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The 2nd Legion.
I mean what's not to love. These guys are just golden. And their backstory is one of the awesome things ever written. Not to mention that their Primarch is a virtual powerhouse that makes both Russ and Angron look like sissies.

Least favorite.
The 11th legion.
These guys are just embarrassing. The whole idea behind them are just pathetic. Sure at first glance it has potential but then it was taken in the wrong direction in the fluff and totally spoiled it for me. Plus you have to admit that their primarchs name is the silliest of them all.
It doesn't help that their colour scheme looks like it was thought up by a colour blind clown.

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^I chuckled

Fav: Salamanders (I have not read any of Kyme's novels so it's completely based off the general fluff)

Least: Dark Angels (They wouldn't be my least fav if I hadn't read the awful HH books)
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Originally Posted by Over Two Meters Tall! View Post
I'm not a big fan of the Night Haunters, World Eaters or the White Hands.
LOL really?
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Favorite: Dark Angels. Like their fluff and how the army plays on the tt. Did anyone really expect anything else from me? Traitor Legion is probably the one that got destroyed in that one battle over there.

Least Favorite: Ultramarines. Everyone follows what got written ten thousand years ago without exception for the most part? Yeah no thanks. Traitors are Emperor's Children. I just don't seem to like how they are after they fell.

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Favourite; Iron Hands. I love the fluff, the way the Legion operates, it's clan system, the use of biopics, Flesh is Weak, the Schism, their ties to the Adepts Mechanicus, Icons, colour scheme, just so much beautiful stuff. I've got all books regarding them digitally, a fair few physically. Just love them

Next, Chapters I have a great fondness for, be it characters, fluff etc. Alpha Legion, Thousand Sons, Raven Guard, Iron Warriors.

Meh Imperial Fists, Dark Angels, Emperors Children, White Scars, World Bearers, World Eaters,

Dislike Ultramarines, Space Wolves, Blood Angels. If I've forgotten any then that pretty much sums up my opinion.

Originally Posted by Tawa View Post

The Old World just became a fart in the bath.....
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Thousand Sons - Not only do they fight completely differently to the other legions, but their philosophy is different. Whereas other legions go around destroying and conquering, the sons want greater integration with the conquered peoples, they respect them more, and want to preserve and learn what they can.

Emperors Children. - Forget the fall of these guys for a second, think before Laer. They are the role models of what it means to be a marine of the great crusade. They are dedicated, they are deadly skilled and they are obsessed with finding martial perfection. There was a reason why the emperor picked these guys as his favourite!

Don't like

Quite a lot! Don't like the Space Wolves, World Eaters, Night Lords, Dark Angels, Ultramarines or the Alpha Legion
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They are all good in their own way. As fans we should enjoy all of them for what they stand for. You can talk up every chapter and find good qualities in them all.

With that said, the fans of individual chapters are crazy stupid.

Fans of the blue boys and the space puppies are usually quiet since they get the most heat. However you sometimes get the one REALLY dedicated fan who won't stop defending them.

GK fan girls just spout off the new fluff like "DRAIGO FTW!!" and it is hard to fight that since they currently are the fluff champions of everything.

Then you have the likes of the White Scars, the Death Guard, or any non popular chapter fans who are almost as elusive as a unicorn, so you can't hate on them. I have yet to see a big Iron Warriors fan.

With that said, are there any Word Bearer fans? I never see many people like them. Poor Lorgar is usually at the bottom of everyones list. Poor WB.

However you can spot a Alpha nerd and a T-lemming from a mile away. Almost all their posts have to do with how GREAT their chapter is. We get it, you like them. Please broaden your horizon.
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Honestly my favorites are the Night Lords and Alpha Legion,and the Iron Warriors. Least favorite is probably the Imperial Fists. Your all masochists we get it. (Even though Sigismund is my second favorite HH characters. Probably because he's pretty obviously WE influenced. )
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Love the Night Lords, Worlds Eaters and Alpha Legion because these are all real ways people have waged war.

I dislike the Ultramarines because they are basically the "We outnumber you" Legion. Also their Primarch is second only to Horus in obviously thinking he was worthy of his own giant empire.
I dislike Leman Russ for being too damned stupid to destroy prospero without re-consulting with the Emperor. (How does a Primarch that's so stubborn take a rival brother at his word, when he never has before?)
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CJay: I don't see anything wrong with having a favorite Legion - different personalities and all that. Besides, some Legions are frankly more boring (less developed). Sure, they all have their place in the background, and ultimately the debate has about as much worth as the "favorite color" debate; but there's nothing wrong with having a favorite color.

Here's my list:

Strongly like: Thousand Sons, Raven Guard, Iron Warriors, Salamanders
Like: Iron Hands, Alpha Legion, Blood Angels, Death Guard, Ultramarines, Sons of Horus
Ambivalent: Emperor's Children, Space Wolves, Dark Angels
Dislike: White Scars, Night Lords, Imperial Fists
Strongly dislike: Word Bearers, World Eaters

Renegades Saga contributions
The Emperor has turned to Chaos. The dream of the Imperium has become a nightmare. But Horus and his Coalition stand against the dark, here at the end of time.

Lorgar's Betrayal
What was broken has been mended. And what was burned away can never be reforged.
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