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Default Individual strength/toughness of a space marine?

I am having a really hard time figuring out exactly how many soldiers does one space marine equal? Can they face down a whole fireteam, a whole platoon, a whole battalion? They are depicted one way in the fluff, another way in the video games, and yet another way in the tabletop.

My personal idea is that even among space marines, combat skill varies a lot between individual marines: That would help reconcile the video of a single howling banshee pwning a marine with the fact that 1000 ultramarines dealt a huge blow to a hive fleet of millions.
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Its quite natural that the skill/experience of an individual SM varies. Those who have just ascended from scout rank, will have drastically different skill sets from those SM who have been fighting for 300-500 years. You grow through experience. same as always.

as for how many opponents a SM can take on, it varies greatly here too. There are too many variable. what kind of weaponry does the opponent have? what is their strength? how fast can they move? am i aware of their presence? explosives or guns? fists or blades?

there is no real concrete answer.


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yep. i also think it depends on the type of combat. its stated alot in very different books that the value of superior armor strength armor valor training is magnified closer to the ememies... also depends on the enemies... the average marine squad would be hard pressed by a squad of banshies but then again a pair of average marines would be able to defeat or hold off a squad of guardians at close to melee range...
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All you really know for sure about Space Marines is that they'll fare a hell of a lot better than Guardsmen.

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Here's the thing about Space Marines, you don't want to use them as frontline troops. Toss one into an a flat plain against a platoon of infantry and the sheer volume of fire will overwhelm him.

Put him in a building or a battleship with corridors where overwhelming amounts of fire can not be brought to bear (both in volume and potency--you can't be casually firing las cannon shots when you can make a hole and decompress the entire cargo bay, for example) and a single space marine could easily tackle a platoon or company of regular soldiers, 5 or so at a time, of course.

Space Marines have a lot of combat potency packed into each one. Place them into a situation where only a small amount of men can fight at a time and they'll come out on top. Hence why they're generally used as shock troops.
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in the book Tratior General, the ghosts talk about how usually several platoons, even regiments of guard will retreat and wait for support (be it superheavies or marines) when encountering traitor marines, and in First and Only the arrival of one traitor marine holds up the advance of several regiments,
its safe to assume marines are capable of goin toe-to-toe with at least one infantry squad at a time if not a whole platoon depending on the marine
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Its also the psychological effect that Astartes bring to the battlefield. Men know the Astartes as the Emperor's Angels, wrought by His own hand and the eternal protectors of Mankind. They are mythological giants who bestride the stars.

If they are truly aware that a Chaos Astartes is present (even just a single one), it would have a profound psychological effect on the Imperials.

Originally Posted by cegorach View Post
I do love how we don't even need CotE to comment anymore, chances are he has already said something intelligent before that can be re-applied to the current situation.
Heresy's Background FAQ. (Fluff Project)
CotE Reviews: Prospero Burns (HH Review), Age of Darkness (HH Review).
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Added to which the fighting style of the marine in question will vary, as will his approach.

Blood Angels will want to close as quickly as possible, Raven guard will want to remain unseen, Iron warriors are generally a firepower unit, and ultramarines are an all round unit etc.

Though they are all the same on tabletop and screen, taking this from a fluff perspective is a whole new story.

So to answer your question... I don`t know.

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Add to that the fact that a SM is a self sufficient unit, not only is he physically superior but he also mentally and strategically far more aware than any Guardsman. A Space Marine lives for war, it's what they were designed for. A Guardsman on the other hand probably doesn't want to be there, he's a grunt who does as he's told and does his best not to win but to stay alive.
A Guard can be frightened, a Space Marine can't.
A Space Marine is up to eight feet tall, a mass of hardened bone and enhanced muscle that can move faster and react quicker than a normal human, they hold near mythological status within the Imperium.
In fluff terms at least I would say that a single Space Marine could do a whole heap of damage to whatever he sets his sights on.

Also, Ewoks eat people.
Never forget that.
Ewoks. Eat. People.

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