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Inquisition Capable of Becoming Corrupt?

From what I have heard, the Inquisition is literally incapable of turning to Chaos due to chips implanted in their brains that will expload, killing a member of the Inquisition outright with even the slightest thought of Heresy. I have no fluff that backs this up, however, and haven't read it in anything official. But as I continue to read the Blood Angel Omnibus, SPOILER ALERT!: Inquisitor Stele seems to be pretty corrupt in his alliances and objectives, is it physically possible for an Inquisitor to turn to Chaos? Or, at the least, use Chaos for that Inquisitor's own personal gain? I really have no idea with this conflicting information, and I haven't finished the Omnibus, so this question may be premature. But what do you all have to say/what would be your opinion with fluff to back it up, whether homebrewn or official.


EDIT: Might need the great Baron Spikey for this one

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I've never heard of that chip thing so I'm assuming it must be homebrew fluff. Inquisitors can definitely become corrupt. In fact, it happens a lot more frequently then the Inquisition would like anyone to know. In the Eisenhorn series specifically, there are quite a number of rogue and traitor inquisitors featured, the most notable being Quixos, the guy who orchestrated the Thracian Atrocity.

You also get radical inquisitors who tend to use chaos to fight chaos, frequently using things like daemonhosts and considering that the ends justify the means. They usually end up becoming corrupted and are eventually declared heretics.

Ravenor actually said it quite well: all inquisitors end up becoming radicals, it's how much good they can do before they fall that counts.

Edit: Sorry, I'd add more detail but I'm in a bit of a rush. Someone else will probably be able to give a more complete response later.

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Yeah, I was going to say it is definately possible for the Inquisition to become corrupt. Inquisitors become corrupt quite often, such as in the blood angels books by James Swallow. Never heard of that chip either.

The Grey Knights could be impossible to corrupt though, none of them have fallen to chaos since they were formed.
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Never heard of this chip. And read plenty of examples of Inquisitors becoming corrupt. As said Quixos features heavily in the Eisenhorn series as a Inquisitor whose gone so radical he is definetly corrupt now. Inquisitor Kravin is very highly believed to be an agent of the Alpha Legion, having spread false information about them for a long time, having now disappeared when called to account for his suposed actions. But yeah, they are certainly not uncorruptable.

No Grey Knights have ever fallen to chaos though. This isn't because of some chip in their heads but because of their heavy indoctrination, training, warding and unfaltering faith and belief in the Emperor. And it is widely believed that they are truely uncorruptable
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Originally Posted by Angelus Censura View Post
EDIT: Might need the great Baron Spikey for this one
Well thanks I guess, but the gents above me have pretty much answered your question.

My belief is that radicalism (or 'corruption') is the eventual destiny for most Inquisitors, they immerse themselves in the taint of the enemy for so long and adhere to the 'end justify the means' philosophy so completely that eventually they often utilise the methods of the enemy to combat said threat.

Case in point- Eisenhorn and Ravenor, both walk the path of the radical to varying degrees.
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Eisenhorn is full of corrupt Inquisitors. Quixos, that guy Cherubael was using as a pawn in Xenos, etc..
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There's all kinds of rebel Inquisitors. Power corrupts and they aren't immune.
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I don't see the chip being impossible because it could be implemented but not for the majority of the Holy Ordos. Inquisitor Lords, Grandmasters, Inquisitors and regular acolytes can all be easily corrupted, some without even knowing it, because they are human in the end. Quixos is a prime example. Also take a look at the Horusian's, Oblationists and Xanthites.

"You do not need to look to the stars to find the greatest obstacle this Conclave faces, my brothers. Simply gaze around this room and you will find such a sea of discord as to make your foes cackle with glee." - Inquisitor Eistus Gracker in address to the Calixian Conclave

"There are dark pitted corners of our universe that have bred the most unfathomable horrors and blasphemies that would burn and blind the sanest man. Fortunately sanity has never been a prerequisite of membership in the Holy Ordos." - Inquisitor Silas Marr
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If I'm correct, a grandmaster is a Grey Knight, so no he cannot be easily corrupted. I have the feeling it may almost be impossible to corrupt a grey knight.
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I think the chip might come from one of Ben Counter's Grey Knight books. I'm sure it is mentioned when he talks about the crew of Alaric's Strike Cruiser; the crew are described as having had their emotions 'pruned' so that they stay focussed and unafraid, and also that they have explosive devices (either implanted in their brain, or in a collar around their neck) that monitors them for extreme mental distress. Should the device record a certain set of stimuli, those that are typical (if the word 'typical' could ever be used for such an event!) of daemonic possession/attack, then it kills the person rather than let them fall to the daemon.
It might even be that it's not the crew of the Strike Cruiser but, instead, it's the Servitors on Titan who aid in the interrogations of those who have fallen to daemonic taint, or who work in the libraries full of forbidden knowledge. Either way, I'm sure this 'chip idea' comes from Ben Counter.
I can see it being useful in some circumstances, but a real hindrance in more. You'd also have to keep such a thing for use on low-level functionaries, using it to police those who don't have the mental capacity to protect themselves, but who are too numerous/engaged in repetetive and boring tasks that having an overseer who could protect them would be a total waste of resources; after all, these folk are eminently replaceable!


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