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Default 5th Ed- Jump Troops and Skimmer Movement

I am struggling with the movement of these two troops over terrain.

Example, If I have a Jump troop and a skimmer standing next to a 3" wall, if they want to fly OVER to the other side of the wall, do they have to spend 3" of movement to go up and down over the wall to the other side? Or can they both 'ignore' the wall and only take into account their horizontal movement into their distance?

Example 2, if I have a jump troops and a skimmer that want to land ONTO the wall, do they have to spend distance point to go up the wall? Do you calculate at an angle, or do you just count the horizontal distance?

This whole section of the rules seems unclear, as often they mention 'ignoring' terrain for skimmers, yet give examples where verticle movement is taken into account.

Thanks in advance, this is really an annoying question for me.

Have a great day.
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My understanding of it is you only count horizontal for movement. As far as the other examples you are talking about those are due to the fact that the guys trying to use a building for instance to go to the 2nd floor from the bottom or whatever they have to spend movement to get up the floor because they are not awesome like jump infantry =p.

Its the same rational of shooting from a high spot you don't count for guns shooting upward or downward at an angle, its only horizontal.

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Hmm, not sure if it's by the rules or not (don't have my rulebook with me atm) but I believe both horizontal and vertical movement is counted as they still have to expend fuel/energy to make it up and over or on top of said objects. Same for shooting I believe. You do measure the angles as the angle is going to be the longest distance to hit the target. Just using the horizontal would be considered chopping off quite a bit of distance needed to get the shot. As I said, I believe that's how it's suppose to be played and with the true line of sight, it makes sense that you measure the angled shot when shooting because why would you sight downward and at an angle and then measure distance straight across and way above whatever you're shooting at? Same sort of rules for moving skimmers or anything for that matter. If the terrain has a significant vertical element to it (usually 1" or more) then you can't just ignore the vertical part of the movement no matter what is trying to traverse it (unless it's something like the nightbringer or wraiths which have the phasing ability and just ignor terrain altogether).The major advantage of skimmers and jump packs is that they can move across difficult terrain without any impedment. If they start or end their movement on difficult terrain than they have to take a dangerous terrain test (I know that's the case for jump troops and I'm pretty sure it's the same with skimmers).

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Skimmers and jump infantry ignore terrain for movement purposes, aside from dangerous terrain tests. So just measure horizontal movement, looking from above. Range from weapons can be measured diagonally, and since everything is true Line of Sight, they definitely are measured diagonally if the levels of ground differ.

As it doesn't specify, I would say that if you plan on landing on the wall, measure diagonally. If you don't, and just want to move to the other side, ignore the wall as if it wasn't there.
As a balancing factor, I would say you can only ignore a height of less than 12". The same for skimmers.
Anytime the obstacle is as high as your movement, you should sack your movement just to get to the top. Unless you are moving flat out with a skimmer, than you can clear any wall under 24".

Note: The maximums aren't the actual rules, as the rules show just a diagonal movement and no maximum height. By the book, anytime you would land on the terrain, you just measure your diagonal movement to the location. If movement forward and not upward, you ignore terrain, so just never take into account terrain heights if moving past it.
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As the book does give movement at a diagonal when it refers to jetbikes in one of the pictures, I could see you taking that as a ruling, but I think the subtext of the pictures is measuring 12" while the picture is measuring 9".

I had this issue come to light when I was playing vs. Tau and they had a stealth suit team deployed on top of this 12" building with sunken in portions on the top. It was declared as Impassible Terrain. So I decided to Tank Shock The Stealth team that was 4" in from the top with my Monolith, which can only move 6".

I'd like for vertical space to not have an effect on skimmers and jetbikes, only because I'd also like to believe that these things could be at varying levels on the vertical axis if they wanted to be, but since that adds a whole other layer of rules and confusion, they just regularly disallow it. And this is why they can pass over other terrain without having to take the difficult or dangerous terrain tests to go though (over in fluff) these patches of terrain.

I know you can't use fluff to explain the rules, but I'd like it to have some sway in these situations where it's vague.
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Ahh, thanks for asking, as I have been wondering the same for three weeks now. We've been treating anything up to 12" vertically as allowable when moving horizontally, but anything more had different rules (12" to 15" allowed nine inches, 15" to 18" allowed six, and so on). Hopefully I can find out for certain here.
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Any new insights on this issue?
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Alright Here is what I believe the answer to this question.

And I Quote:

Jump Infantry (Page 52 in the WH40K Rule Book)

(More less says the same things as Jet Bikes)

Jetbikes (Page 53 in the WH40K Rule Book)

"In the Movement Phase, Jetbikes can move over all terrain freely. However, if a moving jetbike begins or ends its movement in terrain , it must take a difficult terrain test."

The way both these work is they essentially move in an arch. They start near the ground, lift off, escalate into the air, Then descend, and land. So they do in-fact IGNORE levels of buildings/ hills etc etc. Hope this clears everything up!


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