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Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
In one of the Blood Raven novels there's a librarian who is pretty much retired and working on an archeological dig. Can't quite remember which one though. However, IIRC in the 3rd ed SW codex it was alluded to that marines just kept getting tougher the older they got. Or maybe that was just SWs.
That's the 2nd book in the blood ravens trilogy...can't remember name right now
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Originally Posted by Waaagh_Bong View Post
this might be really off, but what about familys? has a marine ever had a family out side of his chapter?
I'm not even sure if they are capable after being implanted. I know that in some of the SW books the young pups get all hot under the collar when there is a female around and i can't see why they would loose their junk as it's going to boost their testosterone levels but in very few books do the Astartes seem to have any interest in the fairer sex at all. Wether this is a psycho docrine that has been programmed into them or just that they are now too focussed on being the fist of the emporer, who can say.

I don't think they are allowed families...it would be a gross conflict of interest, imagine what would have happened at the battle of macragge if the Ultra's had been worried about the wife and kid whilst they were trying to hold the polar defences.

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Originally Posted by Waaagh_Bong View Post
this might be really off, but what about familys? has a marine ever had a family out side of his chapter?
Marines don't 'settle down' and have a nice family in the burbs, they still have relatives.

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To add on to the previous reasons; marines can be away for centuries at a time, it would be impractical to have families given such a long deployment.
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*space marine comes home to see a few skeletons waveing at him*

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Originally Posted by shaantitus View Post
That was Qruze. The half heard. Just finished reading that book for the third time.
Alright. I`ll have to read again myself probably.

Originally Posted by Ultra111 View Post
That's the 2nd book in the blood ravens trilogy...can't remember name right now
Dawn of War: Ascension. Librarian Jonas Urelie I believe. He was an older Librarian, but not to the point where he was any less effective. If anything, he was better, easily outclassing the other mentioned librarians in the series.

But I am not sure about his physical prowess. He struck me as more of a mystic combatant than as a warrior.

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Jonas seemed to rely more on his psychic powers to fight. He did out-class the other librarians but that makes sense because as he grew older he would have gained more experience and his knowledge and control would have increased (can't remember properly but Im pretty sure that at one stage he even makes himself levitate for a bit.)
Physically, he was still in good shape. I remember at some stage a member of adeptus sororitas even remarks that he had more strength in one of his fingers than a normal man has in his entire upper body.
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Id say they would probably return to the chapter to train scouts or to act as a kind of home guard. If a space marine was really old then i imagine he'd be the last left of his squad and putting him into another squad commanded by someone way younger than him would probably be insulting.

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But does it happen? Like has been said Dante is well over 1,100 years old, much much older now and he's still one of the most able and active Marines in service, not showing any sign of slowing down or 'retiring' I know Blood Angels are said to have a greater longeviety than most, but even so
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I don't think that the re-use of geneseed will have any type of 'filtering' through being used in multiple Astartes. Each Chapter has to send a tithe to the Mechanicus, so if any issues come up with the geneseed in general, or even a particular zygote, then it can be corrected; either it will be replaced completely from the stocks held in cryo-stasis, or thrown-out and a new geneseed/zygote will replace it. To my mind, any deterioration in the efficacy of the geneseed in creating Astartes is due to the process of implantation on initiation. This has become mindless reptition and the actual science of the process lost to ritual. In fact many of the rituals used will have a detrimental effect on the neophyte, meaning that the outcome will less than optimal. (I believe I read that in the IA on the process of making Marines.)
So, again to my view, geneseed-wise the 40k Astartes will be just as functionally immortal as their Great Crusade-era counterparts. Any differences will probably be slight and probably not noticed because most Astartes die in combat before any age-related issues become apparent. I would imagine that the issues with geneseed/zygote deterioration will be more pronounced in some Chapters- there will be those who don't really care about the science, they just want more Marines; there will be those whose Apothecaries will take a very great interest in what, and how, things are going on and so will have less problems, not needing the Mechanicus to keep re-supplying them with new or repaired geneseed.
As for older marines stepping out of combat roles. I could easily see this as being some sort of sabbatical. The fluff for Dante talks about how he is feeling the ennui of having lived so long, having seen everything and done everything, repeated hundreds or thousands of times. Even for biological weapons, Astartes still have something of their Humanity, and the sameness of combat will start to tell, dulling thier minds and making them bored. Once a Marine gets to a certain age they are probably made to take an extended break from their main role; maybe they go to teach the Scouts, maybe they step aside from leadership and allow someone new to be blooded, maybe they take on a research role in the Apothecarion or Librarius or Reclusiam, or even go on to a diplomatic role between other Chapters/Guard/Administratum or even go out with a Rogue Trader.

TL;DR I think that Astartes are still functionally immortal, except for those from Chapters whose implantation procedures have become debased; combat, however, will still be the primary (and hugely more common) cause of Astartes death. Old Marines will be made to change jobs regularly to keep them mentally fresh which would explain the fluff instances of Marines doing things other than being part of a Chapter's combat strength.

Phew, that was a long, rambling one!

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