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Originally Posted by Rolz View Post
Small for a warp-capable craft, sure. It's no surprise the book doesn't describe small inter-system craft since there are no great adventures to be had around a single star.
But the same book lists a lot of smaller vessels, even if it doesn't give their measurements:
Still hard to get a real measure of what an intra-planetary ship's size would be.

I don't think there's enough support either way to refute or support the myth. Much like a couple of the other refutations I brought up...just not enough support to say aye or nay.

You're heading into dangerous territory when you make a myth-busting list on shaky support. Potentially this could create new myths through the fandom.

It's fine to say these are theories (or even theories supported by some of the fluff), but to give them the authority of a "myth-buster" may be a bit premature.

My two credits, anyway.
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That's a good point, year. Perhaps I should tread more carefully.
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It should be noted that Imperium does exist in the state of technological stagnation, but it is not due to the lack of innovation, but due to the way tech-priests value knowledge they possess, which generates the atmosphere of total secrecy, in which those innovations are jealously guarded from the curious eyes and rarely enter the stage of mass-production.
I'm not sure if that is completely true. The Law of the Divine Complexity for instance claims that alteration of technology to be outright tech-heresy. It's obviously not an inviolate rule, but it does hold sway to the point that innovation from anyone but trusted high-ranking priests is heavily repressed.
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UPD So the third part is finished, check it out:


Myth #48: Orks are a race - refutation
Myth #49: Orkoids are intellectually and/or technologically inferior to other races - refutation
Myth #50: All ork tech and weapons are constructed in mekboys' workshops - refutation
Myth #51: Ork tech only works because orks believe it should - refutation
Myth #52: All orks prefer red colour to any other - refutation
Myth #53: Orks don't use navigation when making Warp-jumps - refutation
Myth #54: Orks are immune to the influence of Chaos and genestealer cults - refutation
Myth #55: Only tactic Tyranids use is zerg rush - refutation
Myth #56: Kroot race is fully integrated into Tau Empire - refutation
Myth #57: Tau is one of the major races - refutation
Myth #58: Philosophy of Greater Good is analogous to communism - refutation
Myth #59: All Tau are pheromone-controlled by Ethereals - refutation
Myth #60: Many Aspects and other eldar war formations only consist of members of a single sex - refutation
Myth #61: The only reason Imperium can't have peace with tau and eldar it it's own unjustified xenophobia - refutation
Myth #62: Dark eldar are a twisted version of Craftworlders - refutation
Myth #63: Commoragh is a single city in a specific location in the Webway - refutation
Myth #64: All Dark Gods' efforts are devoted to corrupting and destroying mortals - refutation
Myth #65: Chaos equals evil - refutation
Myth #66: Slaanesh is just a god of lust - refutation
Myth #67: Nurgle is just a god of diseases - refutation
Myth #68: All Khorne worshipers prefer close combat - refutation
Myth #69: All Tzeentch worshipers are sorcerers - refutation
Myth #70: First instance of Zombie Plague happened in Time of Ending due to Typhus efforts - refutation
Myth #71: All Chaos Space Marines are ten thousand years old - refutation
Myth #72: Chaos Astartes Legions still exist unchanged in M41 - refutation
Myth #73: Chaos Astartes dominate the Eye of Terror - refutation
Myth #74: All Chaos forces are based in Warp-anomalies - refutation
Myth #75: Possessed, Daemon Princes and Obliterators are all former Chaos Space Marines - refutation
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Find myself disagreeing with your thoughts on myth 72, that the traitor legions of the present no longer retain the organization and formations of the Heresy era. What about the Word Bearers, Iron Warriors, and Alpha Legion at large?

There are going to be warbands comprising of members from those legions, but by and large each one retains their original structure. (Or in the case of the Alpha Legion their relative lack of a distinct structure.)

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Seriously, is it really that hard to write reviews without spoilers?

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I've never said that all of the inner structure was dismantled. Still, the organisation enforced by Chaos Lords seems more prevalent than the Legion structure, thus, for example, the major differences between 30k Legion army list and the one in CSM codex.
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Myth #51: Ork tech only works because orks believe it should
Lore: This widespread misconception attempting to make greenskins into some form of psychic-only creatures is based on a in-universe (i.e. biased) piece of fluff and has no confirmation from an objective standpoint. Said piece of fluff was only written to show how strange and incomprehensible to the human mind some xenos tech might be, and how even the greatest scholars often find it impossible to understand its workings. It's important to understand that despite often looking like a bunch of crude scrap bolted together, ork tech frequently involves the use of complex technical knowledge that makes it perform way above expectations.
I see and hear people explain Ork tech this way quite often, and always thought it was a pretty dumb explanation. I'm glad there's more to it.


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A matter of interpretation, of course, but I've always found this point of view to be under-represented.
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Your pages on myth-busting definitely make for interesting reading, but you don't give any sources to your refutations. I realise that might take up too much time and effort, but I would consider it necessary - otherwise you end up with questions like "What's your source for that?"

Take, for example, the Emperor contacting people after his dying body takes the Throne to sit there for 10,000 years: what books/codices/etc. show him contacting those people you name? I'd really like to know!

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Yea, I didn't really think about it from the start and it would take too long now I guess

You can read about contact with the Emperor in the Imperial Armour - Siege of Vraks (Inquisitor Rex lore to be specific) and in the old Inquisition War trilogy
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