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Default Least wanted Legion/Primarch?

Greetings my fellow Heretics!
Now we have had many, many, maaaannnyyy threads on which Chapter/Legion would you like to be in or who is your favourite Primarch, but this is totally different!

So who is your least favourite Primarch and which Legion would you kill not to be in and why?

Mine would be:
Primarch: Lorgar....not a fan of religion and this guy is an evil pope
Legion: Iron Hands or Ultrmarines....First Primarch to die/THERE IS NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT THEM!!!

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Primarch: Russ, barbaric savage on the surface- calculating muderous warlord deep down.

Legion: horde of undisciplined, ignorant mutants with the barest concept of honour.

(Ultramarines- no they just don't have a glaringly obvious defect unlike most Legions/Chapters)
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Theres so many legions I don't like, But for least favourite primarch would be angron, mainly because hes a nutter. Least legion would either be World eater, Death Guard, or Wolves. not sure which one i hate the most. (even though i actually like garro and bits of the DG pre Heresy fluff, their way of war is completely against my views)
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Primarch..... god IDK that’s a tough one. Its probably a 3 way tie between Magnus, Horus, and Lorgar.

Legion: Word bearers and the Emperor's children.\

EDIT: Most hated legion would actually be the pretty marines(blood angels).

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This is an easy one.

Primarch: Lorgar, not because he's a religious fanatic, but because he doesn't do anything after the heresy. Lazy Daemon Primarch. (Fulgrim, Mortarion, and Magnus come soon after Lorgar, since they do little as well). Angron on the other hand has done a lot to further the destruction of humanity, and despite my preferance for the Imperium, you have to respect that.

Legion: Black Legion: They may not be lazy, but they are incompetent. 13 black crusades and not 1 significant victory? The Imperium has done more to damage itself then these guys.

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Primarch: Leman Russ, he is a hypocritical barbarian who is actually worse then the Orks. At least they dont have an excuse, their Orks. He is human, and a Primarch at that. He should have been better.

Legion: The Space Wolves, they are all superstitious space-puppies, as Madox put it. They are also hate-mongering and remind me a bit of Chaos Marines in some of their attitudes.

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my least favorite primarch i would say is angron why? He is just a barbarian at least russ had honor

As for my chapters there are none i truly hate but would say that the ultramarines or the luna wolves

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Primarch: Gulliman.. because he doesnt have a talent/unique gift like all the other primarchs (you might say tactics.. but Horus and Lion were better than him at tactics), he sucks, and he loves himself..

Legion: Ultramarines... same reason as above
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Primarch: Guilleman as I didnt think he cooperated well with the other primarchs. I also believe in many ways destroyed the greatness of the imperium with making himself warmaster.

Legion: World Eaters or Blood Angels as you would go mad and lose your soul to blood lust.
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Priomarch: Lorgar crazy religius nutter

Legion:Tough one but id say its Word Bearers, because of primarch

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