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Someone says my name and it's like a fucking bat signal drawing me in...

I'll have a look through my copy of IA9 now and give you the low down.

Chapter Name: The Novamarines
Founding: 2nd (M.31)
Chapter World: Honourum
Gene-Seed (predecessor): Ultramarines
Known Descendants: The Dark Sons and Angels of Fury

"The existence of the Alien is a problem with but one solution; Extermination. When Mankind is alone in the cosmos, only then will we have achieved our destiny" - Lucretius Corvo (Founding Chapter Master)

The Novamarines are hard-line adherents to the Codex Astartes who consider the writ of the text to be divinely ordained law.
The Chapter's standards of probity and honour are such that they have been held up as an example even to other Chapters of the Astartes in the past, and are known to have drawn blood against those who would stray too far from the Codex's teachings.

In character they are known to be hard and unwavering, and their sense of honour and rectitude is unquestioned both by their fellow Astartes and the powers of the Imperium.
Uniformity of thought, strength of purpose and service to the Imperium before all else are the Chapter's key beliefs, and they have long been independent advocates of what the Inquisition would dub the 'Monodominant' outlook, espousing a doctrine of the complete extermination of all intelligent alien life in the galaxy in order for the survival of Humanity to be safeguarded.

Lucretius Corvo was a respected Ultramarines Legion Captain, and one of it's Champions during the brutal fighting against the Word Bearers on Astagar during the Heresy.

Honourum is a storm-wracked world of jagged mountains and barren stone lands (situated in the far north of Segmentum Ultima), with little in the way of flora and fauna; barely enough to allow it to be classified as a life sustaining world.
Honourum's small population is divided up into feral hunter-gatherer tribes, nomadically picking their way across the landscape.

Despite retaining a culture and outlook amongst the Astartes familiar to one from Ultramar the Novamarines have one idiosyncracy that is retained by the Chapter from it's feral inductees, ritually tattooing the skin.
Each Novamarine's toughened hide over time becomes an illustration of their career and life, with sigils and abstract designs depicting the battle they have fought and the stars they have travelled.

There you go that's a lot- if you want to know the rest you'll have to buy the book

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bet you got a red phone too that rings of its own accord wheneer someone needs the barons aid lol
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Originally Posted by CJay View Post
The Novamarines themselves seem to be an interesting lot themselves. Its a skull that is surrounded by a star that looks like the same as Chaos units. Coincidence? I just kind of want to know those cool details, that make a chapter unique, not just a name and a color scheme. If anyone has any extra info they can give me besides what I can see, that would be awesome :D!
I think that their badge might be the same as or if not very similar to the Pre heresy Death guard. Besides I know your pain of having next to nothing writen about your chapter, my Rainbow warriors are lucky to have thier name recorded at all lol.

For a better selection of my conversions and painting please check out

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you know reading that reminds me of the hells angels just without the bikes and leathers nice one baron
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Corvo, I would assume, is the first Chapter Master?

CSM Plog, Tactica

What sphinx of plascrete and adamantium bashed open their skulls and ate up their brains and imagination? Imperator! Imperator!
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Love that dude!!!! Seriously that's what I was looking for basically. Now if only black library would commission a Novamarine novel, I would be satisfied :D!
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I know this post is dead, but someone just updated the Lexicanum on the Novamarines and If it was someone from here who did it I love them!
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