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nevermind! i just checked and i stand corrected by wikipedia
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yeah, its real. what i dont understand is how they made it in liquid form or are even able to use so much of it being that its radioactive and all. granted its only beta radiation, but guardsmen being exposed to it long enough must hurt them eventually. the one thing i do know is that its half-life sure as hell isnt 11 days. maybe years, but not days. in the 40k world, cant remember what book, they said that promethium burns longer, hotter, and sticks to surfaces very easily so immolating shit isnt hard.
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The most stable isotope is 145Pm with a half-life of 17.7 years and there are two others with half lifes in years. All of the remaining radioactive isotopes have half-lives that are less than 364 days, and the majority of these have half lives that are less than 27 seconds. So 11 days is plausible as one of these isotopes.
I don't know how they'd use them without getting radiation though. Obviously in the 41st millennium they have eliminated this problem

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You guys have got it all wrong.
You're giving the people at GW who came up with the cool sounding names waaaaaay too much credit.
They weren't thinking about a radioactive substance.
The fact that it even exists is pure coincidence.
I call to attention the pidgin latin (yeah right, it isn't even that!) that is used in WHFB as well as in 40K. Don't think the guys that came up with any and all names had anything to do with actual sience.

Just look at the plethora of stolen names from many different mythologies and you'll see what I mean. Horus? Abaddon? That primarch of the raven guard who's name just means raven in some dead language? Ferrus Manus (I mean, come on!)?
Face it.
GW, when they wrote the groundwork for their universe weren't the brightest bulbs in the box.
Not to say that it didn't turn out cool but that's beside the point

The name comes from the Greek titan Prometheus

Promethium is nothing more than Napalm. Gasoline mixed with detergent. Maybe some high tech equivalent or some such but basically just napalm.

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The constant use of him via the "counts as" rule is sickening and borders on power gaming.
Why do you think there's a normal Chaplain in the army list?
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Dismissing stuff as coincidecnce is easy to do, and spoils the fun.

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Yeah but it's true!
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About earlier where people where saying about the sizes of chainswords for the IG and SMs, I think the only IG unit which uses a chansword the same size as a Space Marine is a priest, I read it quite a while ago in Ciaphas Cain: Hero of the Imperium.

And i've also read about the Imperium using weapons as loud and like explosive and brutal as possible to scare opponents, might be wrong but that's what I've read.
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Yeah..... Camaris promethium definitely isnt napalm and detergent. especially since its an ELEMENT on the PERIODIC TABLE. napalm isnt composed of just one element or even molecule. its made of several. promethium is one thing and one thing only.

that and while it is radioactive, its only beta particles, not gamma. so a sheet of steel will protect a person from it. and i understand how it wouldnt hurt SM since they are wearing a lot more than a sheet of steel, but IG only wear a flack vest. will protect their vital organs, but not for several decades of exposure to it.

and yeah.... camaris while you make everything GW does as coincedence or lame, its MUCH more likely that they did it on purpose. Considering the number of writers and editors its supremely unlikely that every single one of them failed to notice promethium is a real element. that and the things they use as coincidence just adds to the fluff.
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i dont think it would hurt IG. like u said u only need a sheet of steel to block it. keep the promethium in a all steel contaner with a steel lined fuel line and that should work.

just a note i really dont know anything about that stuff so dont know if it would work butit sounds simply and i have learnd that for the most part the simply stuff works the best.
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