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Default Design a datasheet

The best of the best datasheets submitted will be featured in the upcoming issue of The Heretic.

Keep these balanced and playable folks!
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Ok, here goes:

Name: Fire Lord(Original, I know)

Unit: 1 Fire Lord
Type: Super-Heavy Tank
Structure Points: 3
Weapons and Equipment: Hull Mounted Inferno Cannon, 2 Sponsons, each with Lascannon and TL Heavy Flamer, Searchlight and Smoke Lanchers

BS 3 Front 15 Side 12 Back 12

Points 450
Options: the Fire Lord may take any upgrade in the Imperial Guard Codex for the Points llisted. It may also have 1-2 hellhounds in formation, for the cost in the codex.

Special Rules:
Storm of Fire! If the Fire lord fires at any taget, hellhounds may fire at the same target, providing it is in range, adding 1 to the str of the attack.

This just a thing i've been thinking of doing. the fluf for the armour: When imperial commanders came across the massive tyranid swarms, some baneblades were fitted with massive inferno cannons. the front of the former baneblade was fitted with extra pannels to stop it from mealting. the side and back armour was reduced due to the massive cylindar, holding the promethum for the cannon. Hellhound were later made to follow in for mation with the Baneblade, Now called by most the Fire Lord.
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Ok, here goes.

Name: Da Big Kabloomey Trukk

Unit: 1 Da Big Kabloomey Trukk
Type: Tank
Structure Points: 1
Weapons and Equipment: Big Shoota

BS 2
Front 14
Side 12
Rear 10

Points: 200

Special Rules:
Jus' press dat big red button!: The Trukk is a massive fuel truck that is charged with the role of charging deep into enemy lines and then self destructing, resulting in a massive fireball. On a roll of 4+ the trukk drivers proceed to self destruct precedures, which is simply pressing the "big red button". If the roll is below 4, then the Orks are too excited running over enemies with their plow and continue without heeding orders. If the Trukk is damaged in any way besides Crew Stunned, Shaken, and Weapon destroyed, then the trukk explodes in its tracks and place an apocalypse blast template on the center of the trukk. The strength of the blast is as follows:

Strength: 10
AP: 2
Special: Apocalypse Blast

That's about it, djinn, if you would like a pic of the mini, just give me a pm, and I'll get to work!
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Default Harbingers of the Seven Plagues

Here's one for consideration

The Great Daemon God Nurgle revels in his creation of plagues. In a testament to his will, he often sends Heralds to spread his plagues to the material worlds. As his sacred number is Seven, he has crafted seven specific plagues which his Heralds release in order to please their God. In his humor, he has trusted his plagues to mortal men, but has gifted them with great power to insure they succeed in delivering his plagues across the universe. Or perhaps he has damned them into manifesting into the very Plagues they spread, such is the whim of the Father.

Formation cost: 200pts+Models

7 Chaos Lords, Chaos Sorcerers
7 Units consisting of 7 models from the following Chaos Space Marines, Chosen, Terminators, Possessed, Raptors, Bikers, Havocs or Plague Marines

All Models are considered to have the Mark of Nurgle & a Personal Icon for free.
All units may upgrade 1 model to a champion for free and may take the Icon of Nurgle for free.
Whenever a Lord or Sorcerer delivers their Plague, they must be possessed by a Great Unclean One. In addition, they must choose 1 non HQ unit in their formation and transform them into a unit of 7 Plague Bearers (they may be replaced while in Melee).
Each Lord or Sorcerer carries a specific Plague, mark down what each one carries, they must be delivered in order. If a Herald is killed before it can deliver its Plague, then no further Plagues can be unleashed further in the line. Only a single Plague can be unleashed per turn (any player turn, in the case of shorter games).

The First Plague; Insects. Nurgle releases a host of Insects to protect his host. All Units & Models within the formation will be considered in cover for the remainder of the turn and grants them assault and defense grenades.

The Second Plague; Nurglings. Followers of Nurgle, the Nurglings scurry across the battlefield to cause as much mayhem and confusion as they can for their great father. 7 units of 7 Nurgling bases may deep-strike onto the field. If they manifest within range of an Icon, they may assault the turn they arrive.

The Third Plague; Darkness. A vast darkness covers the land causing great fear and despair into the enemy. All units outside the formation must use the Night-fight rules until the next turn.

The Fourth Plague; Blight. Rivers turn to poison, food rots, supplies dry up and wither. The formation may prevent any unit special rules on a 4+ until the next turn, (Ex; Fleet, Furious Charge, Fearless, etc) but the unit must be using its rules against the Formation.

The Fifth Plague; Beasts of Burden. The followers of Nurgle summon great beasts to destroy those that would resist the gifts of Nurgle. 7 units of 7 Beasts of Nurgle may deep-strike onto the field. If they manifest within range of an Icon, they may assault the turn they arrive.

The Sixth Plague; the Black Death. A most dangerous pandemic unleashed to damage not only those that do not succumb to the will of the Father, but break their spirits. Every unit, friend or foe within 6 of any model in the formation is immediately hit with the Nurgles Rot psychic power. Such is the power of Nurgle, that this is not a psychic test and cannot be stopped as such.

The Seventh Plague; Rain of Plagues. The final Plague prepares the world itself for the coming of the Father. Plagues, Pestilence, Acid and all manner of contaminant fall from the sky. Place the 10 template anywhere on the board, any model under the template is wounded on a 2+ (4+ for any Gargantuan creatures), no armor of cover saves allowed. Roll a dice for each vehicle under it; vehicles suffer no damage on a 1-2 a glancing hit on 3-4 and a penetrating hit on a 5-6. The area is covered in pools of acid that seep deadly poisons and assorted bile, the area affected by the template is now dangerous terrain for anyone not in the formation for the remainder of the game.

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The Chaos Marines of Slaanesh, such as the Emperor's Children, have long been addicted to the extremes of sensation. In an attempt to share this "joy" with others, Slaaneshi Mechanicus Adepts created the Pulsator. Non-Slaaneshi Chaos Lords have been known to dread alliances with Slaaneshi Lords known to use Pulsators- the tanks are equally detrimental to friend and foe alike.

UNIT: 1 Pulsator of Slaanesh

TYPE: Vehicle, Tank


4 12 12 12

See Special Rules

Pulsation Generator:
The Pulsator is covered in all manner of giantic speakers, pipes, vox-hailers, and sirens. The vehicle is initially "off", and can be turned on or off at the beginning of any Chaos turn. Once "on", the vehicle CANNOT move. When activated, a wall of sound continuously pulses from the tank and covers the entire tabletop. ALL infantry models must roll 2d6 as if in difficult terrain due to the shaking of the ground and rupturing eardrums. ALL Flyers must immediately leave the table or suffer a S7 hit from the pulse wave. ALL Skimmers must land (If able) or remain stationary or suffer a hit of similar strength. Any ruins on the table will collapse on a roll of 5+. ALL shooting on the table suffers a -1 to hit, and an extra die is rolled for any scatter, if necessary (Not affecting any models with the Mark or Icon of Slaanesh). ALL models lose one point off of their WS (Not affecting any models with the Mark or Icon of Slaanesh) due to the unsettling nature of the "music". The noise DOES seem to affect Noise Marines or any model with the Icon or Mark of Slaanesh in a favorable way- In Assault they are so "pumped" by hearing their "song" they receive +1 attack when charging (In addition to the regular +1).

Too DAMN LOUD!: Roll a d6 at the end of every turn (Owner and opponent) the Pulsator is "on". On a roll of 6, the Pulsator suffers a penetrating hit as it begins to buckle under the strain. If it explodes, use the Apocalyptic Blast marker for the size of the explosion. Any models even partially under the template are hit with a S7 AP3 hit from a final crescendo of noise and debris.

(Designer's Note: This was done on a dare from a Slaaneshi player. Please direct the love and hate towards HIM.... I originally posted this on another site, but decided my Heresy brethern should "enjoy" it, too )

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Comon all , I know you all have more ideas for formations and datasheets? Isn't there that one vehicle you have always wanted? Now is the time!
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Alaitoc Ranger Force

The Alaitoc Craftworld has ever been noted for the large quantity of Rangers present in it's armies. Therfore, when the Craftworld mobilises for war it is only fitting that Rangers gather in even greater amounts. The Alaitoc Ranger Force combines these nomadic warriors and places them under the command of an Autarch who has also trodden the Path of the Outcast. Under his command, they appear as if from nowhere, often deep in enemy territory cutting supply lines and disrupting reserves. Often, the Autarch's bodyguard will be capable of advancing at a moderate pace while laying down a whithering volley of sniperfire, safe in the knowledge that the Autarch is keeping watch for any threat.

50 points+models

1 Autarch and 3-6 units from the following list

Special Rules:
The Walls Have Eyes: The formation is not deployed at the beginning of the battle, but instead enter play using the strategic reserves rule. When deployed, the formation comes into play in any area terrain feature on the table large enough to accomodate the entire formation.

The Outcast Returned: The Autarch has tread the Path of the Outcast, and has called on many old allies for aid. He benefits from the same rules as Rangers and is equiped with a Ranger Long Rifle. He may select additional equipment as normal with the exception of a Banshee Mask. Any unit he joins may choose to be under the effect of Slow and Purposeful for that player turn, only if the Autarch forgoes a round of shooting.

Strategic Assets:
The formation adds the Ambush Strategic Asset.

Three things matter in marksmanship - location, location, location.
- Vindicare Temple training dogma

"DoW2 is the best thing to come to the computer for 40k players since Armybuilder."
- bigred, BOLS
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Chaos United
350 Pts + Models

Across the galaxy, the forces of chaos vie with each other and the other races for supremacy. Mighty champions arise in each faction of chaos. Through the subtle machinations of tzeentch and his chosen, or through the vagaries of fate, these disparate forces may meet and be welded together into an unstoppable fighting force. Before Abaddon's first black crusade, the warriors of the World Eaters, Thousand Sons, Emperor's Children, and Death Guard legions banded together in an assault on the Fortress World of the Black Legion. Traitor fought traitor and the gods were well pleased as even stronger champions arose and were gifted with new powers in the heat of battle.

2+ Chaos Lord with mark of Khorne, 1+ Chaos Lord with mark of tzeentch, 1+ Chaos Lord with mark of Nurgle, 1+ Chaos Lord with mark of nurgle. 1+ Chaos Sorceror with mark of tzeentch. 1+ Chaos sorceror with mark of nurgle. 1+ Chaos sorceror with mark of slaanesh.
The number of independent characters with the mark of one god may not exceed the number of independent characters with the mark of another god.

2+ units of Plague Marines, 2+ units of Khorne Berzerkers, 2+ units of Noise Marines, 2+ units of Thousand Sons.
As above, the number of units of one cult troop must be equal to the number of units of each other cult troop.

Special Rules
Chaos lords and sorcerors benefit from the following additional effects of their marks of chaos:
Khorne: +1 S, +1 additional attack. Model may purchase the "runes of the blood god" upgrade for 15 pts. Perils of the warp resulting from the upgrade strikes at S10. Bloodfeeders now rebel only on a result of double 1's.

Nurgle: additional +1 toughness, model gains feel no pain. If model is a sorceror, it gains the Nurgle's Rot psychic power for free in addition to any other powers purchased for it. If model is a chaos lord, plaguebringers do not rebel.

Slaanesh: additional +1 I, +1 WS. If model is a sorceror, it gains the lash of submission power for free in addition to any other powers it purchases. If model is a chaos lord, it may take a doom siren for +10 pts and blissgivers do not rebel.

Tzeentch: additional +1 to invulnerable save. If model is a sorceror, model may pass psychic tests automatically and may use the same power (even the same shooting power) up to two times in a turn. Model may also take up to 3 psychic tests per turn instead of the normal 2. If model is a chaos lord, deathscreamer shooting attacks now use the following profile: S 6 AP 2 Assault D6 + 2. Deathscreamer melee attacks ignore invulnerable saves. Deathscreamers may not rebel in the shooting phase.

Might of Chaos: the combined forces of the many champions of chaos draws the full attention of the gods. So long as all independent characters form 1 squad, or each joins a cult marked squad and is a member of that squad, they benefit from the USR Eternal Warrior. The attentions of the gods also make their gifts more potent to their regular servants: all cult troops double the effects of their mark of chaos. E.g., khorne berzerkers gain + 2 attacks instead of +1, Plague marines gain + 2 toughness instead of +1, Noise marines gain +2 initiative instead of +1, and Thousand Sons increase their invulnerable save to a 3+. Thousand Sons aspiring sorcerors gain the Bolt of Change psychic power for free in addition the power they must normally purchase. Purchasing Bolt of Change a second time allows the sorceror to fire it with the following profile: S10 AP 1 Range 30" Heavy 2.
Abaddon may not be included in an apocalypse army using this formation. If abaddon is present in an enemy's army, all the benefits independent characters receive for their marks of chaos in this formation. Additionally, abaddon gains 2 wounds and the Warptime psychic power. His daemon weapon drach'nyen adds an additional D6 attacks (making it +2d6) and does not rebel. Additionally, he may fire his Combi-Bolter as if it was a deathscreamer (benefiting from the upgrade to deathscreamers from the improved mark of tzeentch) that does not rebel. If the enemy does not include abbadon, they may include choose to add him to their army with a retinue of 4 chaos terminators for 300 points.The chaos terminators may not take upgrades.

Each squad may select a Chaos Land Raider Dedicated transport for 200 points.
All independent characters may choose to treat themselves as 1 squad. If they do so, individual characters may not be singled out from the squad due to special rules such as those of the Vindicare Assassin or of Mind War. (Gift of Chaos, however, still may) Bike mounted characters may not join a squad of jump pack mounted or footslogging characters. However, characters on daemonic steeds may form one squad and then leave as per normal rules due to movement if their steed is faster (e.g. steed of slaanesh/tzeentch.)

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Strike force of the Anointed
Cost: 150 + Models
Within the Word Bearer legion, those who bear the rare tactical dreadnought armour form a warrior cult known as the Anointed. These elite are are assigned to each host and are lead by a mighty Coryphaus. The Coryphaus are the most elite of all the Anointed, warrior-generals blessed with millennium of experience and the vision of their Dark Apostle. When the Anointed are unleashed onto the battlefield, even mighty titans have fallen to their terrible wraith and unshaking dedication.

1 Coryphaus (Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour)
5+ Chaos Terminator Squads
-Each terminator squad is free to take a Land Raider dedicated transport.
-The Lord May NOT purchase a Mark & all terminators MUST purchase a Icon of Chaos Glory.

Special Rules
Strike Force: All units must enter the deploy within 12" of the Coryphaus, or if coming out of reserve, must enter the table within 12" of the Coryphaus' entry point.

Elite of the Legion: All members of the Strike Force of the Anointed are Fearless.

Unparalleled Vision and Strategy: The Strike Force of the Anointed allows you to chose an additional strategic asset.


This datasheet was inspired by the book Dark Apostle. I don't think it is too overpowered, when compared to sheets like the "Ultramarines Honour Guard". The biggest limiting factor is the lack of marks, one of the best tweaks of the C:CSM.

Go Word Bearers!

Well, that is my $0.03 worth (damn you weak american dollar!)
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Default The Nightbringer

Because so many people want C'Tan to be Apocalypse level...

The Nightbringer brings the final dusk to all souls that gaze upon his fearful form. He leads his hapless slaves the Necrons into battle in order to satiate his great hunger. A power so ancient, he is the fear of death that all mortal races fear save one. None can stand before the might of the C'Tan and their dark Gods, save another dark power.

Apocalyptic Nightbringer 1050pts.

WS - 8
BS - 5
S - 10
T - 9
W - 9
I - 5
A - 6
Ld - 10
Sv - */4+

Rules - Gargantuan Creature, Ethereal Energies, Warscythe, The Fear of Death, Warp Weakness

Ethereal Energies - The Nightbringer is a Star vampire and feeds of great amounts of energy. If the C'Tan successfully saves against energy based attacks (Lascannons, Lances, etc. Plasma & Melta being heat based, does nothing), he absorbs the energies and may regenerate lost wounds equal to the number of saves. Being Ethereal, the C'Tan is not affected by terrain whatsoever or intervening models besides Super Heavies and other Gargantuan creatures. He may choose to release these energies in the form of the following ranged attack; 24"R, S9, AP2, Heavy3.

Warscythe - The template of the Necrons dreaded Warscythe. This allows the C'Tan to ignore Invulnerable saves. This also affects his stomp attack, as he effortlessly spins his scythe around. Floating in midair makes it difficult to actually stomp anything. In addition, wounds caused by the scythe cannot be regenerated or recovered by any means.

The Fear of Death - So fearsome is the C'Tan, that all leadership checks forced by him are at a -2. Any unit that fails their leadership test in order to assault him are automatically pinned. This rule does not affect any Orc unit or Fearless units.

Warp Weakness - The C'Tan only fear the powers of the Warp as they are their own antithesis. The C'Tan while a Gargtuan creature is affected normally by any Warp based weapon or Psychic power. However, such is the might of the C'Tan and their pylon technologies, that it may take their 4+ save against any powers or weapons. Lasting affects (such as Chaos Spawn) can be nullified on any future turn on a 4+.

I may or may not tweak his rules down the line...


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