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Logistically speaking, power armor also weighs a lot so the horses would need some sort of bionic modification on the scale of thunder wolf cavalry.

I don't see any reason why empire knights couldn't stand in for rough riders in carapace armor. As long as you have a decent/ reasonable way to play the army (e.g. not just power gaming) go for it!
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You could substitute the overweight power armor. Technically speaking, Astartes have to undergo a number of surgeries to make their bodies capable of configuring with the power armor. Inquisitor-Lords and other officials of that general rank do have access to power armor but it is neither the exact same type as that worn by the Chapters but is also a watered down version -- it does not require the same type of communion with the armor nor does it give the wide variety of sensors, readouts, and other gadgets that traditional power armor has. Part of this was to make sure that the Astartes had access to types of equipment that were impossible for the rest of the Imperium to get their hands on. Now I'm sure if one of the High Lords started demanding Chapter-quality power armor, he'd probably get it, but anyone else would be viewed with suspicion.

That being said -- you can still have power armor of a sort. If I remember right when the Emperor discovered the Dark Angels they wore some bastardized version of power armor from the Dark Age of Technology. It is not unreasonable to assume that other worlds could have such bastardized versions of armor too. It would not function anywhere near as well as Astartes type, and wouldn't even be a candle against that given to high ranking officials, but then you wouldn't want it to be. If your Imperial Guard regiment is receiving this non-standard gear you would have two problems with it, if its technologically advanced: first, the Adeptus Mechanicus would have a word with you and probably take it away from you, and two, the cost would cripple your world. To the first point -- the Mechanicus is a very jealous organization and if they discovered your IG regiments had power armor close to the quality fielded by Astartes they'd probably declare you some kind of tech-thiefs and burn you with fire. Secondly, most worlds view the Imperial Tithe much like a tax -- why pay more taxes by equipping troops you will never see again with advanced wargear far beyond the standard issue.

A primitive form of power armor could be acceptable. Or, if you just want to skip all that and go for a more realistic answer, give them carapace armor and say its only given to your Knights since they're nobility while the rest of the regiment gets shafted with standard gear.
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Well I wasn't thinking of knights originally but I guess genetically altered horses be fine.

Since the Regiment is small to the point they be shock troops, hitting the enemy line at it's weakest, They would be more "Elite" for a IG regiment and be small. Could the Regular Knights have Caparace Solar Pattern Void Armour then the Knight Commanders or IG Company Captains would have their own power armor?

I made this awhile so that gave me the idea lol

Tempestus Freeblade Ordo
The Knights of St.Razarith

Imperial Guard: A true regiment, drilled and competent in their service

While here they are instilled with a strong sense of loyalty to the Imperium, taught superior battle tactics and the use of more advanced equipment than the average Guardsmen by Adeptus Astartes stationed on the planet.They are homogenised and mentally broken, then rebuilt as perfect soldiers. Many cadets will undergo mental reconstruction that erases memories of their past lives. Once their basic training and mental reconstruction is complete, cadets undergo the Trials of Compliance. This is a trial of diverse nature that tests how cadets can process commands, regardless of how dangerous, inhumane, or complex they may be. Only those who pass the trials may become Knights.

Caste-born: Raised from birth in the warrior caste.
Nobility: Join for honor and glory.

Elite tithe: The best of the best of the planet were recruited for this regiment. (If caste-born or nobility was rolled on demographic table, you may select this by default)

Forge Medieval World/Space Marine Homeworld: Blessed by the Omnissiah to carry His light across the Galaxy with a medieval society.

Heavy Shock Trooper Cavalry

Plate Armour with Solar Pattern Void Armour overlap

Razarith Pattern Power Lance Caster - Custom Power Lances that act as a close quaters weapon and as a long range weapon. Inside the Lance, lies a barreled bolter that can be activated at any times besides when be using as a lance. Can lay down fire at short range and destroy most unarmored enemies.

Godwyn-De'az Pattern Bolters
power Swords
Power Blades
Relic Blades

Lightning Strike
Close Combat

Overzealous: need to be actively held back from giving their lives for the Emperor

Augmented Troops, Preferred Fighting Style

For The Homeworld: This regiment's mission is to demonstrate the skill and steel of the homeworld to the rest of the Imperium.
For the Emperor: Fervent belief in the Imperial cult and the righteous mission of the Imperium fuels this regiment.

"I am Honored to call every single one of you my brother.....You will die today, I will die today but if we must die for the greater good of humanity so be it. With our deaths, our children will blossom into the stars with the Primarches of anew and start a new, grander crusade in the name of the Emperor and as the Emperor's chosen, we will guide them to that path......Show them the true fury of the Emperor's wraith one last time my brothers!.....Forward in the name of the Emperor and may you find salvation with the Emperor when the end comes for you.

- Chapter Master Nilus Pentis of the Ultra Hawks,
00.? 42M, Second battle of Terra
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