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Default Fremen Marines

Want all the help I can get with this concept

(NOTE: If you have not read the book 'Dune', you might be confused)

Anyways, here's the basic idea: A chapter of marines is founded on a desert planet. On this planet is your basic populace that lives in the few cities and mine the __________(insert thing here), while in the desert there are tribes of warriors, who have lived on the planet since the Age of Strife. These tribes combat not only the other tribes, but also the planet itself. From birth, they are raised to be warriors, raised to deal with the harsh conditions. Incredibly survivable and deadly, they make perfect recruits for the chapter.

Ok, the bigger idea:

-I don't have a name for the chapter/planet/anything really. Nor a paintscheme. While I have no idea on a name, I was thinking that maybe Graveyard Earth would work for the main color, but thats about all I have so far.

-The tribes fight using stealth and pure ferocity. When fighting eachother, its about whoever is stronger. When fighting outsiders, they use their stealth to get in close, before jumping at the enemy. They make use of infiltrated fire support to suppres an enemy, but its mostly hand-to-hand combat.

-Due to the sand, vehicles arn't used in the deep desert. The storms can rip such contraptions apart, while the sand alone gets into the vehicles and corrodes them. Plus, the desert is unstable, so vehicles have a hard time transversing the sand. Due to this, the tribes fight entirely as infantry. (NOTE: It is still a possibility to include the worms, but I havn't quite figured out how to make it work)

-Women play a major roll in the tribes, as they are the only ones that manifest psyker abilities. Such women serve as spiritual leaders. That said, occasionally a male will be born with psyker powers, but all individuals either die young or are recruited into the chapter. The rarity of male psykers creates superstition, which is carried by the tribesmen into the chapter, so librarians are rarely seen on the battlefield.

-As the tribes fight using stealth and ferocity, so does the chapter. Every marine is trained in the art of infiltration (and has been, since birth). The natives are fierce in close combat, which is only hightened by the implants and training a marine recieves. (This, along with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th notes I posted above would give me the advantages See but don't be Seen, and the disadvantages Flesh over steel and Have Faith in Supsition. Now I can't decide between No Mercy, No Respite or Take the Fight to them for the second advantage)

-The Chapter, much like the tribes, strives on self-reliance. Every element of the chapter, from Company to squad to each individual marine. There is no scout company, no reserve company. Rather, there are 7 battle companies, with the scouts interspersed throughout them. Each Battle Company contains 5-8 tactical squads, 2-3 assault squads, and 1-2 devastator squads, depending on the captain's preference. The 1st company is still the veteran company, but it much larger. However, the company is never together, as the veterans spend most of their time serving in the other companies.

-While the Chapter posseses suits of tactical dreadnought armor, most veterans prefer to fight in power armor, as it allows them to use the tactics that have been beaten into their head from birth. As such, terminators are rarely seen, and are only called in when the current forces cannot deal with an enemy. (NOTE: I'm not sure whether or not to make this so that all veterans have to take terminator honors. It would give the chapter some more character, but would it make them any less competitive? Cause as it's written now, including vet squads is fluffy, but I don't want to kill using lots of veterans because of an upgrade mandatory according to the fluff. And if your not going to go by fluff, why do a custom chapter?)

-Keeping with the light infantry theme, the chapter maintains few peices of armor, perferring to use their natural stealth abilities. In the entire chapter, there is only 1 Land Raider. There were once more, but as they were lost the chapter never found a need to replace them. Occasionally, when stealth cannot achieve the objective, transports are used. But, the chapter lacks the more specialized Razorback, so Predators are used in such situations. Combined with the in-your-face style of warfare the chapter conducts, the only pieces of armor that can be fielded in any sort of numbers are Rhinos, Predator Destructors (lacking the Annihaltor variant), and Landspeeders. However, the only piece of armor that sees any sort of frequent use is the Drop Pod, becasue there are times stealth cannot infiltrate it's way to the objective.

-While maintaining a Fortress-monostary in the heart of a massive mountain-range in the deepest part of the desert (where no living creature can go), the companies, much like the native tribes, spend most of their time at other keeps spread throughout the Segmentum (not sure which one) or on crusades. The chapter has many campaigns to it's name, and each company has it's own long, illustrous history. (NOTE: I wanted to maintain the whole sietch thing of the Fremen, cause they have that big city in the deep desert, but spend alot of time in smaller settlements)

-In the desert, nothing is more important then moisture conservation. For Marines, nothing is more important then maintaining the geneseed. To the Chapter, they combine the two, resulting in the fact that they will never leave a fallen brother behind. All geneseed is saved, and the bodies are returned to the tribe the marine came from, so that they may take the body's water. In this way, the relationship between the chapter and the natives remains intact.

-The natives had a prophecy of a messiah coming to them to show them the rightous way. The original Chapter master (a distinguished captain from another chapter) took this to his advantage when he convinced each tribe that he was an avatar of the Emperor, and that if they served him by giving the chapter recruits, when he was reborn, their planet would be remade into a lustrous world, with flowing water and large plants. Such was the charisma of this chapter master that the tribes swore a blood-oath to the Emperor.

-The belief structure of the Chapter is different then most chapters, in the way that they worship the Emperor as more then just a man. They believe him to be a messiah, sent to them by the gods. Ironically, it was the first chapter master that created this belief, but was against worshipping the Emperor as anything more then a great Man. However, the recruits from the tribes that he had wowed believed his charade, and truly thought the Emporer had chosen him as an avatar to show them the path to salvation. After the chapter masters' death, this belief became widespread throughout the chapter, and is now part of the beliefs of the chapter.

Thats all I have so far.
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One thing I would recommend is the addition of bikes. They are a good solid desert vehicle, and, due to their exposed compents, can be easily repaired and refitted for desert warfare.

As for a camo scheme, lots of greys and browns would be good, perhaps fortress grey and some kommando khaki?

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Default a lil add to the fluff

well as for mining that would be easy in a is neaded for glass and other for the color schemme I agree...greys but more with tans and browns...equal parts of snakebite leather and bleached bone work well for this...bikes and speeders are good choices for getting in quick and as for you other trait...I would go with taking the fight to them...just seems to fit your fluff...

and just an idea for the worms, but perhaps a one to one mounting thing like the IG roughriders or bikers would be something to look at...hope that helps...

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a sniper scouts will look cool with their cloaks.

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Yeah, I was thinking alot of them could wear cloaks. Thank god the DA are getting a bunch of new models.
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you should make a camo scheme its very different but if got an army of jungle marines they look awesome best of luck
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