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Default How it went down in the Battle of Terra

I read alot of fluff about the Battle for Terra. I really wanna know what legions were there and how it went down! Where were the other legions? Who was doin what? Siege and defense. And reinforcements for both sides
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Look here for a start:

and here

"Death occurs when a lethal projectile comes together in time and space with a suitable target, in the absence of appropriate armour or protection”

Check out my 40K 'Epic' about the Hunted verses the Inquisition:

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Thanks. But I want to know where each legion was at during the battle?
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If you're looking for "And the Blood Angels were stationed along portions of Africa and southern Europe, while the White Scars held..." you're not going to find it. We'll have to wait until the HH books get to the siege of Terra before we can get that sort of info.
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Im not looking for that. I want to know what Legions were seiging the Planet, and what Legions were Defending it. AND ALSO, WHere the other legions were during that time. Night Lords, Alpharius, Ultramarines, Spacewolves, etc?
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Sieging = Sons of Horus (formerly Luna Wolves), World Eaters, Emperor's Children, Death Guard, Alpha Legion, Iron Warriors, Night Lords, Thousand Sons, Word Bearers, along with Traitor Imperial Guard and Titan Legions.

Defending = Imperial Fists, Blood Angels, White Scars, Custodes, Loyal Imperial Guard and Titan Legions.

-Note, all the loyal space marine legions were bushwhacked on their way back to Terra after Dorn recalled them. Some defeated the attacks against them and made it back despite having to fight their way through a very unstable warp (a side benefit of Horus's pact with the Chaos gods). In the end only the Fists, BA's, and WS's made it back in time for the siege.

BTW, the links that Brother Emund provided you with tells you all this. Did you read them?


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To quote Baron from the other thread, this answers alot, for more you really need to read Collected Visions

Originally Posted by Baron Spikey View Post
+I don't know who Malafax is but the Blood Thirster Sanguinius fought was Ka'Bandha.

+There were 7 Legions present (in entirety or part):
Sons of Horus- Horus' reserve force
Emperor's Children- they quickly tired of the Siege and embarked on a genocidal campaign against civilian populations
World Eaters- at the forefront of every assault
Death Guard- the anvil to the World Eaters hammer
Thousand Sons- conjured daemons and used their sorcerous arts to bombard the loyalists
Iron Warriors- used thier expertise in Siege warfare to bombard the Palace and thie Imperial Fists fortress adjacent to the palace
Word Bearers- (only about 40 companies) similar role to the Sons of Horus I imagine

+The Emperor wasn't present during the fighting, he was on the Golden Throne preventing Terra from being overrun with Daemons from the Imperial Webway

+Blood Angels were the first Legion to arrive at Terra in force with the White Scars and the majority of the Imperial Fists reaching Earth just before the Traitors

+There's not really a record of how many lives were lost but for the majority of the Heresy the loyalists suffered heavier losses than the traitors

+When the Emperor arrived at Horus' throne room Sanguinius was already dead, brutally murdered by Horus (at the same time he died the darkness within the Blood Angels that had been uncovered by the actions of Ka'Bandha was unleashed and the entire Legion went berserk and threw themselves at the traitors outside the walls of the palace). For most of the fight Horus was winning and virtually ripping the Emperor apart (ripping an arm from it's socket, crushing the side of his face etc) until a Terminator/Custodian/Army Trooper etc wandered into the throne room attempted to save the Emperor and was casually flayed by Horus- that was the last straw for the Emperor and he gathered his power and obliterated Horus body and soul.

+Kharne was found a top a mound of his victims outsides the walls of the Palace, for some reason the World Eaters felt compelled to retrieve his body and it was discovered Kharne lived still.

+With the death of Horus it was pretty much a case of every man for himself with most of the traitor army being left behind with only the Traitor Legions and Titans being successfully extracted for the most part.

As for where and who. On Terra the Blood Angeks defended the inner palace and ramparts for the most part. The Imperial Fists were stationed in the lower hab areas or somewher similar, don't have CV on me to check. The White Scars did hit and run attacks in the traitors flanks with imperial armoured divisions. Eventually the Khan decided to attack and retake the Lions Gate spaceport, successfully cutting the flow of traitors coming in by half.

Attacking Terra were the Sons of Horus, World Eaters, Iron Warriors, Emperors Children, Thousand Sons, Death Guard and elements of Word Bearers. The Emperors Children grew bored of the Siege though and instead attacked the civilian populace outside the walls, indulging their hedonistic and twisted desires.

The rest of the Word Bearers were attacking the Ultramarines at Calth. However the Ultramarines won, pushed through and made for Terra.

The Night Lords were engaging the Dark Angels and terrorising other imperial worlds. The Dark Angels also managed to win and fight through to make for Terra.

The Alpha Legion were attacking the Space Wolves, and were doing a good job until the Wolves received help from an 'unexpected corner' who or what these reinforcements were will likely be revealed in the HH series. And then the Wolves also made for Terra.

So now the Dark Angels, Space Wolves and Ultramarines were all converging on Terra only hours away, which caused Horus to take a gamble and lower his shields.

The Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard were all recovering from Istvaan V
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The only real legions fighting against the Palace were Sons of Horus, World Eaters, Death Guard, and Word Bearers.

The Emperor's Children were screwen around. The Iron Warriors... who the hell knows what the hell they were doing. But they were not responsible for the walls falling down. The thing that brought it down was a famous Titan of which the name I have forgotten. The Thousand Sons were able to conjur daemons. But as a whole, they couldn't really be called a legion. Even if the entire legion assembled... which I doubt, they were roughly just a thousand.

As far as the Iron Warriors go, the only thing we know of what they did specifically during the siege, which you can read in Collected Visions was to anhilate a fleet of Imperial Fists in space. Which apparently they failed to do. After that they were suppose to meet on Terra to tear down the walls. But the only evidence, if indeed you can call it evidence was that Perturabo is stated to have been taking a perverse pleasure at the walls falling down. But we know he wasn't responsible, and we don't know if he was there.

As far as the legions doing the real fighting, we know that the World Eaters and the Death Guard were heavily fighting the battle along side the Sons of Horus. While the Thousand Sons were playing with the warp.

Edit: I would like to retract my statement that the Iron Warriors did not due their job. I would say they did, because we have not heard shit about them after that battle. And because it sounded just like that bullshit about the Imperial Fists side of the story in the Iron Cage, I'm going to say that what really happened was that the Imperial Fists fleet barely got out, basically devastated and where chased through space until they were anhilated. In a sense you could say the Imperial Fist fleet did their job as they removed one legion from the fight.

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Well we can say the Legions as a whole wasnt represented at the Siege of Terra, but could small fractions of Night Lords and Iron Warriors have been fighting there? As stated before, it sounded on Talos in Throne of Lies he was there and also Honsou in Storm of Iron. But I could have missinterpret the whole thing.
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