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Default The Emperor and the Imperium

I was just quite curious as to how many people favor and how many don't actually favor the Imperium. Going around I've seen so many people with unfavorable ideas of the Imperium.

The way I think of it, is that the world of the 40k universe is a fight between species of the Galaxy and their struggle to survive. So individualism at this point is very much thrown out the window. I think of the Emperor as the Imperium's savior in a literal sense. I mean he basically sacrificed what was left of himself to defend the Imperium by sitting his butt on the Golden Throne. And he went through all the trouble to get rid of Chaos before the crusade as well as making the necessary advances (Imperial Webway, and relationships with Mars) to make the species of the human race triumph in the Galaxy.

What do you or don't you like of the Imperium and the Emperor?
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Why do I like the Imperium and the (most holy) Emperor (, our undying lord)?

Cause they are the definition of awesome? No fuck, I cant actually come up with any really good reason, its just that I like them, I cant explain why I do so.

Edit: Well, now when I think of it, its probably the really epic gothic feel, the part about that they would be on the cusp of oblivion (lies!) and the amazing warriors of the Adeptus Astartes. Ouh, and the Imperium also has the best quotes.

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The Imperium is ultimately a product of the environment (read: Galaxy) that it has been created in. The very danger and influence of Chaos (to say nothing of Orks, Nekrons, Tyrannids, etc.) are prime reasons for why the Imperium (and Humanity) is what it is. Those factors don't excuse the sins Mankind inflicts on itself and others, but they do explain why things are how they are.

As such, while I like certain things about the Imperium, thematically speaking, I understand that--on the macro scale--it's certainly not a "good guy faction".
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I don't like the Imperium but I do love some of the characters. But when it comes to my favorite race of the galaxy (Tyranids) I love the single-mindedness of them, all of them are created specifically for 1 purpose and they fill that perfectly. I believe they are bred even better then the Marines to do what they do best. But for the topic, I have to route for the Imperium falling cause even though I do love watching it play out I want to watch humans fail in the end

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I agree with Phoebus; the Imperium has to be what it is in order to survive. Despite this it is a shame that when you look at what the Emperor was trying to acheive; a secular galaxy would have ultimately been more poisonous to Chaos than the Imperium that exists today.
(I claim this using the assumption that the mere power of belief feeds the strength of the Chaos Gods; it's very much the Terry Pratchett school of belief; Small Gods is a good book for this)
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It isn't that I particularly "like" the imperium or the emperor, they imperium is a festering fuckhole and the emperor is skeletal cunt on a shiny chair, but I do like the people of the imperium, particularly the Rout, UM and some of the IG.

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I'm sure pretty much every fluff-fan / Adult TT player started out with reading up on The Imperium and then broadened their knowledge to the other races.

From here you either love the religious / bureaucratic / technocratic ways of The Imperium, or you abandon it and vehemently scream chaos litanies at every loyalist you meet.

People who play orks doesn't count as they are rarely interested in the 'serious and grim squabble' in the galaxy. Pretty much only reads up on their own codex and takes the fluff less seriously, as ork fluff is different from the rest, being more comical or 'light' in nature.

Same can be said about the Tyranid players. Sure, they've got a powerful army, but as they don't broaden their knowledge beyond their own codex they've got plenty of reason to support The Great Devourer.

The other 5% plays Tau, Necrons or Eldar

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Firstly I believe that the great crusade "could" have united humans in the galaxy and made a "good" civilisation, but the galaxy and its powers are just to cunning, mean and powerful.

I also like the post heresy, hold the line, backs against the wall, surrounded by enemies and fighting for survival theme that makes every battle an heroic struggle against the inevitable fall of the empire. Holding on for some small miracle to turn the tide against the forces of chaos and destruction.
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I dislike the 'modern' Imperium it is corrupted beyond belief, bogged down in so much bureaucracy that your birth certificate will arrive 20 years after your death. The emperor was a truly great man, that was killed by his favorite son. The mechanicum has become likewise bogged down in religion and will burn the man who creates a better gun and then 100 years praise him as a great man.

I like Tau more, not as bogged down in bureaucracy and not as corrupted.
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Really the only thing that keeps the Imperium interesting is the day to day struggle of it's normal citizens. Obviously I love SM's who doesn't, but my favourite fluff is the epic struggle of the guard. Man Vs the galaxy is where it's at.

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