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Default Analysis on Alpharius - Alpha Legion

I believe alpharius and omegron do not exist, in that there was never a twins primarch. I do believe "alpharius" is the code name, the faux name the 20th primarch took up when finding horus. However I do believe he fabricated the story of having a twin to shroud himself in mystery, protection. I believe he was a single primarch, not a twin, and he purposefuly down played his power to have others underestimate him. On top of this I do believe perhaps he had the power of illusions, in that he was never actually seen, what his brother primarchs saw was just what he wanted them to see, a marine of his acting as him.

Now you ask wouldn't magnus or the emperor see that marine is different in warp energy then a primarch? Well I believe alpharius psyker abilities had to do with perception, reality manipulation or illusions. Thus he would take choice marines and shroud them in a faux guise to appear as him in every way, including warp signature, thus explaining why he was seen as the shortest primarch (tall space marine size).

I also believe alpharius set up the story of him being killed so he could operate more safely. As well as had the story of having his twin alive to still retain power in the legion and furher shroud himself in confusion.
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Originally Posted by Lux View Post
I believe
I'm very glad you included that at the beginning this time.

Originally Posted by cegorach View Post
I do love how we don't even need CotE to comment anymore, chances are he has already said something intelligent before that can be re-applied to the current situation.
Heresy's Background FAQ. (Fluff Project)
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Thats interesting. Though even if you could by pass the fluff in Legion, you still have Dan Abnett that clearly states that there are twin primarchs for the 20th legion in his interview and also the most recent recollection in The First Heretic that clearly shows two primarchs in one pod.
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Lets not forget that even if Alpharius could shroud another and trick primarchs, his powers would be nowhere near as potent as those of the Emperor or Magnus.

So even if he could trick most of his brothers, Magnus and the Emperor would be able to rather easily banish the illusion.

Though as ckcrawford, in order for any of what your putting forward to be true you will need to somehow bypass or invalidate what is official canon fluff.

Also, isn't it Omegon, not Omegron?

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well, glad to see your back on form!
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As for magnus/emperor being able to see through his illusions, that is uncertain. Magnus in all his psyker might was shown thatin combat against russ his powers were nulled, turned against him. Now this due to primarchs being innately extremely resistant to warp energy, or russ's innate psyker powers are along the lines of being a extremely powerful black pariah like psyker, no one can truly say. However it stands to reason that alpharius could trick magnus, particularly if magnus in all his hubristic arrogance perceived alpharius as being psykerless and thus not worthy of his detailed attention.

Now the emperor may have know alpharius tricks, but would he had said anything? Maybe it served a purpose to allow alpharius to carry on his guises and masks.

As for the official interview, I take those with a grain of salt in that fluff officially stated has been retconned later on by different writers, sources simply under the reasoning of "newly revealed information not prior known".
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So what's the prediction? 300 posts by tomorrow morning?

The human appendix. Proof of a higher power. A divine kill switch so to speak.

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Neh, he's actually presenting this as a theory he believes in not a fact- the controversy arose last time from all the crazy conspiracy theory bull shit that we were, patronisingly, being spoon fed as the 'truth'.
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interesting idea, magnus is possible to fool but Emperor no so much

it is possible but i like twin idea more i don't know i like idea of dual leadership like two opposites working in union

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Well, this one is slightly more plausible than... certain other theories, but I still don`t think it`s very likely.

Even if Alpharius was some kind of illusionist I doubt he could have fooled Magnus or the Emperor, and even if they went along with the ploy for whatever reason, what about the Cabal?

A council of alien races that were very powerful, including an eldar farseer, specifically asked for "The whole Primarch" and insisted on speaking with both of the twins.

You take Dan Abnett`s words with a Grain of Salt? You do realise that the Black Library is fully sanctioned by GW, so there word is essentially canon, right?

But hey, I`m peddling a theory on a fifth c`tan, so who knows, eh?

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