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Astartes are allowed to invoke Exterminatus. I am unsure if there arsenal is limited to specific ships or not however.

I am not sure if Imperial vessels also carry this authority. I know Inquisitors do but the example I think of was still carried out by an astartes cruiser.

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Hi Heretics,

2 questions:
1. How much does a 'typical' Imperial civilian know about the Asartes? How detailed do you suppose their knowledge would be ie. Salamanders=Nocturne? I think the original 9 loyalists would be household names but wonder if they are given or even want specifics
on SM. Obviously anything that could jeopardize IoM holdings would be left out but the more trivial knowledge stuff we all devour.
I always assumed they were used as propaganda within the IoM but got to thinking about it today and couldn't recall where or indeed if I had read that. May be a dumb question but can anyone give me a good example (preferably a BL novel) that shows Imperial SM propaganda being dispersed upon the masses?

2. I'm sure this one has popped up before but is there more info on the Black Consuls than what is given in the SM codex? I'm specifically interested in the Goddeth Hive conflict that wiped them out. Any info on who the war was fought against or wel....anything? Trying to find inspiration for a Chaos leader in preparation for next edition to drop and I think a fallen Consul might be cool.
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1) A typical Imperial citizen knows what a Space Marine is - at least, he/she has an idea - but to him/her, Marines are more subjects of legend and myth. He/she may not know all the specifics, but at the very least, he/she recognizes Marines as the Emperor's ultimate warriors - his Angels of Death - and, in most cases, agents of salvation and deliverance.

Space Marines aren't necessarily used as "propaganda", per sť, although many things are propagandized in the Imperium. Tales of their actions and the ideals they stand for are enough to inspire the average Imperial citizen.

2) Have to let someone else take this one. I haven't read as much on Black Consuls as I should .

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Why is Grimaldus such an insufferable asshole? I am nearly done with Helsreach and this guy has ZERO redeeming qualities. I have seen stinking Chaos Marines that aren't as nasty as he is.

edit: It took until the last 50 pages for him to stop being a jerk...

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Originally Posted by Designation P-90 View Post
Why is Grimaldus such an insufferable asshole? I am nearly done with Helsreach and this guy has ZERO redeeming qualities. I have seen stinking Chaos Marines that aren't as nasty as he is.

edit: It took until the last 50 pages for him to stop being a jerk...
Well that was ADB main idea, that Grimaldus has absolutly no way of seeing empatic emotions or understanding how humans act and feel. Those emotions are entirely alien to him.
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Exactly. It is to my mind, a much more accurate portrayal of Space Marines than say the Ultramarine's series which essentially depicts them as stronger humans.

Space Marines are so much more (and less) than that though. They are child killers, taken when boys are at that stage when they're little shits and think they're invincible. They they surgically alter them to make them actually invincible whilst brainwashing and indoctrinating them and erasing their previous life. They are removed from contact with normal humans and engage in decades or centuries of the bloodiest warfare imaginable.

Do you really think people subjected to all that would be 'normal' or relateable to? Space marine are living weapons, beyond human concerns and cares, shaped and moulded as tools of the Imperium.

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Cheeky question, have there been many of the newly formed chapters that have fallen to chaos?

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Has there been anything in the "official fluff" that indicates whether or not the title of "Inquisitor Lord"/"Lord Inquisitor" is gender-neutral? Or, in other words: Is a female "Inquisitor Lord" normally called "Inquisitor Lady" in official fluff? I mean, I've never heard of a canon female Inquisitor who was of the "Lord Inquisitor" rank.

The same question applies to IG and IN ranks/title that use "Lord" as an integral part of them, like "Lord General", "Lord Admiral", and "Lord Commander Militant", and even the title of "High Lord (of Terra)".

@g00dd0ct0r: Well, these two lists seems to imply that the answer is "yes", at least over the entire period of 10,000 years since the Horus Heresy.

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primarchs chilling on a balcony

can someone name them for me right to left?
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Originally Posted by Mossy Toes View Post
Spanner's got some great advice as well... Listen to that wise man.

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