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Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
Digital Weapons, probably the needler. I do love the idea of hugely potent weapons that fit within a signet ring. Perfect for assassinations.
In reading that I'd be tempted to revise my pick to be the Jokaero digital weapons, lascannon/melta/Hflamer in a glove !

Take out a land raider by pointing at it !
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Artillery, either Basiliks or Dakka Gunz from the Orks. Pure, sheer unadulterated firepower. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH

"Walk Softely, and Carry a Big Gun!"
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Big Shoota. Will you hit the broadside of a barn? No.
Are you going to punch through a tank? No.
Are things going to explode? Not unless the gun explodes in your hand.
Does it look elegant? No.

But there is just something rewarding about screaming DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA! as you unload on something and hit everything but what you were aiming at.

Aw, who am I kidding? Anything that's made by the Orks are a must have. Cept for the statues of dung. I respect their artistic nature, but I don't want it on my carpet.

Heresy you say? That brother is a matter of perception.
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For me its either the Agoniser or the Dark Light weapons xD
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Meltabombs: I hate being stuck in traffic.
Virus Bombs: I really hate being stuck in traffic.
Shokk attack gun: Lots of random-based fun.

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Thunder Hammer, anybody that has ever used a grav hammer in Halo must vote for this. oh there's a person WHOOMMMP! he's dead, oh there's a tank WHOOMMMP! he's dead.

It is said that the guttural sound of Dwarfs bellowing Grungni’s name is enough to make an Elf’s knees knock and a Goblin turn a sickly shade of yellow!
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Deathstrike, how else to massacre one billion greenskins without loss of human life? Just call in the Deathstrikes. How else to take out a legion of Bloodthirsters? Deathstrikes? How else to defeat the trickery of the Eldar? Mohahahahaha!

My story about the commissars Zachary Carrus and Michelle Ionza and their life and crimes https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...d.php?t=123690
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Lightning Claws. I'd get to go all shinkity-shink wolfie berzerker style on anyone that I deem fit.

Potentially also useful: the ability to wield the weapon in an effective manner.

Second prize: Digital weapons for the win. Tycho's Dead Man's Hand would be cool, since no armour saves at all get taken against his attacks in CC and it has rending against hand. My kind of powered gauntlet.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

40k Army Projects

Industrial Table WIP
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I would have to go for a Gauss weapon. Something very appealing about watching your enemies being flayed alive atom by atom. The agony of that must be indescribable.
Although any Necron weapon would just be pure awesome for me.

I love the image of chain swords, chainfists and chainaxes though. They all just scream "DEATH METAL!!" to me, lol.

There is nothing funnier than Ork tech too...
The Shokk Attack Gun is a total riot!

Hell every weapon in 40k is pretty damn awesome really!

We Are Legion
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Something like a las gun, pulse rifle, plasma gun or tesla carbine. Energy weapons are simply awesome and anyone who says otherwise is mentally unstable and should not be allowed near sharp/pointy objects. Iether that or a volcano cannon, because overkill style fuck you's for everyone is always fun.
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