through terrain where their bases / hulls don't fit. Must have been one hell of a staircase

I might even consider changing all the stairs in my terrain to spiral just for this kind of thing (and cause I think its funny)

Thanks for the kind words though

Originally Posted by jesse View Post
[Necrons]shoot, shoot, teleport, shoot. win
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you were cheesed more than a 4 topping cheese pizza.

did not see a mention of consulting with the referee or dude in charge of the tourney.
should get a ruling next time. Avoid cheesing yourself.
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The rules pretty clearly state that vehicles can't drive through intact buildings. That being said... turn on the TV sometime. Tanks go crashing through buildings all the time. You could house rule that vehicles with the "Tank" characteristic can drive through a building, but count it as dangerous terrain (if it's a big building, and you crash through the wrong part of the wall, the building will come down on the vehicle. Might not wreck the vehicle, but it'll take long enough to clear it that it won't take any useful part in the fighting from there on out.) I would certainly say that if you do that though, vehicles are limited to the ground floor. I'd have been like... My Space Marines magically fly and shoot rainbow butterflies that are S8 AP1 from their bolters, if I'd seen someone drive a Rhino into a building with three stories and have it emerge on the roof... unless there was some kind of lift for vehicles, but that'd be some kind of scenario special rule that you made up, again... so... yeah. Rules as written- no vehicles in buildings.


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