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Default Pirates

Hey guys,

Would it be possible to make a 'real' pirate army?

As in eye patches, first mate's etc.

With all the raiding that pirates do? (But not so much to look like renegade SM)

I was thinking a 'renegade' guard regiment, what do you guys think?

EDIT: here is some fluff that I have written for them.
The Pirate Guard are a regiment that went renegade and now plunders and loots all around Segmentum Obscurus.

They were originally from a planet named Garcon IV. They were raised almost instantly because the planet was brought into immediate compliance in M38. The inhabitants were noted to have a remarkable interest in Gold and money of all varieties, shapes and forms. When the Pirate Guard were raised, as the Garcon 1st, they were sent to there first war zone at the Eye of Terror. On the way they received a distress signal from a Forge world that was under attack from the remnants of an Ork Waaagh! When they arrived they found a Forge world that had been completely destroyed, unable to overcome there native lust for Gold they plundered the Forge World, wrestled control of their transport ships and declared themselves renegade from the Imperium.

Since then there has been many attempts to capture the Pirate Guard, but only one ship has ever been captured. It was captured and boarded by the Cadian 512th. What happened on the ship is unknown, but several minutes later the ship exploded, taking everyone on board with it. The final transmission heard from those on board was ‘It’s…. deserted….’

The Pirate Guard have since recruited from all kinds of worlds in the Segmentum, renegade or not. It is often disputed that they even contain some renegade space marines within their ranks.

Cheers guys,

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Sounds reasonable, although I suppose it'd depend on how you went about achieving it. Using guard, it'd probably be best to avoid all the nifty tanks and such in the codex (not much room for taking a spin down the corridors of a ship), and probably be a good idea to restrict special/heavy weapons to relatively close range ones (e.g. flamers and meltas which would respectively be used for clearing out crowded corridors and cutting through bulkhead).
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Yeah thats what I was thinking, I didn't think about the idea with the flamers and meltas, cheers for that.

It won't be competitive, but it will be fluffy and I'm hoping to write some background infomation and possibly a small Fandex.


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You're welcome.

If you're making a fandex, then it might be worth thinking about making it into a sort of supplement with rules for fighting aboard ships. This way, your pirate list could have vehicles in the form of things like assult pods (think SM drop pods but being fired through the hull of a ship rather than at a planet), shuttles (not sure how you'd handel these though - maybe tank like rules, but are imobile and can only be deployed in specific areas) and modified cargo lifters (think cross between a Sentinel and a Dreadnought).
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It would be useful to include Ogryns; I imagine that such bulky, punishment-sponges would be fantastic for leading the charge through shattered bulkheads. I can see that the leaders of these units would be full of scars, eye-patches and augmetics. Ogryn fluff also says that they are led by, and fanatically loyal to, Commissars (being assigned to such a group is seen as something of a punishment, but there are many of the Commissars who come to deeply respect their stinky charges and stay with them permanently); this could lead to a modelling op to make pirate 'officers' to lead them, with their own, matching, scars and trophies.
Stormtroopers might also go quite well. The elite units who take the bridge and engineerum of the ship they are attacking, whilst the scum just run-riot across the ship. Maybe you could run a list that uses Ogryns, Stormtroopers and Conscripts and Commissars as well as your Commander and Advisors, who would be your Captain and First Mate. You absolutely have to take Nork Deddog! Maybe Creed and Kell would work as Captain and First Mate, or even Chenkov to represent a callous Captain who doesn't care that the rank-and-file are being killed (instead of the elite pirates who keep him in power).


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I'd think that the witch hunters list would be a better choice for a starting point. Penitent engines as loader machines. Sisters can only really take flamers/meltas and hbolters anyway. Inquisitors to act as a captain and his motley crew of miscreants. Arco flagelents could be a drugged up initial boarding team.

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What kind of creature will take the place of the pirate on the shoulder? A squig? A Tyranid Gargoyle?
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nah a nid ripper would be epic on a commisars shoulder

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dark eldar are proberbly the closest to pirate already since they have the whole back story of being secrative and their hideouts
also the vehicles look the part and all the other special rules they have like poisoned weapons
personally i was going to get the new models because the looked like space pirates but i dont like having 5+ saves

i think that if some imperial guard started pirating they wouldnt get very far cos they would proberbly be hunted down quickly as heritics
just my opinion
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If you're going to be doing this all from scratch I would suggest having a dig around for an old copy of Realms Of Chaos, The Lost And The Damned. It is an old book but there is some really cool stuff on putting together warbands that could easily be adjusted to fit a pirate style army.
As renegades (not so much Chaos but difinitely not pro Imperium) then the lists would look cool and give the army a truly unique look.
You could go with a mix of Humans, Orks, Dark Eldar and even some Beastmen or Skaven from Fantasy.

I really like this idea, have some rep!

Also, Ewoks eat people.
Never forget that.
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