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View Poll Results: Favorite Primarch - Vote Poll
Lion El'Jonson - Dark Angels 29 9.83%
Fulgrim - Emperor's Children 12 4.07%
Perturabo - Iron Warriors 9 3.05%
Jaghatai Khan - White Scars 7 2.37%
Leman Russ - Space Wolves 29 9.83%
Rogal Dorn - Imperial Fists 17 5.76%
Konrad Curze - Night Lords 13 4.41%
Sanguinius - Blood Angels 55 18.64%
Ferrus Manus - Iron Hands 8 2.71%
Angron - World Eaters 13 4.41%
Roboute Guilliman - Ultramarines 10 3.39%
Mortarion - Death Guard 9 3.05%
Magnus the Red - Thousand Sons 24 8.14%
Horus - Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus 13 4.41%
Lorgar - Word Bearers 2 0.68%
Vulkan - Salamanders 17 5.76%
Corax - Raven Guard 9 3.05%
Alpharius Omegon - Alpha Legion 19 6.44%
Voters: 295. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Your Favorite Primarch, Vote now :D

OK, This was probally done b4..but meh :D
So state your favorite Primarch
Reason for your answer
and why other peaple should think he's the most awsome kickass Primarch

Mine is without a dout Mr Sanguinius
He has one of the coolest backround historys, including his 'Angel like wings' which i reject is a 'mutation' more like a blessing, and the fact he broke a bloodthirsters back on his knee and then decapatated it at theBattle for the palace on terra, including this very awsome fanart pic of it mind you
And even tho he was screwed over by his nightmares, modernly known as the 'black rage' It did give birth to some of the most kick-ass SM's out there

so lets see some good old forum random facts erm... battle thingyz? lmao
I Know theres gonna b alot of Fulgrum lovers out there ¬¬
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I am the proud pocessor of a dwindling sanity..but theres no time for such talk! I have a universe to master!
-puts on explorer hat and mounts random bear-
yip yip sasha!
-bear slowly turns around and glares-
-distant screams of agony are heard off camera

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Mine is Lion El'Jonson

Firstly, because he's the Primarch of my favorite legion, and by extension, has the coolest-colored armor. Secondly, nobody knows what his deal is!! Was he waiting to see which way the Heresy would turn? Did Luther fight the Lion because said Primarch betrayed the Imperium? Is Martha Stewart the Primarch of the Sisters of Battle?!? ZOMGZ!
Mostly because he seems to be the most down-to-earth of the Primarchs. Dorn and Robute are both extremely devout, in a good way of course, but their devotion is of superhuman levels. Sanguinius had freakin wings, and all the other Primarchs had some fatal flaw that elevated them above the rank and file (of space marines). Lion El'Jonson seemed like just some regular dude in power armor that could totally kick ass.

That, and I think he looks like Mel Gibson, which is an automatic win in the Book of Badassery.

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I'd have to say Leman Russ. 1) Norse Berzerkers totally kick ass no ifs and or buts. 2) His awesomeness was so great that they named a freaking tank after him, there's no Lion el'Johnson (Ritchie) tank, no Sanguinous, Robute, or Dorn tanks. Nope, Leman Russ stands alone in that regard. 3) The space wolves are so bad assed that when the rest of the chapters broke down in smaller successor chapters and adopted the codex astartes, the wolves said, meh, we're all frigging space wolves and will do as we please and if you don't like try to enforce it.... so that's why Leman Russ totally kicks ass.

"Death to all who wear Paisley!!!" -GWAR

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Norse Berzerkers? That's the funniest ever name I've ever heard a Space Wolf been called.

Mine's Roboute Guilliman. What can I say? I collect Ultramarines.

I like Guilliman because he's a master strategist, with one glance across a field of battle, he could see where the enemy had gone wrong, and would make immediate action for his forces strike where they would cause the most damage.

Also, because of the fact that he wrote the mighty tome, the book whose holiness is second only to the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook, the Codex Astartes itself. This book details all things military about the Imperium and includes how their hierarchy should function, the best tactics for them to use in almost every situation plausable. It even gives tactics for individual units. This book has been used by the Imperium for over 10,000 years, and is still in use, guiding the Imperium's soldiers against the terrors of the Void and the Warp and the mind. In fact, the only things it doesn't mention are the Inquisition's Holy Ordos and their allies i.e. Grey Knights, the Ecclesiarchy and their Sister's of Battle, the Exorcists Chapter (who are different to a normal Chapter because they are also joined permanently to the Ordo Malleus so that they can help the with the Grey Knights' relatively low amount of troops).

Not only that, but below the mighty Fortress of Hera, in a large vault, Guilliman has over 30 tomes, surpassing by far Marneus Calgar's mere 28, and all describing, in detail, each of his many conquests (and each tome contains more than one battle story).

Best of all, Guilliman is the most likely one to come back. Although at the moment kept in stasis, some say, that by either some freak natural occurence, or by the will of the Immortal Emperor, that his wounds are healing, and that he will some day rise from his throne in the Fortress of Hera and once again purge the xenos.

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Dazed and confused.
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Hard to decide, but I've narrowed it down to Konrad Curze and Russ.

Kurze because he was a total psycho, but in a good way, freeing his people and giving them a crime free (if somewhat terrifying) society to live in. He led his people fairly, unless you pissed him off. He then led the most feared legion in the Great Crusade, and in the end let himself (allegedly) be killed because he realised he had become the evil villain he had hated all his life. Kicking Dorn's ass is also a plus.

What's not to love about Russ? He loved eating, drinking and fighting. Instead of trying to fight the Emperor, he challenged him to an eating and drinking contest, and won both. When the Emperor knocked him out in the last challenge, he said "right, you're the boss." And he kicked lumps out of Magnus.

Split decision, I think.
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Ferrus Manus I know I sain sanguinis before but I hadn't read Fulgrim then whats not to love the guy can make stuff WITH HIS HANDS!!!

knowledge is power, hide it well
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Konrad Kurze - I love Apocalypse Now, and the fact that he was sort of for the Imperial Edicts, but not the way they were carried out, the reluctant traitor, as such.

Also, the fact that the Night Lords hung their captives out to dry by chains attached to their ships... Sort of a doing Drive By planets, going 'YOUR NEXT, BITCH', far too cool.

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Its either the Night Haunter or Magnus. The bight haunter cos he's like batman on a very bad day. And Magnus because any person who can, by himself, break the anti psychic protection of the imperial palace is awesome, that and the fact I collect Thousand Sons.

Do not disallusion yourself brothers, today we die, our bodies broken and our souls shattered, we will be remembered as corpses on a battlefield.Raise hell my brothers for one day our great Father will hear of our struggle, and he will be honoured to call us his Sons. In death our Glory shall become eternal.' Karik Farron, 1st Lord of the Dark Scorchers at the Fall of Kempar.

'like a blind man in a dark room trying to find a black cat that isn't there'-imntdead
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I added a poll to make it more fun but still post ur comments as usual if ya plz

I am the proud pocessor of a dwindling sanity..but theres no time for such talk! I have a universe to master!
-puts on explorer hat and mounts random bear-
yip yip sasha!
-bear slowly turns around and glares-
-distant screams of agony are heard off camera
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for the emperor and holy sanguinius!!!
sure youve got a tank named after you, but do you have wings?
i think not
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