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Default The Great Crusade With More Players

Okay, so the Great Crusade had it kind of easy when it came to enemies. Aside from corrupted humans, humans refusing to lose their independence, and multiple minor xeno species, the Legions only faced three major factions: the Orks mostly, with the occasional encounter of both varieties of Eldar.

So let's up the ante then. The Necron dynasties have picked the worst possible time to wake up as the Legions and newly awoken Tombworlds collide. Meanwhile, a Tyranid fleet has appeared in the galactic south and is eating it's way toward Terra. As icing on the cake, the Tau are at the top of their game, having undergone their 3rd expansion phase.

With this new opposition, how would the Emperor, his Primarchs, and their Legions react, assuming that the Primarchs are found in the same order and planets they were originally? How would the Heresy develop if at all? What the resultant Imperium look like?
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Im gonna go off of the primarchs and legions have been found already with this answer.
They kick the crap out of just about everyone as usual, and then run into a major problem with the Tyranids. Then the forces that are still realing from being foolish enough to try and resist the Imperium IN ITS PRIME, realize they have to ally with them in order to destroy the massive Tyranid hive fleets. whoever wins that match takes the rest of the galaxy (also assuming Chaos does not corrupt any Astartes)

Ooops forgot the Necrons....they would be a huge thing to overcome.

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The only piece that doesn't quite jibe is the Tyranids, as established fluff (OK, OK, I have no real idea where, but it keeps getting repeated) has it they're really just an oversized moth attracted to the Astronomican's flame. On the other hand, I do believe they were present in the galaxy at the time of the HH, as the xenos species described in Horus Rising on the grass-world encountered by the ECs and the LWs prior to finding the Interex.

Its hard to say otherwise... would the Emperor have mysteriously disappeared to finish the webway, as an even more important tool in the fight against the Necron? They're the only credible threat all told and I think the Emperor would have been scared witless about their awakening so soon. The Heresy would probably have been pushed back since all the Primarchs wouldn't have been brooding about "but what will happen to me after the GC" bullshit and I question weather or not the Emperor would have moved to establish the High Council of Terra with a galactic-scale directed war. Either way, the Emperor had already schooled one of the remaining C'Tan (shard BS aside)... so perhaps he could establish a Mars East by imprisoning even more C'Tan shards around the galaxy.

The Tau would have been praying to Jeebus... the envigorated Mechanicum would have loved to get their hands on the more advanced tech pieces, and the continuing Tau gap in Warp tech would have been a major handicap in them holding off the Emperor. Or who knows, perhaps the Emperor would have sent Magnus to overcome the Ethereals and let the rest of the race devolve back to the stone age? Then again, I don't remember hearing about any truly galactic-scale enemy empires during the HH outside of a few more localized Ork WAAAAAAGGGGHHHs, and the Tau have successfully expanded despite the 40K crusades.

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The species on Murder was not a strain of Tyranid. Tyranid's don't use metal. There was no evidence of synapse creatures and i'm fairly sure they had a different number of limbs (to date every tyranid organism has 6 limbs).

Also the Astronomicon was there during the Great Crusade, powered and directed by the Emperor. It was after his internment on the throne that the astronomicon choir was necessary.

As to the op's scenario;

The Tau from 40k transplanted into 30k would be no threat at all, just another minor xenos empire to conquer. As it is in 40k the Tau are only a localized threat. 30k Tau were of course stone age savages.

The Tyranids i also don't think would be too great a threat. The 40k Imperium with inferior leadership and organization has been able to halt every major hive fleet so far. When they dig their heels in and make a stand they win. The 30k Imperium would have the advantage of immeasurably superior leadership in the form of the Emperor and the Primarchs and the luxury of not being under constant attack from all manner of threats and so suffer from diverted attentions and an inability to gather it's strength as 40k suffers.

Out of those you listed the Necrons would be the greatest threat. They have the technology, organizational and leadership capacity to pose a threat, likely the greatest xenos threat the 30k Imperium could face.

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To be fair, there were a lot more Xenos empires, some of which were pretty powerful (the Orks being the most pervasive) during the Great Crusade, so I wouldn't say they "had it easy."

Tau, Tyranids, and Necrons? The Imperium wins, easy. Not only is it the golden age of humanity, where the Imperium is completely united, but the Legions are still intact, so no one bats an eye at 10,000 marines marching together, the Primarchs are still around, and so is the Emperor. At this point in time, nothing stands a chance.
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I'm with Daxxglax on this, better tech and leadership and twice the amount of marines as there are in the 40k world! And the Imperium did not have it easy during the crusade, at ullanor the emperor himself led about half the legions against an ork waaagghh, if it took 9 legions and the big E plus a huge imperial army to defeat it, that would make Ghazgkulls little foray into Armageddon a mere triffle

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Their were necrons waking around then, if goto is to be taken as cannon that is, as in the second DoW book we find out that a force of astartes in deep red armour (the colour of the blood ravens, TSs) did something to stop the whole planets worth awakening on Rahes paradise with the help of the eldar.

This suggests that they were thought of as a threat best avoided if possible

of course its gotto so pinch of salt as far as canon
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The nids might be in the galaxy prior to 30K fenris and catachan have species that may be evolved and feral nid forms.

Honestly the nids would still be a threat unless they can beat the shadow the nids cast any planet with a nid swarm approaching it is going to be alone.

Now it depends on what a primarch can do against a swarm lord who has countless years of combat experience is unknown. The only way you can beat the nids is by attrition.
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