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Originally Posted by Eremite View Post
It's true, Snoopy. Not sure about 'way above', but they're usually above the thousand mark. This is somewhat mitigated by their total lack of successors, of course.

Again, I think the Imperium would prefer to just make a lot of new Chapters rather than bolster existing ones and rewrite the sacred Codex Astartes (though were all the required powered armour comes from is anybody's guess...)
The power armour is built by the Mechanicus, along with new Terminator Armour, Dreadnoughts, Land Raiders and nearly everything else Astartes use.
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I mean specifically SWs specifically having more not just like every chapter might have a few more, maybe around 2000, but theyre spread thinly around the galaxy so its not much of an issue.

Maybe its just some bs i picked up off lex or even made up myself

Originally Posted by Imperious Rex View Post
Don't get me wrong brother. If there's one race that I wouldn't want to be captured by it's the DE. I'd rather set off a melta bomb in my pants than be taken alive by the dark eldar.
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Originally Posted by Baron Spikey View Post
The power armour is built by the Mechanicus, along with new Terminator Armour, Dreadnoughts, Land Raiders and nearly everything else Astartes use.
They do indeed make new powered armour. However, the rate at which they make new suits is clearly very, very low indeed. As the newer fluff (especially the stuff from the sneaky Forgeworld types) reveals, most Chapters are using a mix of armour classes - from the new Mk 7s and 8s all the way back to the Mk 3s and 4s. (Naturally, older suits have been modded, repaired, rebuilt and improved continually throughout their centuries-long life). Though I'm sure the Chapters hold onto them partly out of veneration, there's clearly been a loss of the technology to mass-produce power armour as it was around the Heresy. It would clearly take a massive concerted effort and considerable amount of time for (roughly) a thousand new suits to be comissioned, and that's just one new Chapter.

Terminator armour... Now I've got a nagging suspicion that the technology to make new suits is lost outright, hence their utterly-prized-relic status, but I'm not certain about this and happy to proven wrong.
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Increasing the size of a Chapter wouldn't make a difference.

The Imperium's problem isn't the number of Space Marine Chapters, or even the number of Space Marines in a Chapter (in terms of needing an increase; if they decreased, that would obviously be an issue). The problem is that the Imperium encompasses an area of tremendous size, and:

1. ... is simply unable to provide timely, proper leadership and responses to most of its problems. That is, it relies on a hierarchy that the game flat-out states might take years, even decades to respond to a problem... and, when it does, the solution might be even WORSE for the people it's ostensibly meant to rescue.

2. ... it doesn't even control all of this territory.

Between the Warp, unexplored systems, heck, even sectors, hostile alien races, Tyrannids running wild, etc., the Imperium constantly has to deal with what really amount to internal threats, which means it needs to have massive military forces everywhere. That's not often a viable (or even realistic) solution.

What would increasing a Chapter to 2,000 Space Marines do, if they still had the same centralized hierarchy and corresponding logistical considerations?

Now, if you told me that the Imperium was to double its number of Chapters, I'd say that would be a step in the right direction. If you were to tell me ALL Space Marine Chapters had to adopt the crusading model of the Black Templars (and they could either liberally recruit/requisition assets from most planets, or could have Mechanicus assets like forge ships attached to them), I'd say that would be even more meaningful.
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