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ork clans

wich wun iz da best? an' if yoo iz gunna ansa, talk like an ork, or dont ansa at all!

evil suns' iz da best cuz dey iz red, an' every wun no's dat:
"red wunz go fasta!"

Originally Posted by Captain Galus View Post
That, and I think he looks like Mel Gibson, which is an automatic win in the Book of Badassery.
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Bad Moonz. We gots da killiest gitz uv dem all, an if yous ever forgettin', we can remind you wif our flashy kustom shootaz. We gotz better gunz dan you, an' don't you forget dat!

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Goffs is best 'cos bright colors is un-orky! Goffs is 'da biggest and 'da meannest wif da baddest warbosses. We writes poems 'bout our feelings wot udder orks don't get.


Goffs is better 'en 'da rest.
Wot passes all'a Gork 'n Mork's tests.
Udder Orks callz us corky
Er maybe was it un-orky?
Anywayz, we is green, and green is best!
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Well, old chaps, I'll throw my copper coin into the ring and all that, lets see i like,

As he contemplates, is punched iin the face by a Bad moon.

An' dats wut yer get fer talkin daft, yer stoopid umie.

Gets in a gold trukk and races off shouting


Congratulations!! You now have the power of the jaguar warrior!

err... couldn't I shoot lasers from my hands instead?

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pffff ya allz a bunch o gits. DeffSkullz da best. We gonna get all de bestest loot. weather yoos lookin or not.
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Har har har. Ya gitz ar' a bunch of iditz. None of you clans are da best! Freebooterz is da best! We can fight wif and against any and we win. You'ze gitz 'ill pay us teef to give da enemies a good thumpin cause you can'!

"Wherever you tread, tread lightly. We are closer than you think, and our blades are sharp."

"We are coming. Look to the skies for your salvation."

"In the darkness all men are equal, save those that embrace it."

-Captain Kayvaan Shrike, Raven Guard 3rd Company
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Nah. Yoo namby freebootaz are a bunch o' stinkin' gitz if yoo ask me. Stinkin freelodaz wiv no clan loyalty nor nofin.

Now Badspanna haz got it rite out ov all yoo lot. We deffskullz are the best. When we finish a big fight we is gonna take all the best loot there iz an then come clobber the rest wiv our new gear.

Red wunz go fasta eh? You got some snazzgun hav yoo? Whatz that ova there mate?


Wot? This? Nah, I had it fer agez me. Yoo must have dropped it or somefink.
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I'll say that da best ork klan is mah 8-years-old sis' Bloody Moonz. She's a fanatic, eh, I've made a monster. And they have a-w-e-s-o-m-e Flakka Dakka gun vs. mah AoBR SM marines : /
Ain't they awesome?

BTW, I'd love to meet the one who had teh idea for that gun's name. Flakka Dakka, eh. Those sneaky orkz can easily kill mah SM army, even if mah sis have smaaaal tactic skill.

Originally Posted by Azkaellon View Post
Boobs, That is all.
Victories - 0
Draws - 0
Failures - 4
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Oy, youz stoopid grotz don't even know 'ow ta' fight sneeky-like! Youz jus' fightin', while we'z blowin' up 'umie tankz from behind! And we'z got lotsa' nice 'umie stuffz, too!

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Badmoonz haz da most teef. 'Nuf sed.
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