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Default Chaos Terminators?

Wouldnt it be cool if they had the same abilities as the troops?

What i mean is, if you had a Tzeentch army, wouldnt it be cool if there were thousand sons terminators that had the same abilities as the thousand sons (i.e. Inferno Bolts, 4+ inv save, aspiring sorcerer, fearless etc.) or Khorne Terminators with 3 base attacks, all squad upgraded to champs so an extra attack then have furious charge on top of that!

I know that sounds pretty stupid and very over-powered, (especially a full squad of 10 Khorne Terminator Champs with a total of 50 attacks on the charge with all power weapons...overkill!). But would be more fun to play and will really make terminators elite troops rather than being a regular marine in terminator armour. To balance things, just give the elites in all armies some upgrades.

I mean, the concept behind this is to play a game and at the end you can say that your termi's killed 2or3 squads single handedly. You rarely see that happen in games because of all those AP2 weapons that shoot them in the face all the time, they need an extra something to make them worth their points.

In a game, lets say you give them mark of Tzeentch but during the game they get shot turn, after turn with them AP2's and you fail some inv save so you lose some termi's. Then you lose a couple more termi's and they need a morale check, but oh fail and now your termi's are running away...termi's shouldnt run away. If they were so skilled that they were bestowed with terminator armour or skilled enough to kill the original owner of the armour to wear it for themselves then running away in battle is the last thing you think they would do considering the fact that they are pretty much wearing a tank.

So even if you gave them just +1 str and fearless i would be happy. Any thoughts/comments?

I know i've rambled on a bit here but once you start typing, you cant stop

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termies like that would cost you 70 pts ea. then. Would escalate the game into ea. army only fielding a few units ea. as we would all have mega death sqds.

Is there a rules question anywhere?
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I think this should be in Homebrew rules really as its a rules change idea rather than a rules question...

Anywho, you can already upgrade termies with an Icon, so khornate termis can already have 3 attacks base, tzeenchian ones can have a 4+ invuln ect. so they are somewhat customised to their god.

It would be nice to have real "cult" termies, who are fearless and get the special rules (inferno bolts/FNP/Furious/sonic weapons Ect), however It would also make them either extremely over powered, or extremely pricey. I mean, imagine a unit of plague termies - 2+ save and FNP? damn, that would suck to fight against. And Str. 10 attacks for 'zerker termies on the charge (furious+PF)? ouch. If you wanted to take them as homebrew creations against friends though, I'd suggest that the cost should be the cost of a terminator plus the cost of the cult troop your using. Expensive yes, but very very powerful.

On a different note anyway, I seem to recall that they made a unit entry for Thousand Sons terminators for apocalypse which seemed pretty balanced. They cost the same as regular termies, had the 4+invuln and inferno bolts and an aspiring sorcerer (which you paid for, and who could get a power). However they had some big drawbacks, they couldn't take any upgrades at all, so only power weapons, no fists ect., and were all S&P, which in terminator armour gives no benefits only drawbacks, and you had to take a ridiculously expensive "command" sorcerer squad to be able to field them. If you want check it out its in the apocalypse section of the GW website somewhere.
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Have a look at the prvious edition of the chaos codex, you pretty well could do all that has been described in the posts so far. Each Chosen Terminator could be upgraded to a champion and could have a god specific mark. and yes they were near on 70 points a model but hell some of them have been fighting for nearly 10,000 years realsticly these guys should be able to hold their own against a chapter master. I have no idea what the F**K games workshop was thinking taking away the marks of chaos.

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