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View Poll Results: 40k VS Star Wars
Tie. 2 2.22%
Star Wars barley. 4 4.44%
Star Wars badly 12 13.33%
40k barley 14 15.56%
40k badly 58 64.44%
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Default 40k VS Star Wars

While the answers may be biased since this is a Warhammer site, tell me Heresy who would win in a fight 40k or Star Wars and how bad?
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I'd choose "Star Was" considerably.

Why? Star Wars have reliable Faster-Than-Light travel technology. The ability to reliably deliver strikes and reinforcements is crucial in developments, and the hit and run abilities of having in-system FTL technology are far more valuable than having Spess Marines.

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Considering how badly storm troopers shoot, and the fact that their armour can't stop anything, 40k would walk it easily

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Moved to 40K Fluff

40K wins because, well, they just do.

Also, Ewoks eat people.
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Got to depend on which universe it's in as well. If it's in the 40k verse, then the warp and all the nasty shit that comes with it is going to play a factor.
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I swear we had a massive one of these threads a while back that just ended up as a flame war...

For the record I'm going with 40k simply because of scale.

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Spanner's got some great advice as well... Listen to that wise man.

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i would love to see a jedi vs khan the betrayer that would be an insane fight.
but i think we would also need to take into account. WHEN about in 40k and in star wars would this be?.
we talking the emperor walking about or we talking as it stands now.

also are we talking star war during the clone wars with full clone army full robots army and few hundred jedi. or the latest one where the rebels have destroyed most of the forces.

i feel i have thought to much about this.

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As a seventies kid, brought up on Star Wars there is only really one winner for me.

Boba Fett FTW

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If it came down to a one-on-one pitched battle between equal opposing sides:

Star Wars would win handily in a space engagement with reliable FTL technology, reliable deflector shields, and almost purely energy weapons/torpedoes. They also have far more maneuverable space superiority fighters. And once they won the orbital engagement it wouldn't take long for the bombardments and strafing runs to win the ground war. It's also important to remember that hyperspace doesn't appear to take that long even when you're crossing the entire galaxy, while Warp travel can take months if the currents are messy.

As soon as Jedi are involved all hope for 40k flies out the window, as the Jedi are possessed of George Lukas' greatest weapon, the "Create New Powers As You Need Them" power. I'm not sure they could deflect a bolter round with a lightsaber, but they could probably bounce them away with the force and just use the saber for lasbolts.

Come to think of it since the blaster weapons in Star Wars are all laser based and lasers by definition have almost no kinetic energy, it's entirely possible Jedi could deflect lascannon bolts.
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Note that in Star Wars laser bolts are ridiculously slow (perhaps that's why they can travel faster-than-light so easily?) and Spess Marines could probably dodge some of them. Besides, attacked by clones, they wouldn't really have to dodge - just charge in and slay everything clad in plastic armour.
Add daemons, countless Orks, Tyranids, Necrons, Eldars and imperial artillery and, for me at least, it is clear that 40k > SW.
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