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Default Let the blood flow - Tyranids vs. Chaos Daemons

The Daemon’s of Khorne fight the Tyranid Swarm on the recently devoured world of Vizza IV.

Skull-crusher the Blood Drinker – Herald of Khorne with Iron Hide, Fury of Khorne and Blessing of the Blood God (HQ)
The Executioner’s of Khorne – 5 Bloodletter’s of Khorne (Troop)
Skull-crusher’s guard – 10 Bloodletter’s of Khorne, one with Fury of Khorne (Troop)
The Blood Seeker’s – 5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne, one with Fury of Khorne (Fast Attack)
Deathspitter of Khorne – 1 Soul Grinder with Phlegm

Hive Tyrant with Scything Talons and Bonesword and Lash Whip (HQ)
5 Genestealers with Adrenal Glands (Troop)
10 Termagants (Troop)
11 Termagants (Troop)
Mawloc with Adrenal Glands (Heavy Support)
Zoanthrope (Elite)

Deployment – Pitched Battle:
Four pillars are in the North West corner, near both edges, with some hedges in the North East, also fairly close to the edge, with three trees between them. In the South East there are five more trees, the South West has some walls and in the centre is a hill.
Daemons: Predictably, they deployed nothing.
Tyranids: The Hive Tyrant deploys centrally, near to the Zoanthrope, which hides behind a tree. The Termagants each take a separate side, one taking an objective with the Mawloc behind them. The Genestealers outflank.

Seize ground: 5 Objectives (Terminators, the Daemons want information, the Tyranids want food) – 1 in each small forest, 1 near the hedges, 1 near the walls and 1 on the hill in the centre.

The Tyranids fail to seize the initiative.
The Gods favour the dice, with the first wave consisting of the Soul Grinder, Skull-crusher and his guard (as one unit).

Lots and lots of Termagants, looks like playtime's not over yet

A great big Mawloc... Great

Cowardly Zonethrope

Turn 1 – the battle begins:
The Soul Grinder drops down scattering dangerously close to the Termagants in the West. The Bloodletters also drop down, nearly scattering onto the objective. The Pie Plate is launched, killing 7 Termagants. The remaining four are harvested by the Soul Grinder. Skull-crushers guard run 6 inches, moving towards the hill and the Tyranids.

Scary Bloodletters!

The Mawloc burrows, while the Hive Tyrant and Zoanthrope move to take out Deathspitter. The Termagants move towards the Bloodletters, and kill one. The Zoanthrope almost suffers perils of the Warp, rolling a 1 and 2, before blowing the Mawcannon off of it. The Soul Grinder is then attacked by the nasty Hive Tyrant, who re-rolls two of his to hit dice, the second still missing. It manages 1 glancing hit, which destroys the Close Combat Weapon with Harvester, whilst the penetrating hit wrecks it. The Hive Tyrant consolidates 4 inches towards the Termagants.

Objectives: 1-0 to the Tyranids.

Turn 2 – the clash of Leaders:
The Blood-seekers and Executioners of Khorne remain in the Warp, so Skull-crusher goes after the Termagants, while his guard go after the Tyrant. One Bloodletter makes it into base contact with the Tyrant, whilst Skull-crusher is surrounded by 10 Termagants. The three Bloodletters not reduced to Initiative 1 take 3 wounds off the Tyrant, who kills 3 in return. The final Bloodletter kills the Tyrant, and they consolidate 5 inches away from the edge and onto the objective in the North Woods, spreading out. Skull-crusher lashed out, hitting twice and killing two Termagants. Four of the Termagants hit, and three of them wound Skull-crusher! Skull-crusher thankfully passed all of them. The Termagants, outside of Synapse range, run away from Skull-crusher, fleeing to safety, 7 inches away.

1 vs. 10

There's only 4 Bloodletters

The Termagants pass their instinctive behaviour roll, but two are killed as the Mawloc rises from the depths, also wounding Skull-crusher. The Genestealers remain hidden, as the Zonethrope drifts towards the Termagants, who move back to shoot Skull-crusher. Skull-crusher suffers two wounds from the Termagant’s Fleshborers, and fails both of his saves, sending him back to the Warp. Again, the Zonethrope nearly suffers Perils of the Warp, rolling a 1 and 2, but manages to banish two of Skull-crusher’s guard. No assaults are launched by the Tyranids.

where's Skull-crusher gone?

Objectives: 1-1

Turn 3 – Let the blood flow:
The Executioners arrive from reserve, scattering near to the ruin of Deathspitter, whilst Skull-crusher’s guard move towards the Mawloc in an attempt to kill him. The Executions run towards the objective on the hill, before Skull-crusher’s guard attack the Mawloc in a frenzy. They hit the Beast 6 times and wound it 3 times. The Mawloc retaliates, wounding one, but the Daemon’s unnatural presence protects it. Skull-crusher’s guard fail to run down the Mawloc, as it escapes an impressive 9 inches. The Daemon’s consolidate 4 inches away.

The Mawloc moves towards Skull-crusher’s guard, while the Termagants rally around the objective and the Zonethrope moves towards them before unleashing a Warp Blast. It scatters wildly and kills two Termagants. The four remaining Termagants unleash their Fleshborers onto Skull-crusher’s guard, killing one. The Mawloc also attacks, killing another. They lose another model from their fearless roll.

Objectives: 1-1

Turn 4 – The final blow:
The Blood Seekers arrive, scattering near the table edge, before running an inch, while the Executioners move towards the Termagants, but launch an assault on the Mawloc. The beast is hit 10 times by the Executioners, who wound it 3 times, destroying it. The Executioners move 3 inches towards the Termagants, whilst the remaining Bloodletter of Skull-crushers guard, moves 1 inch towards the trees.

The Genestealers arrive, showing up on the West side. The Termagants block access to the Zonethrope who has floated towards them. It unleashes a Warp Blast, killing one of the Executioners, whilst the Termagants fail to hurt them. The Genestealers run an inch towards the Bloodletter of Skull-crusher’s guard, and are unable to assault it.

Here come's trouble

Objectives: 0-0.

Turn 5 – Sometimes it’s good to be a coward:
The Executioners move around the Termagants, whilst the Bloodletter moves towards them ready to assault. The Blood Seekers speed towards the rest of the melee, running 3 inches, but are just out of range. All of the Bloodletters pile on the Termagants and Zonethrope as they are caught in a multiple combat. The Zonethrope loses a wound, as the Termagants are slaughtered. It is killed because it is fearless. The lone Bloodletter runs onto the objective the Termagants were holding, whilst the Executioners spread out.

Look at those little Termagants

With only 5 Genestealers left, the Tyranids are in trouble, but they run into the trees and sit on the objective, before running towards and assaulting the Executioner’s, who they slaughter, before consolidating back towards the objective.

Objectives: 1-1.

Turn 6 – The Hunt is on:
The Blood Seekers speed towards the Genestealer’s, while the remaining Bloodletter sits on the objective. The Genestealers kill 3 of the Flesh Hounds, for a single casualty. Both Flesh Hounds pass their invulnerable saves.

Someone's in trouble

With no movement or shooting, it was straight into the Assault Phase, and both Flesh Hounds are slain. The Genestealers consolidate onto the objective.

The roll for turn 7 is a 3, and the game ends, with one objective each. The game is a draw.

Thought’s of the Daemon’s:
Hmm... Something went a bit wrong. The Genestealer’s moving out to attack my Bloodletter’s took me by surprise, I thought they would wait around on the objective and hope the game ends. The Genestealers then slaughtered the Flesh Hounds, and then the Hive Tyrant killing the Soul Grinder wasn’t helpful, but it did its job. Still, first time using pure Khorne (with a Soul Grinder) and Flesh Hounds, so it could’ve been worse. I think some Bloodcrusher's are needed...

Thought's of the Hive Mind:
That was a good game, a pure Khorne Army that was probably designed to fight Marines was surprising, and good at killing my poor Monstrous Creatures, although the Tyrant was avenged, that single Bloodletter stopped victory for the Tyranid forces (although they probably still ate the terminators )
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