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The Emperor Protects
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Default Funny Quotes

Just a post for people to put funny quotes you've seen in 40k, whether its from books, codexs, rulebookd or white dwarf.

One i read a few days ago i loved simply as it's the 40k equivalent of one of our sayings

"Does the Emperor sit much?" Sgt Varl, Gaunts Ghosts when asked an obvious question.

And one i saw on lexicanum today, utter briliance.

- C and D platoons, move up. Follow the Robots. Other units hold position. Gardiner, where are the Ogryns?
-In small pieces all over breakout zone Charlie, sir. Shurikens took'em apart. Only three survivors.
-Patch me through to them. Hello, who's that?
-Grathyogg still alive?
-Listen, Ordrogg, the Emperor's very pleased with all of you, OK?
-Him? He's pleased?
-Very pleased. He's watching you now. He says he wants you to go over to the Robots and stick with them. You got that?
-Yerr. On our way.
- Transmision to an Ogryn unit
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Don't remeber what bl book this came from
Commisar said "Who ever said know thy enemy was a Heritic". Last words before being killed by a member of his team.....who was working for rebals.
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tarik to nero vipus "Don't forget to wipe your arse with the other hand"
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In the book Soulhunter, when Cyrion is not allowed to see the Exalted with Talos and waits outside the door and goes to the two Terminator guards:

" are you?"

From iron, cometh strength. From strength, cometh will. From will, cometh faith. From faith, cometh honour. From honour, cometh iron. This is the Unbreakable Litany, and may it forever be so.
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From the Lex:

"They'll never get in. Even a chain fist wouldn't break down that barricade.

A pale blue glow appeared in the corner

You'd think they'd try though. I mean, they're not even trying to get in.

The glowing blue mist rapidly coalesced. The crunch of metal echoed from behind them

What was that?

The dark shape, now solid, raised an assault cannon and tore the two men apart in one fluid motion. A communicator cut through the static.

Teleportation complete. Targets terminated. Awaiting further instructions."

Then a couple from Dan Abnett's "His Last Command". Both from Wilder, actually. The first one is about the mongrel unit and the difficulty of combing war cries.

" 'Fury Belladon, for Tanith, for the Emperor, and, by the way, remember Vervunhive!' Full marks for effort, but still dead in a silt-trench before you said it all and actually started fighting."

And another when he was chastising a fellow commander for his inability to command his regiment:

" Gadovin, so help me, stop your line moving and throw down some fire or, by the Emperor, I will hunt you to the ends of everywhere and shoot you a new arsehole!"
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A memorable quote from Legion by Hurtado Bronzi talking to his troops:
"Remember, my Jokers, a dropzone is like a woman. Land on her firmly, and make sure you have the vital parts located before you get going."

The human appendix. Proof of a higher power. A divine kill switch so to speak.

No one really likes a smartass, but people tend to like a dumbass even less.
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From Horus Rising, Loken and Nero Vipus.

"How's the hand?"
"I left it behind. It was getting in the way."

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-Indrick Boreale, Dawn of War: Soulstorm

Homebrew stuff for your viewing pleasure:
The Stormhunters Fluff/Crunch - Updated 10/07/13
The Rust Legion Fluff - Updated 5/19/13
Firaeveus Carron Rules - Updated 12/9/10
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loken: "Vipus, wheres your hand?"

Vipus: "it got in the way"
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cant remember how it goes exactly but i think it goes like
kantor: curse it cortez your not coming with us youve lost your bloody hand!
cortez: i havent lost my hand, its right over there.

rynns world

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