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Default Space Marine ThunderStorm

I hope this is in the right area. The only other area I saw was the "Design a datasheet" section but that seemed more like a hold over from a competition of some form. So this is purely a brainstorm idea I had about 20 minutes ago so please excuse the crudeness of this post. The unit name is just a place holder at this time, so feel free to make suggestions for different ones please. Here's my idea:

a Space Marine Super Heavy vehicle on the scale of a thunderhawk but it's a land vehicle. It mounts the comparable armaments as the Thunderhawk, has the same transport capacity, but is not a flier. It is intended for extended operation support in the absense of fleet support. So a captain might use one of these things as his mobile command station when he's undertaking a campaign but doesn't have access to a battle barge or similar capital ship. So here are the rough stats:

Name: ThunderStorm

Point: 1300

Unit: 1 Thunderstorm Command Vehicle

Structure points: 3

4 13 13 13

Transport capacity: 30. The Thunderstorm may carry 30 infanty models, 15 Jump Infantry, 15 terminators, 10 bikes, 8 bikes and 2 attack bike, 3 Attack Bikes, 2 Land Speeders (any varient from Codex: Space Marines), 5 Thunderfire cannons with accompaniying Techmarine, or 2 dreadnoughts or any combination of these using the following guidelines:
a Marine counts as 1 model
Marine with Jump pack counts as 2 models
Terminator armor equiped marines/characters count at 2 models
Space Marines with bikes counts as 3 models
A space marine attack bike counts as 5 models
A thunderfire cannon and the Techmarine count as 5 models
a Dreadnought counts as 10 models
A Land Speeder counts as 12 models.

Access points: 4
-Two side hatchs that infantry/Jump infantry can use
one forward hatch and one rear hatch that can be used by infantry, Jump infantry, Terminators, Bikes, Dreadnoughts and land speeders. The ThunderStorm can not transport tanks.

Fire Points: None
- Turret mounted Thunderhawk Cannon
- 4 Sponson mounted Twin-linked Heavy Bolters
- 2 Storm Styker Missile batteries

Special Rules:
She don't stop on no dime!: The ThunderStorm is a truely massive vehicle weighing several hundred tonnes. The sheer bulk of the vehicle makes piloting it difficult at the best of times and it is for this reason that the ThunderStorm is typically seen moving at a slow mythodical pace. If the ThunderStorm moves at Cruising it will move further due to its vast size and bulk. Roll a D6 and add that many inches to your intended distance. The Thunderstorm can not turn if moving at cruising speed and must move the total distance. If this distance brings it into contact with other units (friend or foe) it will run them over. Most troops have the good sense to get the hell out of the way when a moving base comes careening toward them. Feel free to make a death or glory roll but the sheer size of the Thunderstorm makes it all but impossible for such a courageous individual to survive such an effort. Only if the Thunderstorm is reduced to 0 Structure points and the couragous/Fool hardy individual scores an Immobilized result will they survive. All other results end in the individuals death unless it is a Super Heavy/Gargantuan class of unit in which case it can survive being hit by the Thunderstorm or the resulting explosion. Even if an "explodes" result is rolled, it can be imagined that the individual responsible for the act was killed by the explosion or the debries of the ThunderStorm toppling onto him.

In Field support drops: The Thunderstorm's primary role is that of campaign support and tactical supply. To facilitate this the Thunderstorm maintains a modest machine bay able to fabricate parts and help in the maintainance of vehicles on a medium scale. The machine bay can also be used to manufacture one-time use supply bods, small rocket propelled, Machine spirit guided delivery models large enough to carry a few weapons thus allowing a unit to resupply in the field. Once per game you may nominate up to 2 infantry/jump infantry/Terminator units to recieve in field support drops. To do this nominate the unit(s) you wish to resupply and delcare what unit is receiving what equipment at the begining of the movement phase. The selected equipment must be availible to that unit from Codex: Space Marines and can not change the unit type (A captain can not get a Bike delivered to him for instance). Nominate a point for the supply drop. Roll for the supply drop as if you were making a deep strike, normal modifiers apply (locator beacon ect). Once the final location of the supply drop has been determined the intended unit may move toward the location and exchange their equipment for the requested equipment. The unit must be able to reach the location in their movement phase, and will sacrifice both their shooting and their assault phases for the turn they re-equip but may move and shoot normally next turn. We can assume the other members of the squad not changing their equipment are aiding those that are, allowing them to swap their equipment quickly in the heat of battle. If enemy units reach the drop site first, the equipment requested is considers lost. We can assume it was stolen, or destroyed. If an enemy unit assaults the unit that is in the process of re-equiping the re-equipping unit gains no benefits from defensive grenades or cover but other wise fights in assault normally. We can just imagine that they're using the equipment in a haphazard but effective fashion, clubbing with a heavy weapon, and striking with the pommel of a power sword. Note that the 2 units are delivery based, not purchase based. So if you have a tactical squad that has broke into 2 combat squads and both combat squads get resupplied, that counts as 2 units for the purposed of In field Support drops. Like wise, if I have a captain with a combat squad, the captain receiving an IFSD and the combat squad receiving and IFSD each count as a seperate drop.


So, I have the Thunderstorm on the table and I have 2 combat squads that call in for IFSD so they can re-equip. One combat squad comprised a Sergent with a CC weapon and plasma pistol, 3 marines with bolters and 1 with a plasma gun. The second combat squad comprises 4 marines with bolters and 1 with a Heavy Bolter. I declare that I am going to call in an IFSD to re-equip the first combat squad with a Melta gun and a power fist, and the 2nd combat squad with a Lascannon. I delcare a point 3" forward of the first combat squad for the first drop and 3" to the right of the 2nd combat squad. I roll for deepstrike on the first one and it actually lands 2" closer to the combat squad. I then roll for deep strike on the 2nd point and this one scatters a whopping 6" further away from the combat squad.

The first combat squad moves onto it's drop point and sacrifices it's shooting and assault phase this turn to re-equip, exchanging the CC Weapon for the power fist, and the plasma gun for the Melta gun, but next turn operates normally with the exchanged equipment. The 2nd combat squad can not reach the 2nd drop point this turn. So they may shoot and assault as normal. Next turn they are able to reach the drop site in the movement phase and so move to exchange the heavy bolter for the lascannon, again sacrificing their shooting and assault phase to accomplish this.


Name: Rng: S AP Special
Heavy Bolters 36" 5 4 Heavy 3
Thunderhawk Cannon 72" 8 3 Ordance 1, 7"
blast, Primary Weapon
Storm Stryker UNLIMITED 8 3 Heavy 1

So what do you all think? As I said this is purely a brainstorm idea I had a little bit ago and wanted to get it down on paper... er data. Even just in typing this up I've made changes to my original idea and details of the idea. I suspect I'll need to actually play test it a bit to see how it works. But I wanted to post it up here to get some feed back and some other eyes looking at it. I think I actually have an idea as to how exactly I can build this monster too. Hmm projects projects project...

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