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Default Would you be ok with playing against this 'counts as' army?

So I've had this idea for an army for a long time (I know it might not be original) and with the recent additions I think I can finally pull it off. I was thinking of a marauder/mercenary/"Mad Max" style warband. My plan is to use cultists, IG, Ork and hopefully some foreworld pieces (wallet pending).

Heres the conundrum, My idea is that I want to use two maaaybe three different codices: Imperial Guard, Orks and possabry Dark Eldar. For IG its kinda obvious what I can use for the units but for the Chimeras I plan on using sixe appropriate Ork trukks , the Forge World Elysian Taurous for Hellhounds and maybe marauder horsemen as Roughriders.

For Orks I would use meched-up ogres for Mega Nobs or cybork bodies, the Elysian Taurous for war buggies and converted scout landspeeders for Deffkoptas.

Finally for Dark Eldar I can use the Landspeeders for Venoms, cyborgs/mutants for Wracks, Techpriests for Haemonculus and Valkyries/Vendettas for Raiders/Ravagers.

So.. the question is would you be ok playing against this theme if modeled appropriately? I of course will let my opponent know what everything is before hand and make it very clear what codex I will be using. Because it will so heavily converted I highly doubt i would even consider playing in a tourny with it. What do you think? If I get a good response I might have a Tau army for sale on the cheap lol.
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That'd be fine by me, I use a bit of "counts as" stuff myself and a Mad Max Warband Army would be pretty cool to see.
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I have a counts as army. I use the gk dex for my dark mechanicus. I use the old chaos androids as gk's, converted warmachine khador shock troopers as terminators, servitors and converted other models as inquisitors and henchmen, a converted dreadknight as a dreadknight old space crusade dreads in place of standard dreads, and a dystopian wars prussian metzeger as a venerable dread. One fluff concession we make is that we remove the bonuses the gk get against demons. That doesn't make sense for the dark mechanicus.

The trick is to make sure that once the dex you are using is made clear, that the units be readily identifiable and their wargear too. My opponent has not had an issue with this one, the only hassle I see is that some of the models are not gw. But that is not usually an issue in aus.

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anyone who wouldn't play against that in a friendly game has no concept of the word FUN.

I'd play against it any day.

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I wouldn't see a problem as long as I got all the information ahead of time on what was what.

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What the hell, why not, go for it.

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As long as i can tell what is what from ~6 feet away I am willing to go against anything.

if i have to look 6" away at each model to see if it has a melta/plasma/rockit/etc then I might not if it is just a pick up game on the 1st go around (and if I did, i would put zero tactical effort in because I would rather be looking at your models and BSing around)

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i go with what has been said.

Yes, but only if you A: put the effort into it: (which you said you will) and B: you make it clear whats coming from which dex.

Like, all your ork proxys all have green armor or something to make it clear from your other guys.

note: if you see me giving tactical advice: just assume i have a internet tab open to 1d4 chan and I'm summarizing off of that.

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