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nice boy, daft though !
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to answer the original question with a question, Why do you need a reason? I doubt the rule book will require you to create a solid argument as for why these two armies have taken the feild together other than you have paid the required points from the relevant codex and have made the required minimum selections, after than who cares?
But if you need a reason here are a few
Because one of the two armies is a Merc force
Because the leader of the necron force feels that chaos can offer his people the fastest way to a flesh body.
Because the Necrons programming was corupted by chaos/warpstorm/water/corrosion.
Because the chaos marines must do pro bono fighting for less fortunate armies
because the landlord at your local pub told you to
Because necrons look like chaos marines who could use a few pies
Because the leaders are married and insist on bringing there warbands on dates
Because im pretty
Because of the constant Eldar threat its not safe to bring one army.

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I can see necrons allying with chaos, (could count as chaos androids from way back when, mentioned in both the first Heretic and a Thousand sons) but not the other way around

Orks and chaos make a modicum of sense with the whole "You wanted a new planet to wage on, we have given it to you, You wanted to fight X, they are here, and we just want you to keep they busy"

I wouldn't mind if people tried to do some fluff as to why their armies are together but most won't, and most won't convert any thing as count as.

I did laugh when even in the promotional video the bloke clear thought "this ally system is stupid in small games"
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I'm really looking forward to the allies part - But I think it just seems to be me.

My eldar and wolves can now team up (not that I would - prefer to keep those two separate) but that would help now my eldar haven't got any good cc any more. Although if my eldar ever ally with anyone, it's to stab them in the back asap...

But the allies chart means I can now field my csm and demons in the same army. I've had to get an FOC worth of demons just to be able to use them, but now I can take the 'thirster or the 'keeper as part of my normal army and I'm really looking forward to this - A themed crossover army. It's what my army was supposed to be - I'd wanted chaos since 2nd ed - By the time I got them it was 4th and I could no longer field the army I wanted. Now I can - Score.
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I see this allie way simply a gaming-thing, not fluffy. Its like when you play DOW and Tyranids can ally with IG and Chaos against other Tyranids. However, you CAN do it fluffy with Orks and Chaos, Traitor Guard and Chaos, SM and Eldar and so on. Its up to yourself.

However the "unholy alliances" which should never happen, are simply a gaming thing, kinda like Nurgle Bezerkers or Slaaneshi Thousand Sons. I am a fluff-nazy, but I can still see the difference and tell them apart. I for one, will keep my Chaos armies fluffy, but think about using Traitor Guard to expand them.
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In the grim darkness of the liberal future there is slight hatred for one another.

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In the desperate dimness of the future, there is only wary friendship.

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I find it odd that Tau and IG are not battle brothers.... Unless of course Demiurg will make an appearance in any eventual new book... It would have made a perfect way to model them...
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Given the few posts above, exactly how long would it take for Warhammer 40,000 to become ponies, I am seeing an awful lot more friendship than I was used to and for one don't like it.
I mean yes it is possible that an inquisitor would find four orks and convince them that together they might be able to take out the seven chaos marines and that alone they would all die. But in my experience, most inquisitors are a bit ... overzealous. In fact most of the imperium would face execution if they did consort with Xenos.

Oh and Eldar being easy allies with Dark Eldar ... seriously? You think that if some Eldar mercenaries were contracted to work for Dark Eldar they would be brothers in arms? Really? I thought they were sworn mortal enemies and were pretty much parallels with Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines. I mean it is possible that you could convince a renegade chapter of Space Marines to join forces with Chaos Space Marines technically going by the same basis. If Abaddon said to them "look Sonny Jims, do this for me and I will give you three thousand Gene Seed and fourty nine Strike Cruisers" Then yeah the renegade chapter (But still space marine army) would do it no? This just makes no sense to me how they class some things together but still disallow some, it is like most of Warhammer 40k, self contradictory. Which certainly keeps things interesting.
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I think fluff wise a some of the armies don't work, but I definately think the 'nids should get orks and IG (for the purpose of an old coven style army - to be honest, anyone wanting to field one against me would be welcome to, I think it'd be a boss army!).

The only ones I think would be a bit ropey would be Templars and some of the choices they have. They don't really like chapters with too many many psykers do they (bar grey knights)? so them and xenos of any style I would have thought would be a bit naughty like.

Orks I could pretty much see fighting alongside anyone (bar obviously templars and marines in general), Necrons, not being the mindles automatons they used to be I could see them allying with pretty much anyone.

I'll reserve judgement for the others, some of them I think would work well and others not so much, but it is just a game so you don't have to face them if you don't want to.

I know my brother is made up, as his Templar and IG armies are based on fluff together anyway so it's worked out for the greater good... Can't say I'll be playing my greenskins alongside my wolves though...

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