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Default Space Marine Vs Eldar 500 points

Right, This was a game at my club in which you only need 1 troops choice (this is mainly because we only get 1 hour and at 500 points, it’s rather constricting). I battle the other veteran at the club (besides me) in a friendly duel to the death.

The Task Unit of the Forgotten Hunters Moved across the flat, Desert plains, Prepping up for a Night assault upon an Imperial outpost. The sun dipping down at the hills in the distance, throwing out rays of light across the plain. Inside the rhino transport, was a human sorcerer with connections with the warp but pacified at the time. The Marines however, were about to be paid a visit from an unexpected guest…

Ulthwe Strikeforce list:

From what I can remember.

I don’t know as he never really got to use him.

Troupe master
One extra man
Two harlequin’s kiss
Fusion pistol

Storm Guardians
Extra ten men
Two flamers
Warlock with Enhance

Guardian Defenders

Around 500 points

Forgotten Hunter’s Task Unit:

Tactical Squad: 210
Power Fist

Rhino: 35

Assault marines: 100

Devastator Squad: 150
Four missile Launchers

495 Points

The Battlefield:

The table was Roughly 52” long, and 60” Wide, so cramped space. No cover (as nobody has any small enough to bring) and sides were set up 12” from the board edge. The Game type rolled was Capture and control, He used an artillery dice and I made use of my mascot for my army (2010 Games day Miniature). Both objective were as close to the board edge as possible. We rolled off and I won, Electing to go second. He Set out his Harlequins as far forwards as possible, Farseer along side (But not attached, Later we both questioned the wiseness of this). Storm guardians behind and Guardian Defenders sitting on his home objective.

I put my Rhino as far forwards as I could holding half the tactical squad (Sergeant and Meltagun) while the other half sat on my home objective. Assault marines directly behind the rhino to benefit from cover as much as possible. The Devastator squad placed in a corner for a wide fire arc. The plan was to get the Devastator squad to lay down four Kraks to kill the Farseer and then Bombard the Guardians with Frags. The assault marines would charge up behind the rhino and spring forwards to get the Guardian Defenders and the Tactical squad in the Rhino would harass the Harlequins and Storm Guardians.

The Eldar had come to eliminate the Human, However they held precious information that could prove vital to the Forgotten Hunters. The Marines Quickly scrambled to charge the Eldar while the Devastators got into position. Five men were left to keep the Human safe, hoping their brothers a glorious hunt. The Sands stopped just as the battle began.



Not much here, the Harlequins and Farseer moved forwards, Storm Guardians racing up behind. Guardian Defenders held were they were.

Again not much, Starcannon shoots at the Rhino but to no avail, not even a scratch.

Non to be had.

Space Marine:

Rhino Move it’s full 12” assault marines trailing right behind. Devastators and Home Squad Stayed still.

Devastators Fire four Kraks at the Farseer, killing him instantly.

Non to be had.

Tactical Thought During battle: Farseer now dealt with, Can now Concentrate on thinning down those Guardians so the assault marines have a chance.

Tactical Thought after battle: Why did I forget to pop smoke on the Rhino? Man, I’m an idiot at times.

The Eldar Mobilised their forces to counter-charge the enemy. The Farseer did not see that his life was end here though, and was pulverised into bits and limbs when two krak missiles hit him and left nothing but a splatter of blood and gore.



Once again, the Harlequins moved forwards, Storm Guardians racing up behind. Guardian Defenders held were they were.

Starcannon shoots at the Rhino but once again, fails. The Harlequins shoot at the Rhino with the Fusion pistol hitting, penetrating and rolled a 5 which, to the thanks of AP1, turned into a 6. In the explosion, two Storm Guardians died, one Harlequin died and an assault marine died. Amazingly, The squad inside took no damage what so ever!

And here comes the pain. The Harlequins assault the Tactical squad, killing four with just the troupe master! Ouch, And to top it off, The Sergeant’s Innards got turned into soup and goo. Ain’t that lovely? They consolidate towards the storm guardians.

Space Marine:

Only the assault marines move, Jumping over Harlequins and to the back of the Storm Guardians. Payback time…

The Other half of the tactical squad failed to see the Harlequin squad (Damn that shadowseer!). Devastators Primed their Frags at the Storm Guardian Squad and let it rip. In total, 15 Hits were caused, Killing 12. Assault marine take some pot shots at the Storm Guardians, killing another 3.

The Assault marines Charged the Storm Guardians, Killing all but the warlock while they inflicted one dead assault marine. Warlock Break’s His nerve and runs, I fail my sweeping advance roll and I chase up behind him, Ensuring he’s off the board next turn.

Tactical Thoughts During Battle: Well, The Storm Guardians are taken care of but those Harleys are gonna wreak havoc in my lines now. Just need to keep blasting them with Devastators and try to get them the Harlequins withing Rapid-fire range of Home Squad.

Tactical Thought after battle: That assault marine squad was pretty much buggered, next to the Guardian Defender squad. Glad that the Devastators were well away from my objective, Making sure that the Harleys would have to come to them.

In Revenge, The Harlequins shot at the Rhino, their aim true and the armour was no match to the gun. The shot hit the fuel tanks and it exploded in a fiery fireball, both sides taking losses. Though the Squad inside survived, they were cut down by Harlequins before they could stand. Anger rose from the assault marines and they blasted upwards, Landing behind the storm guardians just at the frag barrage hit the storm guardians. They shot, killing more and entered a bloody melee with them. The warlock, witnessing the carnage around him, Ran like a coward, the assault marines a step away.



Harlequins move forwards, nearing my Home Squad. The warlock Runs off the Board and the Guardian Defender squad lines up line a firing squad to kill my assault marines.

Harlequins run closer, but not close enough to assault.The guardians shoot, killing two, leaving just the sergeant left. But he’s still a dead man walking…

Guardians assault, Killing him but not before he kills two in return. Guardians consolidate back onto the objective.

Space Marine:

Home Squad moves off objective to deal with Harlequin squad. Devastators stay put.

The Devastator Squad Ends the Guardian squad with a hail of Frag missiles. The Home Squad Shoots at the Harelquins, able to see them this time, Killing all but one: The troupe master.

Could not assault (as much as I wanted to…)

Tactical Thoughts During battle: That Troupe master is going to Munch on my Home Squad, however, if they survive the munching, I could win!

Tactical Thoughts after battle: Yeah, That’s not going to happen in a million years…

The Warlock ran off, Now able to tell the Craftworld of the Forgotten Hunter’s Presence. However, the Guardian Defenders came to their warlock’s aid, Cutting down the rest of the assault marines before they could catch the warlock up. The Squad By the Human saw a swirling mass ahead and fired bolter rounds into it, Slaughtering the Harlequins inside, apart from one.


Moves his only model on the field ever closer to my Home squad.

Nothing happens

Completely wipes out the squad, Most likely angry that I had killed his squad, then ran behind the Wrecked Rhino, blocking all line of sight from there to my Devastators.

Space marine:




Tactical Thoughts During battle: I’m not stupid, You come to me as I’m not going to you.

Tactical Thoughts after battle: That was exactly what my opponent was thinking too.

The Troupe master, enraged at the marines for killing his group, charged forwards and killed all the marines before they could even draw their blades. Bloodsoaked, he realised he was right in front of a Devastator squad’s firing line, and ran behind the wrecked rhino for cover. The Devastators kept up their guard, just waiting for the last Eldar warrior to pop out.

TURN 5-7

Nothing, at all. No moving, shooting or assaulting for both sides.

The winner!:
…is no-one. . It was a draw, as both sides’ troop choices were destroyed and neither of us tabled the other. We shook hands and commented on how funny it was with our men just standing around. I concluded that my men played poker till the game ended.

The troupe master left, taking the data with him. The Devastator squad took the Human and walked onwards to their main objective, leaving a Relay beacon for the Other members of the chapter to recover. In these times, there was no rest, no peace, no respite: Only war…

I hoped you enjoyed the report!

Index Astartes: The Forgotten Hunters
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Nice ending on that one! Also, at the start, the rocket launchers proved their worth as they blasted the living shit out of the Farseer, exactly as they should. Never underestimate the power of the rocket launchers. +rep

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