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Never heard of this "rule"

So years and years ago I played Warhammer Fantasy. My room mate and I just picked up the 40k started set and decided which armies we'd be playing. He had a bit more money than I did at the moment, so he bought two units already. Which is where my question comes in. He handed me one of the sprues and said "Does that look like a power sword or a sword to you?" To which I replied "Huh?"
He went on to tell me that when he used to play, there were players that, if the model wasn't showing the weapon you picked to upgrade, you couldn't use it. As in, the model had to have the exact weapons you equipped it with on the sheet.
Having never played 40k, I ask. .. . is this common?
I don't want to upgrade a model to a flamer on my roster sheet only to be told in game "Uhm, it doesn't look like it has a flamer. You can only use the weapon the model is holding."
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Welcome to the forums! :-)

Yea, the rule is called WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) It refers to wargear not standard to the model such as the flamer and power sword you mentioned. Really its more for tournement scenes where your opponent needs to be able to see what you have. In casual play, most people wont care as long as you specify what your models should have... unless they are DI#*S!!!

Some solutions to make it easier to move weapons around from model to model are using pins or magnets. Works great for vehicles too! Or if your running, say a razorback, dont even glue on the turret or hatch and just sit it in place. This way you can swap weapons around, or take it off if you want it to be a rhino or suffered a weapon destroyed roll.

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Thank you! Totally breathed a sigh of relief, lol.
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No problem! Oh, and once you become more familiar with how to navigate the forum you will notice the different subjects you can post under, the fluff section, rules, tactics, army section, ect. The moderators may move this thread to the rules section and let you know. It makes it easier to find a paticular post this way
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That said. If you intend to have models that aren't WYSIWYG, then make sure to be absolutely clear which ones they are and what they actually have. Nothing will annoy your opponents more than feeling gypped because they didn't realize that a guy in one of your squads had a missile launcher when the model had a bolter.

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Yup, that sounds about right. The only faction who are a bigger bunch of backstabbers than the Imperium are the Eldar (and this is debatable as the Eldar only stab OTHER factions in the back).
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Yeah, to avoid confusion in a non-WYSIWYG game, I suggest having a physical army list with you just in case people get confused over claimed wargear choices. Coding each mini under the base is an option if you want to really get technical.

Generally I outfit my mini's with whatever gear I know they'll use 95% of the time since I mainly play with a beer in one hand, not a rulebook, but it's helped avoid any confusion. Especially when one of us just want to try out something new/stupid.
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As for your friend's specific question, a sword is a sword It can be normal or a power weapon. That's looking abit too much inot wysiwyg in my opinion. A power weapon in the 40k universe can, after all, be pretty much any form of close combat weapon: swords, axes, maces, clubs, whatever. And rule wise they are all the same thing, which is a weapon that negates armore saves.

I and many others like to paint the power weapons in some special way to make them stand out as such if I know that model will consistantly be carrying one in my army lists.

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This seems more appropriate in rules, so have moved it there.

Welcome to Heresy Online Aeris~Anima. To be honest people can be a bit stupid about WYSIWYG, but as long as you are clear about what your unit contains and you can show that each model is easily represented most opponents I have played have been fine. Having an army list to hand and explaining this to you oposition is normally the best way to ensure they dont call foul during the game.

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WYSIWYG is a very varied beast, it very much depends on the environment. For example, my Lamenters are led by a conversion of Gabriel Seth, who I usually field as Malakim Phoros, a character from the FW Badab War books. He has a Glaive Encarmine, a two-handed power sword, which my model appropriately has. However, he also has an Inferno Pistol. There isn't an Inferno Pistol on my model, but there is a holstered pistol, which could potentially be any pistol. To me, and I suspect most 40k players, this is fine, but you might find the odd WYSIWYG extremist out there who would complain.

Then there's my Honour Guards, who use storm bolters and lightning claws. My 'lightning claws' are represented by large power swords with hearts engraved on the hilts, which I call Heartblood Blades. They follow all the rules for a lightning claw. Again, most players won't complain, but I would expect more problems with these guys than with Malakim- and even in the most casual games I take the time at the start to point out what they are.

It really is a question of knowing the culture where you're currently playing, and not being a douche about it.

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The pistol in the holster ... they can't bitch about that at all. You have fulfilled the requirements of WYSIWYG. The LC thing ... that could go either way really. I would not have a problem with it but, then again my gaming group is fairly easy to get along with. Shit ... for the first year I proxied damn near my entire army, but the owner of the shop knew that I had the models but time is kinda tight when you are working 7 10's.

WYSIWYG is really all about trying to level the playing field IMO. It helps you keep track of who is where and your opponent can have a pretty good idea of how he wants to attack your units.

Think of it in this scenario: New player has two squads of Termies both without arms. They look the same, but handle much differently. One set has only a 5+ Invuln save. The other set, all with SS/TH have a 3+ Invuln. You really need to know which is which. Just my thoughts on it.
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