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Your favourite Chaos legion?

The title says it all.
Which of the traitor forces in the Warp do ya like the most and why?

For me, it would have to be the Thousand Sons.
Tzeentch is my favourite Chaos god, what with his scheming and magic and the TS are just awesome.
Their Rubrics are basically walking tanks, and everyone else is a psyker, otherwise they wouldn't have survived Ahriman's Rubric.
The souls of the Rubrics stay in the Warp and they are either remade on the Planet of Sorcerers, or they possess cultists like in the Space Wolf novels. Perhaps both.

Then there's Ahriman. Do I seriously need to say why Ahriman is a good point?

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Iron Warriors for me. I like the fact that they have an easy to paint scheme, as well as the fact that they are the 4th legion and I am the 4th Howard in a row (great grandfather, grandfather, father, me) in my family. I am not joking, those were the two things that first drew me to the Iron Warriors. Once I started reading what fluff exists for them, I realized just how bad-ass they are, even though their primarch is a bit whiny. At least we didn't lose any of our big fights in the fluff. We may not have won, but the losses we were involved in were basically the fault of others (I mean, seriously, we couldn't just keep fighting after Horus died? We were so close to breaching the palace.)


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I personally like the deathgaurd. They are very fluffy and their history is rather interesting. Plus, they are very fun to paint and there are a lot of modeling possibilities, and they have Typhus. Plague anyone? They also have Grandfather Nurgle's support which dosent hurt either.

"In the embrace of Great Nurgle, I am no longer afraid, for with his pestilential favor I have become that which I once most feared, Death."

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I've always been torn between the tragedies of the Thousand Sons - who were loyal until attacked by other Loyalists, and the Death Guard, betrayed by one of their own. The Emperor's Children were, for a long time, just ahead though, as they strove for perfection, and, in doing so, plunged Mankind as far from perfection as they had come since the Age of Strife. The newer tragedy of the Alpha Legion, though, makes them my favourite right now. To turn, thinking it would swing the war, and that it was for the best to do so...if only they'd just gone and asked Eldrad instead...
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It's a toss up between the World eaters or the Black Legion.

Black Legion because Abbadon is amazing and World eaters because Angron is indistructable.

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it is a tie between the thousand sons and the word bearers. i love magnus and like above was said the tragedy of their fall. but the Word Bearers are awesome because of their conviction. And because they have Chaplains still which is pretty sick.

In the Emperors light we shine!
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Iron Warriors. They had a very good reason to forsake the Emperor, they withdrew in strength then at the right time cracked open the Imperial palace on Terra and after all they retreat to the Eye of Terror with most of their legion, their own titan legio, a massive contingent of Traitor Guard and they control several forge worlds and maintain powerful ties to the dark mechanicus.

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It matters not. They will all fail before the might of the Imperium. Foul Traitors!!!

but seriously...

The Soul Drinkers!!! Although they still fight for the Imperium, the Inquisition has ruled them Excommunicate Traitoris, thus making them a traitor legion by default. Besides Sarpedon rocks!

I support Exterminatus.
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to be honest, eventhough i love the black templars, i think all the chaos legion fluff is really fun and interesting. they all have different things about them i like. i feel like they have such bigger "personalities" than most space marine chapters. but so it usually goes with the bad guy of a fictional world.

i think its interesting that fewest people like black legion the most, being that they are from horus's legion.

its a toss up between alpha legion and word bearer's for me. more so than all the other primarchs of the traitor legions, i feel like these two, lorgar and alpharius, had the most direct reasons to turn against the emperor. especially lorgar...

i like the emperor's children a lot as well. black and pink is pretty ballsy first of all, but i cant say i really "get" them. guess that means they don't really fit my personality or something. i dunno.

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For me it's a toss up between thousand sons and the death guard. Ahriman + Typhus = win.
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