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Could the Legions of Chaos ever get their act together?

Considering the success of just one legion pre-heresy and how many planets the could conquer and how quickly, let alone when 2-3 legions work together. Is there a possibility that the Chaos legions could reorganise - resupply with equipment and recruits and reach the pre-heresy level of devastation.
To think there are in theory 9 legions of chaos marines with at least half a dozen Demon Primarchs and the Imperium has none - no legions and no primarchs at all any more, doesnt show how well organised the Imperium is against how badly chaos is organised.
If they (chaos) could restructure resupply recruit and reorganise they would be unstoppable.
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Doubtful. Depending on the Legion.

Does Abaddon have full control of the Black Legion at all time?

Mortarion seems to be fairly hands-off with his Death Guard, but it doesn't seem as if he couldn't rally them to himself if need be.

The World Eaters are no longer a proper Legion. That much has been stated.

The Emperor's Children also seem to be disbanded where being a cohesive Legion is concerned.

The Night Lords are divided, answering to different leaders with different priorities/goals. The more fluff comes out for them, the more it seems they are worn down and on the cusp of fracturing even more.

The Iron Warriors strike me as suffering the same problems as the Night Lords in terms of divisiveness (absent Perturabo), but are obviously in better shape where their fighting power is concerned (see "Soul Hunter", for instance, the urgency in the Exalted where the prospect of one of the Legion's Battle Barges--"one of the last"--becomes a possibility).

Where the rest of the Legions are concerned, they do have their acts together:

The Word Bearers might be hampered by internal politics (see the trilogy starring Marduk, and the often murderous relationships between the Legion's leaders), but ultimately they are a cohesive force, they share a common ultimate goal, and operate more or less in anticipation of it.

The Thousand Sons might not be what they used to be or what they want to be, but Magnus' expulsion of Ahriman and his cabal would indicate that the rest of the Legion is where he wants them to be. Perhaps their M.O. is simply attaining greater arcane might and striking out against the Imperium or more specific old foes as needed. Perhaps the two objectives go hand-in-hand.

The Alpha Legion is an unknown quantity, but all indications point to a Legion that, though scattered and hidden throughout the Galaxy, is made up of individuals, cells, and fighting forces acting in concert with a common agenda.

Where the Legions as a whole are concerned, if Abaddon can't get them all on the same sheet of music, there's little hope of this ever happening. Furthermore, where some of the most "sane" Legions are concerned, Abaddon might not make headway on account of them ultimately answering (if only in spirit) to a Daemon Primarch. How likely, for instance, would it be for the Word Bearers to bend knee to him on a long-term basis?

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I agree IF Chaos could do that they would be unstoppable. Too bad they can't.
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We're too busy being space pirates this editions! Arrrrr.
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It's like asking the warp to re-orginize itself into something like cohesive real space. Sadly it'll never happen. Chaos is... well err... chaos.
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Plus GW hates us something fierce.
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Games Workshop doesn't hate us! They enjoy throwing maddening puzzles at us to solve with out Immaterium-warped minds

In C:CSM it's stated that the assault on Terra and the Horus Heresy as a whole began falling apart when Horus (the chosen champion of the whole Chaos pantheon and unifying force/will) fell by the Emperor's hand. The Daemon Primarchs aren't particularly active, and even if they were, none of them would feel inclined to follow one of the others (espcially with the warpspace-realspace duality of conflict between the gods of Chaos; Tzeentch doesn't really benefit from Nurgle taking the lead). Abbadon is closest to mimicking Horus' level of all-around patronage, but even so, I haven't seen him ascend to Daemonhood yet...

So, as far as I can tell, the only Legions capable of fighting as organized groups are the Word Bearers, Iron Warriors and Alpha Legion (as well stated by Pheobus). Should Perturabo or Lorgar actually care to try, their respective Legions would follow him into (out of?) hell again and again. Against a relatively unstable Imperium, one or two Chaos Legions would crush the Cadian gate: hundreds of thousands of horribly devoted Chaos Marines don't exactly scream mercy.

As for the Alpha Legion, they've effectively been turning the Imperium against itself with all the intrigue and deception they cook up. If they ever really felt like it, I'm pretty sure they'd start picking apart the Imperium piece by piece (which they may be already doing very slowly, letting aliens, mutants, etc. save them the butcher's bill). Either that, or they lost sight of their objectives after they failed to win the Heresy: the whole point of them going rogue (according to Legion) was to win the Heresy and bring Chaos to full power so it'd burn itself out. But they didn't win the Heresy, so now they're either fighting it slowly (Long War) or have decided it's a doomed cause and attack out of bitterness.

However, Lorgar and Perturabo are far to busy with warp-stuff now that they're no longer mortal. Funny how that works, you know, ignoring the material universe now that you can effectively cross dimensions at will.

And the random renegades from after the Heresy? They are the space pirates. Tehy left for power, glory, and the booty, mateys, arrr *image of Huron on bow of seaship*

Edit 1: I also forgot the period Black Crusades; they do happen, they just lose steam when the Chaos warbands realize they can just go for their own goals. I wonder if Abbadon has a permanent handprint on his forehead from the number of times he's facepalmed at a failed Black Crusade...

Actions speak louder than words, as do high explosives.

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I do not believe the chaos legions could be banded together.

If all the daemon primarchs gathered and got their legions together, then I think it would be more likely (except for dead primarch legions, such as night haunters). However, this occuring is very unlikely, as I think now the primarchs are more interested in the great game of chaos. They don't care as much about the destruction of the imperium.

Abbadon however probably holds more sway with the legion. No-one dares challenge him and no-one dares defy him. If anything he could gather the legions as they may fear what he could do if they did not comply. They probably wouldn't want to risk chaos' anger as defying their champion. However, the 13 times Abbadon has done this, he hasn't achieved much (on a galactical scale).

Chaos daemons however could wipe out the imperium. As long as they had cultists/worshippers willing to sacrifice and open warp rifts, the immortal daemons could probably kill the imperium, admittedly it would take a while though, but seeing as they can't die, it would probably take its toll.

If many warp rifts were opened at the same time throughout the galaxy, or the emperor fell finally and the great gate on terra was opened, I think the imperium would be pretty screwed.

If all 4 chaos gods ordered the chaos marines to assault the imperium, then yes, I imagine they would assault. Word Bearers and black legion I can see banding together mostly, being the two legions still with some form of adherence (I think).

But all in all, I dont see chaos banding together under anyone other than abbadon, and he has a serious illness of failing.
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Why? The Imperium is falling apart, and you have all the time in the world.

Just be patient, little chaotic fiends, and your day will come.

It`s not like there`s anything that represents a real threat to you.


Nonsense is our Salvation

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*cough*Ain't that worried about necrons destroying the imperium because that would mean the death of the emperor and the galaxy to be flooded with the warp*cough*
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