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The good guys

So who are the good guys? I think one of the things I particularly enjoy about the game and universe is the dark setting that makes it in fact a very honest one.

I would imagine to the new player the imperium would appear to be the good guys, however as has been covered in many topics the imperium appears to be a very classic case of those that are in charge get it good and everybody else is meat to the grinder.
Now the only reason that the treatment of the citizens of the imperium is perhaps "a little naughty" is because all being human ourselves we know that there is a human capacity to treat each other well.
in terms of treatment of other races they are intolerant to the extreme and as murderous as any other of the major factions.

The Tau offer themselves as working for the greater good, however the only real difference between their expansion and the imperium expansion is that the Tau give the opportunity to join them before you get a kicking by them.

Eldar are secular and look after number 1, ruthless to the extreme when it comes to playing the other races off against each other - often causing large loss of life in other factions to save themselves.

Orks love a good scrap - its what they do. I dont think that they are evil as such, just aggressive and expansive. in all fairness its better for them not to wipe out everybody else or life will get awful boring!

Necrons I must admit I know little about their motives and as such am unqualified to comment so perhaps somebody could help with this? my gut feeling is they are probably as evil as they come!

Dark Eldar and Chaos marines I consider probably more evil then the chaos daemons themselves.
my thoughts are as follows - The daemons act on their nature and consuming souls to survive? (I am speculating here , I haven't read the codex and so again unqualified to comment)
Chaos Marines and Dark eldar have made a definate choice to kill for their own personal gains i.e. power. thats worth a minuute or two on the naughty chair as far as I am concerned.

The final faction I will look at is the Tyranids - who are imho the most honest race going. they simply act on the most basic instinct - eat and move on.
they are very similar to the imperium in a way their basic tactics (send in the little guys mixed with a few killer units) however the tyranid process has units that are almost designed to die where as everbody is designed similar in teh human race and no person is put into existance to die, somebody else tells them to.

In summary I believe that the tyranids are honest but too animalistic to be considered the good guys and the universe of 40K contains races driven to all manner of atrocities which allow them to survive. there are no good guys,

there is only a struggle

there is only war
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there is not good or evil only power and those to weak to seek it

My Deceiver is a shard of the true thing and yet has killed
Lysander and countless marines
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Iron Warriors are good... good at killing shit!
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No good guys. All ass holes, the entire group.
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Imperium is still the best of the worst.

"Consequence of Mercy" - Written for KingOfCheese
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Yeah, it's all just shades of grey (or shades of black, your grimdark may vary).

"Oh, they'll never hit us from all the way over th-"

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For me, the only 'good' race is Tau. I know, they are good as long as you accept their vision of Greater Good, but... I'd join them if I had a choice. They help all who join 'em, they don't cheat on food rations. But, to be honest, I'd join Farsight Enclaves, cause I have mah own vision of it, uniting humans and Tau.
But still, if you accept their offer and join them, you'd have home, job etc.

Otherwise, i'd join inquisition (they are good, they seek scum to 'heal' Imperium!) or Nurgle (Fuck everything, kill, rot and dance, and you'll be loved by your God!)

Originally Posted by Azkaellon View Post
Boobs, That is all.
Victories - 0
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Mmm... Sadly the Imperium is the lesser of the 10+ evils..

And dont mistake tyranids... They're evil bastards.. More like wasps than bees.

The guy who wishes he never sold all his warhammer. Haha. Such is life.
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Originally Posted by Davidicus 40k View Post
Imperium is still the best of the worst.
I'd rather take my chances at the end of Kharn the betrayers axe, while Typhus sneezes on me Ahriman pokes me with tentacles and Lucius rapes my leg (Abby can sit in the corner crying) than with the imperium.

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Quit hating on abaddon, He'd win hands down in a 1 v 1 against Typhus.

The guy who wishes he never sold all his warhammer. Haha. Such is life.
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