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Sigmar one of the Lost Primarchs!

This is obviously bullshit due to the fact GW has already declared that the two worlds are completely different identities. But lets just say for fluff sakes, and if GW were ever to take back the fact, that this fantasy world was part of the the 40k world. So the story begins...
This world was a world in which one of the lost primarchs had landed on. The primarch, I mean Sigmar. He takes over this uncivilized planet but theres one problem... the emperor did not come. Due to the fact that some early canon stuff said that this planet was deep in the eye of terror. So due to that fact, the emperor had given up looking for Sigmar (as so in the Heresy book of Mechanicus when that one dude tells Dorn that they shall never see those two again) Chaos spreads this auora around the planet that prevents any communication to the outside realm. Because if you really think about this fantasy planet is pretty much the most chaotic planet in both the warhammer and warhammer 40k world. So many civilizations, races, and monstrosities fighting amongst one another. Though not delibertly chaos, still pretty chaotic. There was more chaos between the living creatures of this world than in the daemon world in that book actually called "Daemon World." And in that book, besides for the few Violaters and a couple word bearers, there was hardly a 40k presence. Almost like the Warhammer world!
So on with my story, Sigmar gets these flash backs of him when hes a baby (remember hes no ordinary human) so goes in search of this pod. From here I leave it up to people to decide. Because theres just to much imagination wondering off. He leaves the planet... Due to all the people worshiping him (basically giving their soul to him like the emperor...) he also becomes a "godly" identity. He gets to his father... the emperor, and the emperor is so disapointed that he has let his people have this vision of him, he basically throws him to the wind. So hes in space hiding. Waiting to be forgiven by the emperor. Or he comes back as Archaeon and gets all pissed off at what he did and just tries to fuck everything up.
I can't really make any shit up from this point. Just think about it.
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I've always liked the idea how one of the lost primarchs became stuck on the Warhammer fantasy world.

I think that as soon as Sigmar took off from the Warhammer fantasy world and saw the eye of terror and the influence chaos has there, he might very well conclude that the Emperor has fallen and chaos rules the universe. He might either start fighting a war against chaos inside the eye of terror, or succumb to its temptations (like so many of his brothers).

A story that tells a tale that is a lot like that (just not with a primarch but with a first founding space marine) is "Eye of Terror" from the black library. Great book, but filled with story elements that go against the fluff canon.
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I really like the idea of Sigmar being one of the 'Lost' Primarchs. There are still some fluff inconsistencies which present a problem to this theory though.

What happened to his legion of Space Marines? (as prior to even Horus' discovery an entire legion of marines was created in the image of each primarch, meaning Sigmar would have had a legion of Astartes.)

As far as im aware the Primarchs had had contact with the 'lost' primarchs, and they fought in the Great Crusade. This obviously goes against one being Sigmar!

As far as im aware from WFB fluff Sigmar was no taller than a normal man, he was ment to be a fantastic ruler and warrior but nothing remotely describes him as being similar to a Primarch.

Originally Posted by cegorach View Post
I do love how we don't even need CotE to comment anymore, chances are he has already said something intelligent before that can be re-applied to the current situation.
Heresy's Background FAQ. (Fluff Project)
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I could see that happening but a feral world as it is, its communications blocked and their locked in the middle ages wouldnt that prove the whole planet to be prone of "CHAOS SPACE MARINES"? i mean if one landed he could probably, most likely just kill everyone. He has a gun, they have arrows. His armor is adamantium, theirs is scrap metal. He has enhanced everything, they are powered by faith. The marine carries centuries of fighting experience while the people on the planet dont last 50 years.
lol, i wonder what would happen.

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The CSM would inevitably run out of ammo and be swarmed. You could only carry so many bolter shells before you run out.

In all likelihood, the CSM would kill quite a few people before being taken out himself.
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Faith is stronger than any armour.... ;)

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Originally Posted by Winterous View Post
Einar is right.
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The Chaos Warriors come out of warp storms, are significantly stronger than normal humans, have better armour than the other humans, and, in old versions of the fluff at least, could carry plasma pistols. How exactly are they not chaos space marines?

My own take on tying in Sigmar with the Primarchs would be that he found his pod, went back to the Emperor, and fought in the Great Crusade. Sigmar wasn't worshipped as a god until a couple of hundred years after his disappearance. He was just an heroic leader and founder of the state (but not a dynasty... why didn't Signmar have kids, hint hint, Space Marine genetics anyone?), so there's no need for the Emperor to get all hoity-toity. I don't know why the theory has to be even complicated, let alone difficult to believe, it seems pretty straightforward that if you want, Sigmar can be a primarch, and Warhammer World can be an intimate part of the 40k Galaxy (as it used to be).

However, the main reason at the moment against that interpretation is *GW say it ain't so*. So it ain't, any more than saying "The Emperor is Superman" or "Leman Russ is Gandalf" or "Horus is Peter Rabbit" makes it so. Officially, at the moment, there's no connection between 40k and WHFB.

Not that I think it's daft or unworkable or anything of the kind. I'm pretty certain that there was at least the idea in the heads of GW in the late 80 and 90s that Sigmar might be revealed as a Primarch, at the time when the one system was just supposed to be the extension of the other. But the systems, and their background, have diverged somewhat over the years.

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My take on Sigmar is that he might be one of the Star Children? seems like a good fit for what he did.

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maybe sigmar is the emperor and when he made his plan to make space marines. he knew that he needed the technology of the Adeptus Mechanicus so he when into hiding for a long time. oh and for the 2 primarchs they had the taint of chaos in them and were killed by the emperor.

Originally Posted by MEQinc View Post
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Its true that space marines have only so much power. It is very probably that space marines be over taken by "lesser" individuals. I use Daemon World a lot, but it showed how pathetic the Violaters Chapter looked. They got fricken owned. They might have inflicted a good ratio of casualities, but so much can be compensated for bullets. Magic for instance, fricken daemons, dragons, griffons. Try taking one of those with a couple bolter shots. get those shots bouncing off.
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