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Originally Posted by Romanov77 View Post
I cannot dismiss the feeling that this whole perpetual/cabal backstory is going to end into some lore screw up of titanical proportions.
Before Vulkan Lives and The Unremembered Empire I was excited about the potential of the perpetual sub-plot, now I'm not so sure.

Originally Posted by cegorach View Post
I do love how we don't even need CotE to comment anymore, chances are he has already said something intelligent before that can be re-applied to the current situation.
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Bear in mind. People were crying that Oll was a human who took a hit for the big E but now being a perpetual this is less of a sacrifice.

Unremembered just showed us that a perpetual can become human again. Making Oll's future sacrifice even greater.

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Dazed and confused.
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Originally Posted by Child-of-the-Emperor View Post
Before Vulkan Lives and The Unremembered Empire I was excited about the potential of the perpetual sub-plot, now I'm not so sure.
Same here. I even gushed about the possibilities of it to Abnett himself at the BL Dublin event.

Then they let Kyme near it.
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I liked the idea of perpetuals, and i can even understand writers wanting to make god weapons to kill immortals, it making the reading exciting.

but "different types of perpetuals" just seems like something they have made up so that its easier to fit any explanation about immortality loopholes throughout the story.

assuming the emperor is like grammaticus -
If the chaos gods knew this, was the plan just to kill the emperor "once", and then during his respawn time all hell would pour through the warp, and by the time he got back it would be too late? so many questions ...

but then again, maybe the emperor sitting on the throne was the better outcome for chaos? the cabal certainly wanted horus to win so that chaos didnt get the run from fighting humanity for 10000 years ...
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Because of this whole perpetual thing, I am considering never reading another Black Library novel ever. It is starting to make no sense.
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Afterall, like many things in the Wh4k lore, we can safely pretend that it never happened.

Just like I do with the new Necron lore and the new "Space Marines inside Space Marines" figurines.

Still pisses me off, though.
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I think that for the heretics, the whole point of hunting for old and mysterious weapons is in fact about having something powerful enough to kill the Emperor. The leaders of the rebellion must know that the Emperor is a perpetual and cannot be killed with "standard" weapons, but they also know that there are weapons capable of killing such individuals, one of which is introduced in Vulkan Lives. The fact that Erebus helps John Grammaticus to get away, knowing (and probably hoping) that he will kill Vulkan with the Fulgurite shows that the Heretics know about the perpetuals, and know how to kill them.

So, to get back to the subject, I think that during the duel, the Emperor was wounded mortally by Horus with such a weapon, and that the only option left to the loyalists was to sit Him on the Golden Throne, knowing that his inevitable death would tear the Imperium appart as sure as any Heresy. This would stick to the story even if the Emperor wasn't a perpetual, but "only" an immortal. I don't really believe in him getting up from his Throne, because if he could have recovered from his wounds he would have been able to do it a number of times during his travel from Horus' flagship to the Golden Throne.

And if I remember well, his immortality is mentionned in an older book of the series (A Thousand Sons or The Outcast Dead).

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Who's to say the Emperor knows what type of perpetual he is? Unless he has died and come back before, then how would he know? This may explain his choice to be placed on the throne. Add in the imperial forces in the warp and the demons at the gates. How could he take the risk?
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Or the Emperor knew he would regenerate from his wounds with Horus, and was anticipating on that happening. However someone, or something else persuaded the primarchs and or imperial government to put him into the golden throne.

Maybe someone didn't want the Emperor coming back to life, they didn't want him to regenerate as he would have. I believe the Golden Throne is deliberately keeping the Emperor from regenerating, and or reincarnating.

After all while playing chess the Emperor was moving chess pieces, which interestingly enough were very accurate to what happened throughout the horus heresy. Prior to Istvaan the Emperor stated while playing that he had to sacrifice one of his "Knights" in order to test/inspire the loyalty of his other pieces, this knight I believe to be symbolic for ferrus manus during the Istvaan event.

Furthermore towards the end of the game he notices that he is unable to take the opposing king piece, thus he states that the best option in this case is to simply reset the board back to turn 1. I believe this meant he was anticipating on killing Horus, being horribly injured from doing so but regenerating after doing so (thus turning the game to turn 1).

However the golden throne prevented him from doing that
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