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Default The Orks go for a test drive - Orks vs Daemons

Sorry about the lack of pictures (I only remembered at the end)

Waaaaagh! Smashgrug has rampaged across the Imperial Planet of Theso IV, as the Orks loot what they can and destroy what they can’t. However, as they are about to take control of an abandoned Rocket, a group of Daemons materialise around them, and the Orks find themselves fighting for their souls...

Deployment – Spearhead (9 inches away from centre instead of 12 due to space), Mission type – Capture and Control.

Warboss with Twin-linked Shoota, Power Klaw, Cybork Body, Bosspole, Attack Squig and ‘Eavy Armour
10 Gretchin led by a Runtherd with Grot Prod
11 Shoota Boyz with Rokkit Launcha led by a Nob with ‘Eavy Armour and Bosspole
25 Slugga Boyz with 2 Big Shootas led by a Nob with Power Klaw, ‘Eavy Armour and Bosspole
Killa Kan with Skorcha, Grot Riggers and Armour Plates

Chaos Daemons:
Herald of Khorne with Iron Hide, Fury of Khorne and Blessing of the Blood God (fortunately for the Orks, Skulltaker hasn’t been incorporated into the Chaos Daemons list yet)
5 Bloodletter’s of Khorne
10 Bloodletter’s of Khorne, one with Fury of Khorne
5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne, one with Fury of Khorne
1 Soul Grinder with Phlegm (“da big spitting thing!”)

4 Pillars stand in one corner, with a hill in each of the others and some walls scattered across the field. The Daemons take first turn and deploy their objective in the corner (grrrr). The Orks then deploy their objective in the ruins, before setting up the unit of Sluggas as far forward as possible, but wary of the Soul Grinder. The Kan and Looted Wagon, with the Shootas and Warboss in, deploy behind the Sluggas (meat shield).

The Orks fail to seize the initiative. Daemons roll a 3 for their wave and the big Bloodletter squad and the Soul Grinder arrive first.

Turn One:

The Soul Grinder appears in the open space between 2 hills, before the Bloodletters appear in front of it, dangerously close to the Sluggas. The Bloodletters run 3 inches, not that it will make much difference, before the Soul Grinder unleashes the pie plate on the Orks, destroying 7 boys, before Harvesting 3 more.

The Slugga squad charges forward, followed by the Kan, although the Looted Wagon moves forwards 6 to take shots at “da big spitting thing!” The Ork with Rokkit hits “da big spitting thing!” penetrating its shell and leaving it immobilised! Good shooting Ork (my first hit ever with a Rokkit)! The Orks continue with their good round of shooting as 3 of the big Shoota shots hit, as well as 6 sluggas! 5 Wounds are caused and 2 Bloodletters are reduced to red mist. The Kan runs 5 inches to try and get into “da action”. In the Assault phase, the Orks pile into the 8 Bloodletters. The Bloodletters hit the Orks 13 times, slaughtering 7 of them. The Orks score 14 hits, and banish 6 of them, although this leaves the Ork Nob nothing “to clobber”. The Orks promptly pass their Leadership Test, ending turn 1.

Turn 2:

The Flesh Hounds arrive, appearing away from the carnage, as the Bloodletters and the Herald materialise in front of the looted wagon. Oops! With not much to shoot, “da big spitting thing” spits at the Killa Kan, but the shot scatters wide off of the target. The Bloodletters and Herald run around the Wagon, whilst the Flesh Hounds spread out. In the Assault Phase, the Bloodletters hit the Orks 4 times, but fail to wound them. The boyz then strike back, destroying both Daemons, and leaving their leader incredibly frustrated (nothing to clobber), as they consolidate towards “da big spitting thing!”

The wagon speeds forward as crew inside get carried away, whilst the Kan and the sluggas move to destroy “da big spitting thing!” The Rokkit Launcha hits the Bloodletters, as do 6 Shoota shots, with the Warboss also hitting 1. The Rokkit, Warboss and 1 Shoota cause a wound, banishing 3 Bloodletters back to the Warp (looks like there’s gonna be trouble). The Kan is picked up by “da big spitting thing!” but all that it suffers is the inability to shoot next turn. The Killa Kan then fought back, trying to rip “da big spitting thing!” apart, but its single hit fails to glance. The Ork Nob then smashed his klaw into “da big spitting thing!” with the single hit only causing a Shaken result.

Turn 3:

The Flesh Hounds speed towards the Orks surrounding the Soul Grinder, as the Herald and Bloodletters attempt to destroy the Wagon. The Herald glances the Wagon, managing to stop it shooting next turn. The two Bloodletters fail to do any damage to it. The Flesh Hounds begin tearing the Flesh out of the Orks, as they inflict a terrible 5 wounds from 12 hits, causing the Nob to take a wound and killing four Orks. The Soul Grinder stops the Killa Kan from shooting again, as it manages to hit only once. The Ork Nob then damages “da big spitting thing!” as one arm becomes useless (Harvester arm). The Orks are chased out of combat by the Hounds and are all wiped out.

The Shootas leap out of the Wagon, before unleashing their firepower on the Bloodletters. The Rokkit Launcha misses, although 3 wounds are caused by the Shootas, taking a wound off of the Herald. The Orks then pile into combat, the Herald killing two, before the Nob banishes the two Bloodletters. The Boyz then banish the Herald, leaving the Warboss angry, before they hide behind the Wagon. “Da big spitting thing!” immobilises the Kan and stops it from shooting next turn, before the Kan fails to hit “da big spitting thing!” (good work Kan)

Turn 4:

With just the Flesh Hounds and the Soul Grinder left, the Daemons “feel” shameful. The hounds decide to eat the Orks and leap into combat with them. The Flesh Hounds chew through the regular Orks, leaving the Nob, Warboss and Rokkit boy, with the only wound coming from the Warboss, with the invulnerable save passed. The Orks flee, with the hounds growling at them. “Da big spitting thing!” rips off the Kan’s arm, leaving it unable to hurt “da big spitting thing!”

The Wagon pivots, to shot at the flesh hounds, whilst the Orks continue to run back. A Rokkit blasts through the Flesh Hound, but comes out the other side as the Daemon avoids it. The “da big spitting/rippy thing!” rips the Skorcha off the Kan, leaving it able to head-but stuff.

Turn 5:

The Flesh Hounds leap at the fleeing Orks killing da Rokkit boy, and wounding the Warboss twice and the Nob once. The Warboss kills two in anger, after the Nob kills one, as the Orks remain locked in combat. “Da big rippy thing!” finally gets the better of the Kan, grinding it into a pulp.

The Grots run on, while the Wagon takes aim at “da big rippy thing!” hitting it but failing to even glance. The grots charge in to combat, 2 eaten by the Flesh Hounds. The Nob and Runtherd (thanks to the Grot Prod) both inflict a wound on the Flesh Hounds, but the Fury of Khorne one is saved by its invulnerable save. The Warboss is now out of range of the fight, and looks angrily at the fallen Kan as the boys start falling back.

Result... the game is a draw. The final Flesh Hound was just in range of the objective, contesting it, thanks to the Grots timely arrival. If the Warboss had been in combat then the Hound would have died and the Orks would have won.

Model of the match:
Ork with the Rokkit Launcha, who can hit something almost out of range but not something next to him...
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This is a particularly brutal battle. By the end of the match, an immoble (but still spitty) soul grinder, a looted wagon, a bunch of grots, a warboss, and hound were all that was left. How many point was this? 1000?
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600 Points, if I had remembered the Killa Kan's Grot Riggers it would still be alive

My Orks haven't lost a game yet, but I have only used them twice, winning the first time, and the second time was this game

I think a rematch is needed
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